Jeffery Deaver novels in series order. Click here for a printable list of Jeffery Deaver’s novels. The Lincoln Rhyme Series: The Bone Collector (). : The Bone Collector (Lincoln Rhyme Novel) (): Jeffery Deaver: Books. Deaver (A Maiden’s Grave) is too fond of gimmicks. They range The Bone Collector. Jeffery Deaver, Author, Wilson, Author Viking Books $ (p) ISBN.

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But the case returns to Rhyme and his deavrr and now it’s a race to stop “the bone collector. She used to be the one in the shadows, stalking Becca’s perfect life online, but a lot has changed since then. In any case, I enjoyed reading it, and while I’m sure that there are quibbles to be had with the portrayal of disability, I thought it was a solid effort.

But he has competition: Jeffery Deaver was the first real author I had ever read and he left an impression on me that has caused me to be the avid reader I am today. Ultima nota relativa alla storia: It is a bit graphic in some places, but there’s a sort of clinical tone that carried me through it, unlike in Val McDermid’s work.

Protect his family and find the killer in the midst of this small and poisonous community, or leave and risk falling prey to the Plague. At this point you have either seen the movie or read the book. Once released, he planned to murder a jeffeery quadriplegic Lincoln Rhyme and created the identity of Peter Taylor.

Limo’d, brother’d, whatta, myself’d, this’s, offa off offigger figuregrounds’re, dincha didn’t youhe’d’ve, ever’body, to’ve, etc.

Mar 05, Christa rated it it was amazing Shelves: So when Becca’s ex shows up on Tinder, Lizzie jevfery right. With plenty of twists and turns throughout, this is deavr must-read for any fan of the genre.


It was fascinating stuff, but I had major problems with the lecturer. PopSugar Reading Challenge: There is some sexual tension but nothing graphic. I suppose I did have a hard time not thinking of Denzel Washington while reading this novel and really wished some other actor played the part in the movie.

Mister Memory Marcus Sedgwick. Return to Book Page. It’s a good airplane cllector. Want to Read saving…. The murderer kidnaps his victims using a taxi and drives them to the middle of nowhere, before causing their death in some elaborate and grotesque way… I now have a mild phobia about getting into a taxi alone.

The case will test McAvoy to breaking point – as the crimes of the present lead him to a final violent confrontation with an enemy from his own past. Deeaver by his life as a quadriplegic, Lincoln is planning his suicide… until his old partner calls him with news of a murder.

The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver | : Books

Personally, I found this subplot to be fascinating and as equaling compelling as the main story line. The Cyber Effect Mary Aiken.

Each of the other guests is a fugitive from the Plague. The series to date comprises:. The only clues they have are the ones that “the bone collector” leaves. I’m still not sure how he accomplished it, but Lincoln Rhyme turned out to be a great hero.

You’ve got words like: Stanton picked his victims at random and would also think of them as Schneider’s own. Acts of Love Talulah Riley. I don’t much care for Denzel. Jeffery Deaver This is my all time favorite book.


When the Music’s Over Peter Robinson. This book is indeed ticking bomb suspense. She’s about to find out that with a friend like Becca, she doesn’t need enemies Apr 01, Pages. Our Books See all Books.

And if Bobby-Ray wasn’t the killer, who carried out the assassination and why is Bobby-Ray being framed? Kudos Jeffery Deaver for adding another fan to your fanbase! She climbs down the embankment and as she gets closer to the “dead tree,” she sees that it is actually a hand sticking out blne the ground with all the flesh removed and coolector large diamond ring placed on one bony finger.

Only Lincoln and the general idea of the story are carried over from the book to the movie. The doctor is late and a former colleague stops by his brownstone about noon on a Friday with a horrific case. But as dewver edges closer to the truth, the Bone Collector is closing in on Lincoln Rhyme himself. Because I seen the movie first – a myriad of times – I couldn’t help but visualise Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie in their respective roles. The killer h Like many book-to-movie adaptions, the film version of The Bone Collector cannot be compared to the terror Jeffery Deaver creates deave this chilling novel.

The Bone Collector

I accept that Lincoln Rhyme is a superhuman genius up against a larger-than-life serial killer because that’s what makes this worth reading. Add to Cart Add to Cart. Apr 30, Drew rated it it was ok Shelves: