The Malcador Infernus is a mobile fortress like its brothers, with an enormous wound count, a strong 3+ save and Toughness 8. The key feature. The Malcador Infernus tank can be outfitted with a variety of upgrades . dozen Forge Worlds across the Imperium to standards only usually. Quick Malcador Infernus question – posted in + HORUS HERESY RULES +: Is the Malcador Infernus a legal ROW legion option? At first glance.

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The Malcador Heavy Tank is an ancient pattern of heavy tank, dating to the Age of Rulees presumably it had some other designation before Malcador the Sigillite came around and they re-named it for him. Like the Macharius Heavy Tankit resembles an oversized Leman Russ Battle Tankbut while the Macharius resembles a Russ that has been cut and extended in the middle, the Malcador looks like someone at Forge World made a Russ out of silly putty and stretched it. The Malcador was mass-produced for the Imperial Army during the Great Crusadewhere it distinguished itself from other tanks by its speed.

Some of the Legions also took it into service to support their Fellblades and Typhons. Unfortunately, its drive was always temperamental at best, and between the loss of knowledge that occurred during the Horus Heresy and ten thousand years of repair and attempted retrofitting, the Malcador of the 41st Millennium malcaror no faster than any other tank and prone to engine malfunction, represented in-game as a fifty-fifty chance of being completely immobilized rather than slowed down by engine damage.

In the grim, dark future, a static tank is a dead tank, and so it has since been superseded by the more reliable and cheaper Leman Russ Battle Tank. That said, the tanks were never destroyed, merely stored or “moth-balled”, as the practice is also known in the real worldand even though their design is out-of-date and ill-understood, they are still made by M’khand and other Forge Worlds in limited quantities to fill the gap between demand for super-heavy tanks and the production of “proper” super-heavies like the Baneblade.

Many armory worlds still have large stocks of Malcador tanks on hand in case they are needed for an urgent engagement, and they are still used by second-line forces such as garrison regiments and Planetary Defence Forces. This sometimes bites the Imperium in the rear; during the Siege of VraksMalcadors were withdrawn from storage and pressed into battle by the traitor forces.

The utility of Malcador tanks in the fluff as they were used on Vraks and questionably on the tabletop is as semi-mobile bunkers. Roll them into your fortified gun malcadoe, let their forward mounted weapon savage the enemy, and with Lady Luck and Admiral Awesome on your side, your Malcadors and any supporting forces will peel back to another fortified position before the enemy can dish out too much retaliation.

In all honesty, though, the Malcador on the table top would need a notable buff in durability for this to be infwrnus. As of 6th and 7th Edition however, the Malcador Heavy Tanks are now Superheavy Vehicles with 5 hull points, making them surprisingly tough. While not quite as indestructible as the famous Banebladethey indeed fulfill their role nicely as a “Light Superheavy Tank”.

Because yes, 40k is that ridiculous of a setting to have tanks that can be put soundly into a category like that. As Superheavies, they are totally immune to the entire vehicle damage table. Additionally as a light super heavy they allow to use superheroes rules without your opponent wanting to strangle you for bringing a baneblade to a friendly game. Like every other tank operated by the Imperium of Manthe Malcador comes in many flavors:. The original stretched Russ, except it has weaker front and side armor than the Russ and its turret can’t spin all the way around.

The Malcador Assault Tank is a truly ancient design dating all the way back to even the wars that consumed Terra during the Age of Strifeif anything it can be considered as the Papalith of Imperial Tanks.

It used to be quite good during the Horus Heresy, as its advanced engine made it Fast, and it could mount a Demolisher Cannon and fire its main cannon at full BS and make a Flat Out move. By the time of the 41st Millennium, however, the Adeptus Mechanicus have lost all knowledge of how the mlcador works so they get extra finickiness while moving the same speed as every other tank. The only advantages that this tank has are that its rear armor is slightly better and that it can soak a few more hits since it’s a heavy tank.

As you may realize, the Malcador seem to suffer the most in terms of getting the short end of the stick. Other then the numerous problems as listed above, there is also the consideration on how much this tank gets treated in-universe as well.

The Malcador was seen as so outdated it was eventually replaced in Legion service by the Land Raider Proteus, and by the time of the Horus Heresy many Malcador tanks had been relegated to the Legions’ strategic reserves and second line Imperial Army units, only to be replaced by larger numbers of smaller, more tactically flexible tanks such as the Leman Russ and its many variants. Poor bastard can’t catch a break. In game terms, it really does deserve to have its front and side armour buffed infernhs be malcado par with the Leman Russ Battle Tank.

Its only redeeming quality is that its more survivable thanks to being a super heavy vehicle, though all unfernus its positives end there. Its sponson weapons angles are dreadful, its main gun has limited traverse, it actually has worse armour values than the Leman Russ as said beforeits overpriced for what it brings, and it has the chance to immobilize itself whenever it moves, which if nothing else is crunch that pretty accurately matches the fluff.


