Philosopher Jawdat Said, little known in the West, has been propagating a vision of Islam free of violence for the past 40 years. His books have. In Brief. Jawdat Said is an influential cleric and an advocate of non-violence. He has had a great influence over demonstrators in many areas. Jawdat Said is a prominent contemporary Islamic scholar noted for his theory of nonviolence. Born in Syria’s Golan Heights, Said was educated at al-Azhar.

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Said sees this is a clear indication that the practice of violence is incompatible with the core faith of the Koran. Access to power and rule by force and sword is not acceptable in Islam at all. Other intellectuals of the Islamic world also turned against Qutb at the time, including for example Hasan al-Hudaybi, the leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

They are lacking in vision. In the introduction to his book “The Doctrine of the First Son of Adam,” Jawdat Said places himself in the tradition of Islamic reformers such as Abd al-Rahman al-Kawakibi who died in and Muhammad Iqbal who died inthe mystic poet and philosopher from India.

Islam and democracy The practice—and the theory.

Moderate Islamists and peaceful democracy. Mankind, Said concludes, should and can use its God-given ability to reason to achieve peace on earth. Back to Homepage Font Size: Said also stressed the importance of the Algerian writer Malik bin-Nabi who died in and his book, “The Conditions of Renaissance.

Preaching Nonviolence, Syrian Activist Heads Home

It is very brave,” says Amr Azm. Twitter Facebook Most Viewed. It was written by Jawdat Said, born in Syria inwho moved to Egypt at a young age to study the Arabic language at Azhar University. Humanity’s unity should come jawat a natural birth and not as the result of a cesarean section, i. In Sure 5, verses 27—31, one can read how the “God-fearing Abel” even declined to defend himself against his brother, although in the end, Cain murdered him. A profile by Bashar Humeid. The Rush to condemn ” Science ” or ” knowledge ” which was the original title to this book holds a great loss, the writer says, because nothing can save us other than “knowledge”.


Jawdat Said and Islam as a Violence-Free Religion – Ikhwanweb

The Problem of Violence in the Islamic World” was the first publication in the modern Islamic movement to present a concept of non-violence. Please help by adding reliable sources. In hawdat world, relying on science, we concern ourselves with preventing germ warfare while sheltering the intellectual viruses that destroy us: Said makes of the Quranic verse God does not change a people until they change what is in themselves a title and a starting point, to prove that in order to solve a problem or change a situation, the priority of change starts from ourselves.

None of them, however, attempted to spread his ideas by means of violence. Relative Violence in Islam and Christianity. Retrieved from ” https: Islam in Germany Some Muslims do indeed celebrate Christmas.

While there, he took an active part in the cultural saod of Egypt. None of them, however, attempted to spread his ideas by means of violence. His role as he returns to the Syrian capital is unclear.

What these philosophers have in common is an emphasis on reformation within Islamic societies.

He was arrested in Septemberand died in detention after being tortured, according to Human Rights Watch. They primarily address Islamic youth, and present an Islamic way of life that eschews violence. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for siad.

Jordan and the influx of refugees The true Samaritans. He quotes the fourth Caliph, Ali ibn Abi Talib, who in a disagreement with his opponents the Kharijites demanded disregarding the texts because each group had its own way of interpreting them. Said understands this passage as a symbolic dispute between science and violence. First, war may only be declared if the opponent defies the fundamental Koranic principle of “no coercion of religion,” i.

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They primarily address Islamic youth, and present an Islamic way of life that eschews violence. Posted in Islamic Issues. Not all Islamists are equal. Among the liberated villages after being occupied for almost 6 years, was Ber Ajam.

Everyone else has moved to the military wing. Said has been on a six-month speaking tour in Canada and the U. His books have been widely read and discussed by Islamic swid in the Arab world. You are one of those who started this, so running out of the country doesn’t look right,” the son said. Want to Understand Islam? Yet, after technology made it possible for us to see smaller forms of life and medicine brought us a better understanding of germs, communities became better equipped to halt disease and heal the sufferers.

Said concludes from this that the Koran challenges people to search for truth in the real world and not in the texts of the Koran. Jjawdat Our Maillist Subscribe. If a country now is devastated by an epidemic, we blame it on the saiid of sufficient hygiene. While there, he took an active part in the cultural life of Egypt. No sooner had he started than he was arrested for his intellectual activity.

But to this day, Said has remained true to the text of the Koran. The United Nationsour world’s “figleaf,” does not hide the shame of humanity but rather scandalizes humanity’s malaise. We cannot afford to continue to be confused or ignorant about these jqwdat germs”.

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