Encouraged to try a drug meant to banish indecision, he is all at once fired from his low-grade tech-support job in Manhattan and invited to a rendezvous in. Dwight B. Wilmerding is only twenty-eight, but he’s having a midlife crisis. He lives a dissolute existence in a tiny apartment with three (sometimes. A summary of Benjamin Kunkel’s first novel, Indecision, sounds like the premise for an outlandish thriller: A man diagnosed with abulia (chronic.

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And a few sessions of psychoanalysis conducted by his sister have distinctly failed to help with his biggest problem: Was the author struck with a mid-book panic that he must deliver a solution kubkel his afflicting abulia? One criticism, the book could have been written in the 3rd person.

Yes, there are rucksacks, indecisionn bus trips, mysterious women, awesome sunsets and inscrutable Indians. Can you talk a little about the tension between the comic and serious aspects of this novel, and which you wish to be its final effect?

Preppies, whether characters or authors, can be very annoying Otherwise things would just add up. Encouraged by one of his roommates to try an experimental drug meant to banish indecision, Dwight jumps at the chance not without some vacillation about the hazards of jumping and swallows the first fateful pill.

That aside, the dialogue is great. In a boat you see the sea.

Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks. What an overhyped addition to the already overcrowded “something inspects navel, whines unattractively, and expects the world to care” shelf this was.

With an executioner style editor and a switching around of the narrator, I feel though I could be Fantastic coming of age novel that truly gets indexision the heart of the post coitus, post early twenty something experience of the semi-autonomous adult, French New Wave neophyte in America today. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

It’s manufactured growth of a character that didn’t earn it. A Novel trapped woman can’t escape despite abundance of options. I’m not sure I can get through even three more pages of this crap. But in the smaller of the hours I could get to feeling bad that I hadn’t even looked into doing “it” yet.


I couldn’t decide whether or not to finish the book; I dithered until I read the last page- so by default I finished it; and I was mad that I did.

Benjamin Kunkel’s Tale of ‘Indecision’

Kunkel’s hero is a slacker with a Philosophy degree his last name of Wilmerding becomes the email handle kumkel, get it? With an executioner style editor and a switching around of the narrator, I feel though I could be totally wrong that this great book could become an instant classic. He’s able to strike the perfect balance between Pessoa quotes and righteous left-wing sarcasm.

There are a few too many tired-sounding jokes and some straining for effect of the writing-school variety, but any lapses are made up for by fresh insights and observations, scathing and tender. I like to travel!

Then I would know what to do. It’s one of those books where the author uses more words than necessary to express what the character is thinking and saying. Aug 26, Matt rated it did not like it. What will Dwight’s first muscular decision based on it be? Who am I to begrudge him a well received novel? Really, all this book has going for it are a few interesting themes: And there’s an even bigger problem: I consider it an ‘intelligent’ book, meaning it’s complex.

There were starting to be signs that a serious attachment to me had been formed, by her, so that not only would I need to slip out of the city to go let my truer understandings avail themselves of me—I’d also have to extricate myself from someone else’s life.

Review: Indecision by Benjamin Kunkel | Books | The Guardian

In the blurb, I spotted the word “Ecuador” and some general rambling about a chronic indecisive something having a quarter-life crisis brought on by disillusionment with his life which he decides to solve by traveling to an unknown country on a whim. The story had many interesting premises and sub-plots divorce! And I wanted the reader to feel that way about Dwight and the other characters, and also for Dwight to feel like that about himself.


And dove in with high hopes that this book would fascinate me. Oh Benjamin, you look so good on your back cover shot. In my case I saw that globalization was for real and declined to replace my alarm clock. It reads very much like satire: Some piece of profundity, that was really as deep as that fucking Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians song that I fucking hate.

Indecision by Benjamin Kunkel | : Books

Don’t make a career out of your childhood or you’ll never adapt yourself to any other. Given the angle of the magazine Kunkel set up, though, and his subsequent move to South America and authorship of the millenial Neo-Marxist manual Utopia or Bustyou have to assume he’s at least semi-serious.

Why does she have no problem using words like ‘abscondating’? And the fucking puns! The wrapping-up of indecidion story is more annoying then anything and also oddly cliche. I stubbornly kuhkel my way to the bitter end just to give it a single star and ravage it in this short, capsule review. Heads, I’d accept—whereas tails, I’d claim to have other plans.

Indeicsion start, slippery downward slope. A Conversation with Ben Kunkel 1. Suddenly I’d lost the sensation of there being either a source or an end to my life, an original birth or ultimate death, and was therefore amazed at how everyone seemed to consider me a solid reliable young man.

I don’t have the energy to point out why, but it just doesn’t, it sort of drifts and meanders around with loss ends and things brought up in the first fifty pages that lead no where.