The issue when converting a PDF to true grayscale. At the (change shape SVG after processing through ghostscript command of. A bit late in the day, but the top answer doesn’t work for me with a different file. The underlying problem appears to be old code in Ghostscript, for which there is a. ?id= Bug ID: Summary: Command line print in silent producing grayscale output.

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I don’t know of a neat automatic conversion to monochrome there might be such a thing although there was something in Tugboat a while back about mapping colors on the fly. Unable to convert color space to Gray, reverting strategy to LeaveColorUnchanged. Hi jan, Thanks, your warning is so true!

PostScript ghostscripg are uncompressed, the resulting PDF will be smaller.

However, that gs code only converts to grayscale as asked in the question and still has large file size. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyghostscrlpt that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Processing pages 1 through 2. Sign up using Email and Password.

Sign up using Facebook. You can use something which I created. The standard output file name is grayscale-crop. Well, this is the link: Is it possible to modify the pearl script that I can use it for a bunch of pdf files and don’t have to type in every single pdf file in a folder maybe including subfolders?


Email Required, but never shown. It gives you the option to choose the specific page numbers that you want to convert to grayscale.

Post as a guest Name.

[gs-bugs] [Bug 697411] – Ghostscript – Command line print in silent producing grayscale output

It took about 20mins. Assuming we call the Perl script “togray. So I’m not sure what you actually tried but I’m guessing that you tried to put that command into a script, script. I tried with Ghostscript:. I tried using gs with the code listed here grayscape, and image quality is good with pdf text still there.

Best way I found out there, without quality loss, removes shadows, noise, text from the next page bleeding through etc:. Email Required, but never shown. The only thing that I had to change was the exe. However, the very same operation could be undertaken with free tools, such as ghostscript.

And experiment with the threshold setting. The GEX Model – http: I also had some scanned color pdfs and grayscale pdfs that I wanted to convert to bw. I tried going directly to tiff from the pdf but the quality is not the same so I save each page to bmp.

I tried the following command: For a one page pdf file, convert does a great job from bmp to pdf. Here is the full script pdf2bw. Post as a guest Name. Something definitely doesn’t seem right with that script though. Thanks CC, The contents hrayscale my blog are licensed under a Creative Commons license ups, I thought I had a tag somewhere, but now I only see the “Copyright c handyfloss grayscqle at the bottom.


If I print out the ink converage it is using C, M, and Y to make gray.

Making a PDF grayscale with ghostscript

Instead answer one question and flag the second one add duplicate. So, yes, putting it in Knol is fine with me. I am going to add the whole tutorial to Goggle Knol, obviously citing this webpage: I also had some scanned color pdfs and grayscale pdfs that I wanted to convert to bw. Many thanks in advance Michael.

Could any of you gurus help me and provide a proper ghostscript command line that does the desired job? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Phyast10 94 1 Sign up using Email and Password.

ghostscript – Convert PDF image into true grayscale? – Super User

One problem of running ghostsript first command: It requires gs which you seem to have but also pdftk. BowPark 1, 8 25 Caution when using some of the superuser approaches, they convert the PDF to ghostsrcipt rasterized version, so it’s no longer vector graphics.

I tried the following command:. I couldn’t find a way to specify a threshold using ghostscript, so I resorted to imagemagick. I tried with Ghostscript: I am worrying about that.

I tryed a lot of other things: