II. Improved generator4. Enlarged mm resection loop1. Safe bipolar technology Need a big reason to switch to the new. GYNECARE VERSAPOINT ™ II. Central Sterile · Surgical Instruments · Endoscopic Devices · Hysterscopes. Item Shown. GYNECARE VERSAPOINT Bipolar Electrosurgery System by Ethicon. MAUDE Adverse Event Report: ETHICON GYNECARE VERSAPOINT During hysteroscopy, the versapoint resectoscope was in the patient but not in use.

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Minimally invasive gynecological procedure Operative Hysteroscope or resectoscope is inserted through the cervix into the uterine cavity Endoscopic surgical instruments are used to remove pathology Allows surgeons to see and treat in a single outpatient intervention 4. Attach the hysteroscope to the working element. Attach the electrode to the working element. Mount the electrode cable boss into the working element mounting block Swing the electrode towards gyhecare hysteroscope Position the shaft seal so that it fits into the seal groove on the working element and is flush with vrrsapoint sealing tape Note: The shaft seal is dropped into place, not slid Electrode Mounting Block Using gentle pressure, press the electrode hysteroscope clip onto versapoitn hysteroscope Connect the electrode to the connector cable by aligning the alignment mark on the keyed connector with the alignment mark on the connector cable electrode connector and press firmly together until the electrode connector snaps into place Distal Clip Resectoscopic Electrode Shaft Seal Electrode Cable Boss Standard obturator not pictured Attach the standard obturator to the inner sheath.

Insert the standard obturator into the sheath Lock the standard obturator in place by pressing it firmly into the sheathlocking ring until the obturator snaps into gynnecare 4.

Attach the assembled standard vrsapoint and inner sheath to the outer sheath Insert the assembled standard obturator and inner sheath assembly into the outer sheath Screw the inner sheath into the outer sheath using the ribbed ring on the outer sheath Inner Sheath Outer Sheath Obturator Attach the light cable from the light source to the hysteroscope light post.

Attach the versaooint tubing to the inflow valve on the inner sheath. An appropriate Luer lock adapter must be used with the inflow tubing set 8. Attach the outflow tubing to the outflow value on the outer sheath. Insert the assembled standard obturator and sheaths into the gynscare. Dilate the cervix using an appropriate cervical dilator if necessary Insert the assembled standard obturator and sheaths into the uterus through the cervix Remove the standard obturator from the sheath by depressing the inner sheath-locking ring release button and withdrawing the obturator Inner Sheath Outer Sheath Obturator Gymecare obturator not pictured Attach the assembled working element, gyencare, and electrode assembly to the sheaths.


Fully retract the working element Insert the working element, hysteroscope and electrode assembly into the sheaths Lock the working element, hysteroscope and electrode assembly into place by pressing it firmly against the sheath-locking ring until it snaps into place Note: To disassemble the electrode elements, simply pull them apart.

Check grounding of generator.

Used GYNECARE Versapoint Electrosurgical Unit For Sale – DOTmed Listing #

Check insulation of connector cable. Check integrity of electrode. Ensure no contact was made versaponit other equipment during activation. If your generator version supports both footswitch and possible future handswitchable accessories, check that the correct activation source is selected.

Check footswitch for damage. Vedsapoint approved footswitch is attached. Check verssapoint fuse and replace with the versaapoint type if necessary. Request assistance from qualified service engineer if fault persists. Verify that the cable connector is fully inserted. Check for damage to cable flex. Remove connector and inspect pins for damage. Ensure the connector contacts are clean and dry and have not been damaged during reprocessing. Allow generator to cool down before re-use.

Check sufficient ventilation provided around generator. Ensure ambient temperature is within operating limits. Hand piece is wet, or electrode has touched hysteroscope during activation. Once display reads Connect Cable, connect hand piece to generator. Naturally, you may have questions about. Plastic Replacement Sleeve 2. When tipping the Cable Processor Module back, after removing the toggle arm pinuse extreme caution not to drop.

Treating heavy menstrual bleeding caused by fibroids or polyps With today s medical advances the outlook for successful treatment of fibroids and polyps has never been better. You don t have to live with. Item Qty Description Service.

Ygnecare is a document to be used in conjunction. The data contained in this document is proprietary to HydroSpin. It is disclosed to the receiving. Your particular model may have only some of these.

versaooint To reduce the risk of electric shock, insure electricity has been turned off at the circuit breaker or fuse box before beginning. All wiring must be in accordance with the National. The information included in this Splendide Repair Manual may change without notice.

Please see our web site www. Do not place the Network Camera on unsteady surfaces. Do not insert sharp or tiny.

Service Manual Model No. Although the install looks daunting at first, once you get the learning curve.

GYNECARE VERSAPOINT Bipolar Electrosurgery System by Ethicon

Misuse of paintball equipment may cause serious injury or death. Never attempt to service. Engage the latch pawl. Remove the U-bolt nuts. Weak vacuum at wand. Gauge reads normal 10hg to 14hg 1. Clogged hoses or wand tube. Disconnect hoses and carefully check for an obstruction.


Safety and maintenance Instructions 3 2. Lever mounting base C. Flush handle assembly D. Grey float Full Flush F. After replacing brake pads, depress brake pedal firmly.

Purpose The purpose of this document is to describe the procedure necessary to replace one of the ball nuts. To ensure that your installation proceeds smoothly–please. Changing the Control Board B. Replacing a Heating Element C. High Limit Switch Replacement E. The driver must depress the brake pedal in order to move the gear selector from Park. The Flash Link will ensure the external flash fires, regardless of the ambient light.

Fill in pertinent information on page 3 for future reference. Table of Contents Job Specification Sheet Safety precautions 3 B. Technical data 4 C. PUB Revision B The names of any providers and patients used in illustrations or examples in this document are fictitious.

Cable and Fiber Preparation Index These step by step how to manuals will give you the foundation necessary to use your new LED lights.

GYNECARE VERSAPOINT™ Bipolar Electrosurgery System …

What is a Hysteroscopy? What Happens Before Your.

Fill in pertinent information on page for future reference. If you have questions when installing, operating or. Accessing the printer system board 1 Turn the printer off. Use painter s tape rather than duct tape to secure window. It will not damage paint or leave sticky residue. Before installation, ensure camshafts are aligned, crankshaft is locked in place and camshaft gear tynecare are loose as described in removal procedures.

Technical Information This section of the catalogue provides technical information that will help specify, install and maintain Surelock McGill devices and components. The topics are listed below: Inspiron 13 Versaplint Model: A NOTE indicates important information that helps.

Electric Instantaneous Water Heaters Service manual Gyneccare installation quoting stage Work out with the customer what is the right model to install for the application Site assessment 1. Case study Versaloint durability and repair for laptop computers June A case study of a Hewlett-Packard notebook to illustrate and encourage the durability and repair of laptop computers.

Start display at page:. Luke Park 2 years ago Views: A Guide to Hysteroscopy. Naturally, you may have questions about More information. When tipping the Cable Processor Module back, after removing the toggle arm pinuse extreme caution not to drop More information.