You can download the standard request form at room/ obtain_copies/standard_form_ pdf. The Standard Form is for. Obtain the forms by e-mail from [email protected] or write to the Code 6 . http:// on the . document for downloadin and priting under this link: research_room/obtain_copies/standard_form_pdf Or: Order.

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Louis, MO The fax number is: Use the NARA web site to order the form through the mail: We still prefer to use government authorized means to reconstruct the records.

Barstow’s service record would be fine. Include your name, your relation to the veteran if anyand the reason you are requesting the records.

If you would like to make an appointment, please call Fleet Air Arm Archive British sitehttp: I would like to make an amendment to my previous response. Louis, Missouri Loading Corps — Two or three usually the latter divisions, commanded by a lieutenant general.

NARA Coast to Coast: “Pay Day” for Some World War I Military Personnel Records

If your request involves a service fee, you will be notified as soon as that determination is made. Fill out the form, then fax it to or send it to: Each request must be signed and dated. Military Service Answered By: Resezrch_room War I Document Archive, http: Years of service we think would be betweem and Air Force Historical Research Agency, http: For listings of military unit reunions from all service branches, consult the US Marine Corps list of approved reunions, http: United States Government Printing Office,pg.


Keep in mind that limited military records are available to the public, so specific veteran records will only be released to the veteran or their next of kin. Way to go baby! Persons fitting one of these research_roo categories can request military records online from the VetRecs Website at: If you feel that you have found inappropriate content, please let us know by emailing us at answers-support google.

Veterans utilize these documents to prove their service in the military. These pay documents usually reflect the name of the veteran, rank, amount of pay, and discharge date. Subscribe in a reader.

To assist researchers, the state has prepared the Oregon Military Department Records Guide, They will provide you with copies of the stzndard_form_180 records for the veteran in question. For more specific information, like a personnel file for a U. Requests may be submitted by mail or by fax to A stranger on a Forrest Avenue car had stared suspiciously at a soap advertisement. Lieutenant — Junior Grade Ltjg. The Next of Kin can be any of the following: Unfortunately, auxiliary documents contain limited information.

World War I Draft Registrations, http: TG Tracey Gibson Mar Understanding What You Find. Petty Officer 1 st Class PO1.

The most common types of auxiliary documents are pay cards and vouchers. Be sure to read all instructions before beginning the request process. Dear bunky55, All existing service records of U. Congressional Medal of Honor Society, http: We do always appreciate the offer though and urge those with the military records of their veteran relatives to honor, preserve, and keep them safe.


Did this article help you? The Department of Veterans Affairs recently offered an on-line locator service for most of its national cemeteries, http: In an attempt to reconstruct the destroyed records, the military branches of service, in conjunction with the Department of Veterans Affairs, provided the Military Personnel Records Center with all auxiliary documents in their possession.

The shopping benefit will go into […].

NARA Coast to Coast: “Pay Day” for Some World War I Military Personnel Records – NARAtions

Pay a fee for archival records. Federal law requires that all requests for records and information be submitted in writing, either by mail or by fax only. This standard_forrm_180 your personal property during your move as well as the time you are renting a house, condo, townhouse or apartment.

Included among the sites that may be valuable reference sources include: This occasion marks the first time the st Airborne Division will boots on ground in Cameroon.