Of course, the current rendition of it sets the Malcador’s unit type as “Superheavy, Fast Tank”, which is hilariously redundant. All of this means that the Malcador became immune to all forms of penetrations except for ‘Explodes! Ironically, if one was to replace the top casemate with an actual turret like the one on the Russuse the alternate box sponsons the Valdor and Infernus use and fix the engine, the Malcador would become a perfectly serviceable Heavy Tank for the Guard, infernsu the Panzer IV to the Russes Panzer III.

But that would be tech-heresy. This is now even stupider with the release of the Infernusswhich is from the same era as the Malcador and basically it’s Medium Tank equivalent, yet manages to have both these.

Like the Predator variant of the same name, the Malcador Annihilator has a set of twin-linked lascannons in its turret, though unlike the Predator, these cannons can only turn 30 degrees to either side which would later come and bite it in the ass as its immobile main turret can also prove to be a ruless in a chaotic engagement where the lines of battle interpenetrate and the foe’s infantry or armor units can take advantage of the Malcador’s limited firing arc.

Oh yeah, it also mounts a Demolisher Cannon in its forward hull. The Malcador tank could also be outfitted with a variety of upgrades and attachments, such as Camouflage Netting, Extra Armour Plating, an improved communications system, a Hunter-Killer Missile Launcher, a mine sweeper, a pintle-mounted Heavy Infernys, rough terrain modifications, track guards, a Inferrnus, and Smoke Launchers. The Malcador Annihilator was originally conceived as a field modification carried out on battle-damaged or unfinished production hulls intended to “up-gun” the tank’s weaponry and extend its battlefield utility.

The pattern’s detractors hold that the variant is a hybrid intended to carry out two roles, neither of which it can fulfill with any real ability.

The tank is simply too slow and too large to serve as a true “tank hunter” but is not large enough or heavily armed enough due to the limited supply of shells for its Demolisher Cannon to be matched against a true super-heavy tank like an Imperial Baneblade in open combat. Additionally, the Malcador Annihilator also suffers the same fate as almost every other Malcador variant.

As you already know, the Malcador’s main engine plant, a thermic malcafor design that is a variant for military use of a common pattern used in industrial and agricultural machinery across the human-settled galaxy, is underpowered in relation to the Malcador’s sheer size and mass. This reduces its performance and provides very poor fuel efficiency.

Combined this with its stupid design choice and general underpowered firepower for something its size and you will get the Imperial’s equivalent of a wet lemon. Further exasperating its already shoddy military performance.

Malcador Heavy Tank – 1d4chan

Still, against other, more malcdaor armored vehicles when it is part of ru,es larger offensive force, the Malcador Annihilator can still prove its worth in the hands of a skilled crew.

This is, literally, a blatant rip of the French Char B1 heavy tank, though the B1 had an actual turret. Recognizing that the mostly-fixed-forward turret was a problem, the Adeptus Mechanicus thought up the Malcador Defender.

The turret was given five heavy bolterseach of which covers a roughly degree arc, so the tank can shoot at least one and up to two heavy bolters at anything in any direction in addition to the sponson weapons–lascannons, heavy stubbers, heavy flamers or autocannons.

For anti-armor, they kept the hull-mounted Demolisher Cannon.

These tanks were used to horrifying effect to defend breaches in the heretical lines during the Siege of Vraks.

Due to this, the Malcador Defender is arguably And ironically the most effective of the Malcador tank variants. It is more common in many Imperial armories than the standard heavy tank upon which it is based.

Due to the nature of its armaments, it is well-suited to close-quarters combat, trench warfare and urban warfare engagements. In this role, the Defender’s Demolisher Cannon can be used against well-fortified positions and enemy strong-points, while its multiple Heavy Bolters malcadoe sweep areas for hidden infantry and defend the tank from a close assault. Although the Malcador Defender is very cramped, fitting a large crew of 8 into its tightly-packed and maldador hot hull, it is as prone to engine problems as ruoes other variants of the Malcador tank, malczdor its battlefield role means that it seldom operates far from support or resupply.

This can mitigate the design’s inherent problems and its firepower and considerable protection can make it a valuable asset to Imperial forces for both infernuw and defensive engagements. The Malcador Defender can be outfitted with a variety of upgrades and attachments, such as Camouflage Netting, Extra Armour Plating, an improved communications system, a Hunter-Killer Missile Launcher, a mine sweeper, a pintle-mounted Heavy Stubber, rough terrain modifications, inrernus guards, a Searchlight, and Smoke Launchers.

With the 6th and 7th editions, maybe they can now. Given their fluff cheapness to mass produce the Malcador and probably this variant and the annihilator, that is and therefore it’s common use in PDFs and the Tyranids coming Due to this fact, it’s rather surprising the Kriegers don’t love them.

It’s an Inferno Cannon taken from a Titan and mounted on a tank. The Malcador Infernus variant has been mostly replaced by the faster and more reliable Hellhound in front-line Imperial Guard regiments. When the tech-priests realized that they had run out of room for fuel tanks, they decided to put them in a trailer towed behind the tank. In retrospect, this was not one of their smarter designs though in their defense a few real world tank designers did this as well.


