What do I say on social media? We get that question a lot! of your content should entertain and invite conversation. of your content should be useful and. How To Create A Social Media Strategy (With 5 Steps And A Template) Social Media Strategy Template (Word or Excel) you can use to. GUIDE TO CREATING A SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY. Getting Started. In order to gain customer trust, establish expertise, and meet potential customers, every.

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Thanks for sharing your insight! Keep up the solid work!

How to Create a Freakin’ Fabulous Social Media Strategy

Because if you don’t tie your fees to your limited hours, you have the potential to bring in far more income. And knowing the right Keywords to engage a visitor. This might sound shady, but it’s smart business. Goes out well in sharing tips and ways on how to deal with social media works and strategies. Ro of bitching about it, I just work harder. You also have to take into account your target market. They are handcrafted and are made in their work shed dtrategy the backyard.

I would hire the college grad any day over a person who worked as a receptionist or dental assistant or cashier or some other totally unrelated field.

You clearly get your work done and have working learning about your subjects. Are there different fees for crowdfunding campaigns? You obviously spcial your homework and have working knowledge about your topics.


You’ll get it immediately! This is just fabulous! The links in this article are also fantastic. I have comprehensive knowledge due to our business of all facebook has to offer in terms or ads, event, offer, reporting, analysis etc.

What to Charge for Social Media Work (as a Freelancer or Consultant)

I noticed some of the stuff that had looked good, but realized it was as old as Thank you so very much! This confirmed numbers I knew. For new clients, I usually charge a one-time set-up fee that covers strategizing and creating social media profiles, then a monthly retainer to maintain the networks and grow quality followings. Facebook says i spend too much time walkin my people thru the steps vs just shooting them a link. I get squirmy when it comes to talking about money, so giving potential clients a list of choices instead of just quoting a specific number is so much more appealing to me, lol.

Looking to sofial money from your social media skills? Hi Alexis, I live in a small town where hardly any advertising is done outside of billboard and radio.

Fteakinfabulous have no clue. On the small budget market, I set packages based on the number of monthly campaign hours. I am interested in working with Pinterest.

Take these factors into consideration when figuring out how much YOU should charge per hour:. Here are a few tips for helping you figure out how to charge and what to charge next time an creage comes your way:. For example, Faceook, posts per week with media and possible links Twitter, 1 Tweet per day; one price for just copy, another for stratehy and adding media. My prior clientele is limited to about five individuals and businesses, all with proven success.


With more companies and organizations looking to hire social media help, and more social-media-savvy young professionals recognizing that opportunity, the same question keeps landing in my inbox again and again: I have a bachelors degree in journalism and I will soon be certified in social media consulting just for the professional title.

Want some examples of how much other consultants charge for various social media projects? Please how do I start and where do you think I should start from. Thanks Alexis for this relevant and practical article. Have read through a lot of post but yet to start a social media consulting biz, of which I found out am good with media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. It has worked out well.

Hello- I am looking to break into the Social Media Consulting business!

Don’t forget your knowledge is just as valuable as your effort. For most of us who aren’t famous in zocial digital worldthe biggest factor in how much you can charge is your work experience. This was very informational and it helped a lot. Would ownership be something a social media marketer would ever get?

How do you pitch the idea of being paid? Thanks for this, I look forward to reading more of your posts! Want more FREE info?