Hi friend!! Today I just complete LSMW manual step-by-step. The first update is Standard Batch/Direct Input method. Hope this help!! Direct to. LSMW through Direct input method. Requirement: Migration of material master data. Process: Go to LSMW transaction. Provide Project. LSMW provides various methods for migration of data, namely those of direct input, batch input recording and IDOC. BDC however simply.

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This was done is step above. Enter the field name, type and length, based on these values description is automatically generated. Example, TAB delimited and Field names in first row. Let’s first go through LSMW steps -; then look at the input file. Maintain Structure Relations Here you map the one input file to structures that was selected in step one direct input objects.


Even though you don’t want to update any fields in these structures, you need to inpu a relationship with source structures. This is the way to specify that internal numbering will be used. Click on line to see the details Step That way a sql script can be created that implement all the conversion rules. My editor is set up to show TAB characters. This sample file used in this post was created directly from the mwthod program. Posted by Manasa Metnod at Migration of material master data.


Either your input data is incorrect, you may have fields as mandatory that was not in your input fields, different material types, etc. For Material master creation provide input for Object and for Method program name is automatically displayed.

An ID with a maximum of 10 characters to name your data transfer project. Example material type must metnod 4 characters. Execute to load the data by direct input method. Follow the above step to provide relation for the required structures then save and go back. In my case I got NO errors.

I used MySQL [mysql. Go to LSMW transaction.

MM01 Via LSMW Direct Input Method

To learn more about loading data using recording, see this post One input file can be used to create all the views of the material master. You may want to use sample file attached to this post as a start. And 0 zero indicates that material being created will be extended. Mapping will get completed and following information is displayed.

WelcomeGuest Login Methoe. Very helpful for those who are working for first time on LSMW. The header field names was added in another step.

Please advice Regards, Lakshmi. The most difficult bit in loading materials is getting the input file correct.

Display Converted Data You can display converted data to ensure that all is ok so far before creating the materials. For big files -; many thousand of mefhod this might take a while.


To provide fields to map. Import Project Download project as attachment from end of this post to your PC.

– Uploading Material master data using Direct input method

First run it in test mode not creating material by selecting the ‘Check data, do not update’ option You might get a view messages -; just press OK. Choose radio button ‘Constant’ to enter value ‘MM01’ transaction code.

Provide structure name and description then click on continue button. Maintain Source Fields Define here all the fields that will be in your input file text file with data. For more about format of file, see notes in SAP Help file. Created by Tarun Gambhirlast modified on Jan 08, This way mapping can be done automatically.

This is how my input file looks via Crimson Editor. As a rule, keep the field names the same as in SAP. Create relationship between source structures MM01V4 with these target structures with icon ‘Create Relationship’.

Permalink Feb 03, Even if different views and fields are used for the different materials.