jzb point of view pdf on kindle. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for jzb point of view pdf on kindle. Will be grateful for any help! Top. And there are plenty of interesting scenes that would have been very intriguing from JZB’s point of view. In the end, I thought it was simply. Posts about JZB written by Diana McCabe. Did we really need that point-of- view sex scene from KMM’s Jericho Barrons? July 31, Posted by Diana.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem?

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. A sex scene viw Barrons’ point of vuew. This is chapter 4 of Darkfever book 1 from Jericho Barrons point of view.

This was once published poinnt Moning’s website. It is no longer available there. However, it has been incorporated into Burned book 7 of the Fever Series. Online Story16 pages. MacKayla LaneJericho Barrons. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Alpha Alternativeplease sign up. Is this not available any more? Soumiya Srinivasan It’s available here: Where can I buy this?

See all 8 questions about The Alpha Alternative…. Lists with This Book. View all 12 comments. Jul 24, Kat Kennedy rated it liked it.

For some reason, I expected that she’d do the scene from book 2 where Barrons has Mac chained to the poll and is threatening to tattoo her. Or maybe I just have a thing for chains Regardless, I’m curious as to her methods here.

But I rather expected more sex. But that part was kind of glossed over. It lasted 4 hours. Should have seen it. And thus the world continues to not make sense. I’m off to discover the true meaning of life from a Platypus View all 5 comments. All Jericho Barrons loving fools such as myself.

She will never know that tonight she was mine. Well folks, it is finally here and, just like the man himself, it doesn’t disappoint. For me, getting inside Barrons’ head is the equivalent of getting to eat a hot fudge sundae after having been on a diet for five months. It’s delicious and vied gives you a high that takes hours to com She will never know that tonight she was mine.


It’s delicious and it gives you a high that takes hours to come back down from. I read the Fever series back in February of this year, and I must say that this has me wanting to do a reread. This short scene was wickedly sexy and certainly worth the wait. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to take a cold shower. View all 11 comments. There isn’t much else to say really. Oh yeah, that too. Life sucks, I know.

They give a very different perspective to the scene. Now go pant somewhere else.

JZB | Paranormal Romance

View all 19 comments. So early on, too! What can I say? I’m a sucker for aggressive sex. In my book this pojnt even a sex scene. It was a rape one. Now most who’ve actually read my reviews are familiar with the fact that I have a very high tolerance of blurred lines when it comes to literature I’m not so forgiving in real life.

I can actually overlook it completely if a woman says “no” when it’s actually anything but But this was Barrons and Mac. This “scene” completely destroyed my view of their romance. I loved the fac This was so I loved the fact that they didn’t get down and dirty 10 minutes after they met each other. My favorite thing in the books was that they developed their attraction by getting ;oint know each other. Then I read a scene in which they have sex at their second meeting, while Mac is actually afraid of him even if she wants him, when afterwards Barrons actually has to take her memory so that she won’t remember anything and have regrets.

This is so not cool. I usually don’t mind it if the hero is too aggressive because afterwards the heroine is happy most of the times. This time Barrons didn’t allow Mac the courtesy to think this through for some time, he didn’t allow her the time to actually viea of her attraction to him. Having read Mac’s POV on this day I can completely honestly say that my idea was that she didn’t even like the guy.

I think this scene is completely out of place with the rest of the books. The only reason I give it a 2. It was way more primitive and savage than I would have thought. View all 7 comments. View all 13 comments. I just re-read this online here. It’s missing some stuff that I remember in the original which I have on my computer at home and will check tonight.


Specifically the very last ot from Barrons talking directly to KMM. But since this was made canon in BurnedI guess that last paragraph is pointless. Which makes me rage beyond all levels of rage. Serious spoilers to come. It’s in Barrons’ POV.

It’s a rehash of the conversation that Barrons and Mac have at the Clarin House, with loads of Barrons internalizing. Then there’s mention of an awesome 4 hours of sex, every-which-way you can imagine, but no details. Kind of boring, honestly. And then we’re done.

jzb point of view pdf on kindle

I was hoping for something a little closer to Book 4, Chapter That would have been epic. Okay, so now onto my issues about changing the story here to suit this “bonus” scene.

First, in the original version, Barrons says to KMM something along the lines of ‘there. You’re always wanting them.

He’s a fucking asshole. If I met him in real life I would kick him in the balls, knee him in the face and run away. However, he’s the asshole that I love in the books.

Before, he’d steered Mac where he thought she needed to go, he’d done things for jbz protection without her permission, he’d goaded, and tested, and trained her. He wasn’t particularly nice about it. But he never took her choices from her. Details don’t match up. The conversation couldn’t even be kept the same.

You couldn’t go back to Darkfever and ensure that you had them saying the same words to each other in the same order? But that’s not the worst of it – the worst is that at the end of the scene in DarkfeverMac is bruised from his arms around her ribs and that’s all she speaks viee she mentions her vlewbut at the end of The Alpha Alternativeshe’s apparently bruised in other places because of how he grabs and holds onto her during their no-holds-barred sex marathon.

There’s the fact that Barrons rips a button off her jeans something I’m sure she’d notice in her limited wardrobe, but it’s never mentioned pount Darkfever.

There’s the fact that at the end of The Alpha VieaMac is wrapped in a sheet when Barrons erases her memory and lets her remember only the conversation and threat