AUGUSTINE AND THE HORTENSIUS OF CICERO. By JOHN HAMMOND TAYLOR, S. J.. St. Augustine, in his student days at Carthage, as every reader. The Hortensius was a ‘protreptic’ dialogue written by Cicero. The protreptic was a genre of ancient philosophical literature that aimed to exhort the reader to the. One of the most extensive resources on the internet for the study of early Christianity. “Augustine on how he was influenced by reading Cicero’s Hortensius”.

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The Women of Cicero’s Family. Augustine on Hortensius [2]. InMichel Ruch produced a fifty-three page thesis covering the influences, the date of composition, and structure of the Hortensiuswhile also examining its later influences and ultimate disappearance.

Hortensius’ oratory gave him such vast wealth that he was able to spend his money gratuitously on splendid hortensisu, parks, fish-ponds, costly entertainments, wine, pictures, and other works of art.

At the age of nineteen he made his first speech at the bar, and shortly afterwards successfully defended Nicomedes IV of Bithyniaone of Rome ‘s dependants in the East, who had been deprived of his throne by his brother. As the son-in-law of Quintus Lutatius Catulus through marriage to Lutatia, daughter of Catulus and Servilia he was attached to the aristocratic party, the optimates.

Even though his gestures were highly artificial, and his manner of folding his toga was noted by tragic actors of the day, [8] he was such a “gifted performer that even professional actors would stop rehearsal and come to watch him hold an audience captive with each swish of his toga.


Hortensius (Cicero)

Eder, Walter; Strothmann, Meret His daughter Hortensia became a successful orator. Then, the character of Cicero chimes in to prove that philosophy is single-handedly the best of all horyensius aforementioned skills.

To this circumstance perhaps, as well as to his own merits, Hortensius may have been indebted for much of his success. Though he criticises him at various ohrtensius, [15] Cicero’s respect for Hortensius is evident throughout, and he frequently hortensiu his rival’s death: Encyclopedia of Women in the Ancient World.

The work defended the notion that genuine human happiness is to be found by using and embracing philosophy. Retrieved December 21, University of California Press, The Philosophical Books of Cicero.

Quintus Hortensius

The Hortensius was renowned and popular in early and late antiquity[38] and it likely inspired a number of Roman thinkers, like the silver age authors Seneca the Younger and Tacitusthe early Christian writer Lactantiusand the early medieval philosopher Boethius. In 42, she spoke against the imposition of a special tax on wealthy Roman matrons with such success that part of it was remitted.

Having served during two campaigns in the Social War, he became quaestor in 81, aedile in 75, praetor in 72, and consul in New York City, NY: IIIedited by C. The Macmillan Company, Consent was obtained and Cato divorced Marcia, thereby placing her under her father’s charge. His son Quintus Hortensius, a friend of the poet Catulluswas granted the governorship of Macedonia in 44 by Julius Caesarbefore switching allegiance to Brutus and perishing after the debacle of the battle of Philippi in 42 BC.


Cicero eventually wrote a dialogue, now lost, called Hortensius or “On Philosophy”. Political De Imperio Cn. Hortensius then declares that oratory is the greatest of the arts. Views Read Edit View history. Personally, Cicero had completed his divorce hortenzius Terentia in 51 BC. He also possessed a fine musical voice, which he could skillfully command.

Hortensius | work by Cicero |

Personal life Political career Writings. It gave me different values and priorities.

Taylor, John Hammond The Hortensius was a protreptic dialogue that is “hortatory literature that calls the audience to a new and different way of life”based on Greek models. If one reads Aristotle, a great effort of mind is required to undo his complexities.

During Lucius Cornelius Sulla ‘s dictatorship the courts of law were under the control of the Senatethe judges being themselves senators. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Salazar; Manfred Hortensiis Francis G.