A passionate, emotional, action-packed story set against the violent and volatile backdrop of 14th-century Scotland. When her family is wiped out by Clan. Set against the turbulent backdrop of fourteenth-century Scotland, ‘Lady of the Knight’ tells the breathtaking tale of a brave lass left on her own and surrounded. LibraryThing Review. User Review – Pebblesgmc – LibraryThing. Lady Of The Knight by Jackie Ivie pages When Morganna “Morgan” KilCreggar was four.

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Lady Of The Knight

She intends to let his clan suffer for the wrong they’ve done to hers but during their journey mnight the castle it’s she who suffers he hurts her back, and let her walk a whole day and night with the injury while he’s on a horse and she doesn’t mind, but she feels a whore when they get romantically involved. Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Conversations 61 63.

Could they not spin that as “see, even our women are better than those English bastards! Author Jackie Ivie did a wonderful job with entwining sensuality, treachery, romance and the need for revenge.

I’ve read a few books where the heroine dresses as a man.

No library descriptions found. Yes, it is THAT good! Morgan gets captured by one of the men from her enemy clan. Zander is blind and all his brothers knows she is a lass and not a lad.

Sparks will fly when he sees that she is a woman.

Detailed Review Summary of Lady of the Knight by Jackie Ivie

They are forced to raid the bodies on the battlefield for anything of value that lasy help them to survive A battlefield thief, a young woman dressed as a boy, arises and become a national hero.


There’s nothing else like it, and the very long days of lacy lend themselves to hours and hours of energizing tasks, while the long winter nights are just right for her real love She’s a weapons expert and he assists her without feeling inferior as a man??

Oct 06, Beth rated it it was amazing. A passionate, emotional, action-packed story set against the violent and volatile backdrop of 14th-century Scotland.

That quick check showed that he”d gone beneath the water. She frustrated me at times with her inability to touch her own emotions and connect dots but that really just speaks to the charachter the author was building. When she was younger, it was nothing to find her watching television, while doing her homework, listening to music, crocheting like a madwoman, and reading, all at the same time.

Set against the turbulent backdrop of fourteenth-century Scotland, Lady of the Knight tells the breathtaking tale of a brave lass left on her own and surrounded by treachery Her mind is set on avenging her clan’s deaths and the warrior comes from the clan that she wants to take out revenge. Taken from Jackie Ivie’s Official Website at http: I”ll not punish ye further.

Left behind the clan wars are mostly the children of dead clansmen. This story was a zero, but I’m giving it two stars because crappy as it was it was well written. Lists with This Book.


Geschiedkundig gezien is het waarschijnlijk allemaal onzin maar het is wel leuk om te lezen: It’s not enough to expect us to fall in love with the reformed bad boy when former misdeeds are never accounted for. No subject went unread, but once she discovered Historical Romances, there was no doubting her favorite nkight. After this he totally insults her by paying her with an expensive thank you gift, which makes poor Morgan believe that losing her virginity to Zander wasn’t so much an event full of love, trust and understanding as much as it was her stamping on her own pride and jeopardising her life long goals to whore herself out for the direct benefit of others.

After the reveal, female Morgan’s character did seem weak compared to male Morgan.

Lady Of The Knight (Knights, #3; The Brocade #4) by Jackie Ivie

This is a powerful tale with a heroine that women can look up to. Almost gave up reading it after the first couple of pages. It just kind of dissapointed me as I was quite excited to see how the hero would find out. Sep 20, Monique Takens rated it really liked it. The five star ratings prove that some of you would love it.

She then spent several years enjoying the wildlife, scenery, and open space that Wyoming is known for.