Though it has a longer range and higher strength than the mini-Inferno Ifnernus used by the Hellhoundit has the unreliable engine compared to the Fast Malcadorra hull-mounted primary weapon which is disastrously impractical especially for such a close range weapon and has a tendency to explode when catastrophically damaged.

Some Infernus tank crews will use rrules chemicals as their ammunition instead of Promethium, turning the Malcador Infernus into an oversized Bane Wolf on steroids.

The vehicle is also armed with two sponson-mounted weapons, one on each side. The Malcador Infernus tank can be outfitted rulez a variety of upgrades and attachments, such as Camouflage Netting, Extra Armour Plating, an improved communications system, a Hunter-Killer Missile Launcher, a pintle-mounted Heavy Stubber, rough terrain modifications, track guards, a Searchlight, and Smoke Launchers.

Immolating enemies is not the only thing the Infernus can do. The massive gout of flames launched from the Inferno Gun is also effective at clearing mines, the sudden heat detonating mine fuses and making large areas safe much quicker than alternative methods.

By the time of the Horus Heresy many Malcador tanks had been relegated to strategic reserves and second line Imperial Army units, replaced by newer and more powerful designs, although the demands of the galaxy-wide civil war soon brought them back into the fray, while their availability saw them used as test-beds for a variety of new variants designed to plug gaps in supply and resource.

They were generally deployed to lead advances against enemy forces occupying especially dense terrain, such as trench lines, city ruins or heavily forested areas. Do note that this thing is cheese incarnate.

MiniWarGaming Wargaming Forum

With supreme luck you can even pen a Land Raider. The Minotaur is a rare self-propelled artillery piece used by the armed forces of the Imperium of Man that can trace its rulles back to the Great Crusade and maybe even earlier. The Minotaur was designed as a forward deployment fire support vehicle, and this is proven by the Minotaur’s outfitting with an unusual amount of heavy armor and the vehicle’s extreme durability.

Some Infefnus thought it would be a good idea to take a Malcador chassis though it could be based on what appears to be an earlier variant, or the original chassis design and mount two Earthshaker cannons on it.

The cannons are so large that it had to be mounted backwards in order for malcaxor tank to remain balanced and not dig into the dirt. Even though it looks goofy, and still has an unreliable engine, this design choice makes it the only tank stronger in the rear than in the front, leaving it less vulnerable to deep-striking assault troops.

That and the fact that it can deliver what amounts to a shot from a twin-linked basilisk point-blank. It probably would have been a better idea to put this configuration on a Macharius Heavy Tank instead, though. When it needs to move again, it simply drives out forwards through inffernus path it had already made for itself. Mwlcador Minotaur’s deck layout is also unusual, as everything from the engine and drive systems to the weapon and ammunition storage is spaced out evenly over the entire superstructure.

The primary weapon system, a massive Twin-linked Earthshaker Cannon, is housed in a wide, centralized axis point, and features a complex hydraulic recoil suppression system.

The centralized positioning of the weapon system allows the artillery piece to remain stable while firing its weapons even when positioned on difficult terrain.

The Minotaur is not armed with any other weapons but can be upgraded with a Pintle-mounted Heavy Stubber or a Storm Bolter.

Despite this, Forge World has given it 2 Heavy Bolters in 8th Edition, likely because they just doubled the weapons of a Basilisk. I guess it has sponsons now? During the 41st Millennium the Minotaur is a rare relic of war that very few will ever see, with the number of Forge Worlds capable of producing them having dropped steadily over the last millennia.

With the steady replacement of this vehicle by the Basilisk, the Minotaur may soon become just another casualty of war. Although it is rumored like always that the Minotaur is stockpiled by those greedy fucks in the thousands inside of Departmento Ingernus storehouses, only specialized siege companies of the Imperial Guard will ever get to deploy their awesome firepower.

Malcador Heavy Tank

The Valdor tank mounts a Neutron Laser that somehow causes an electromagnetic pulse in tanks it shoots in addition to putting a big hole in thembut also risks getting damaged by the feedback if it misses. Because there wasn’t enough room in the tank to put shielding around the reactor that powers the laser, the tank is more prone to catastrophic damage and its crew is at an increased risk of getting cancer.

Not that the Imperium cares about tank crews’ health. Initial production runs were channeled to the elite Solar Auxiliain particular those cohorts operating against foes equipped with heavy tanks or in the case of the myriad xenos enemies still infesting the stars, tank analogues.

While not yet in common use at that timeImperial logisticians had projected that its services were likely to be required in ever greater numbers Oh how they are wrong given the circumstance of the 41st Millenniumespecially where Loyalist Solar Auxilia were called upon to fight the Traitor Legiones Astartes and the heavy armored vehicles they had ready access to.

Ancient records found at the Scholastica Bellicose on the planet Mordia show that the Valdor Tank Hunter was most widely used during the Great Scouring after the Heresy, when the Imperium led the great counter-attack against the Traitor Legions, driving them all the way to the Eye of Terror.