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His chosen targets are also clearly important world movements, and are worth discussing as pseudo-religions. It has brought with it untold pain and ecological waste. Not as profound as I’d hoped. We recognise in the history of Marxism each of the attributes [ In my opinion, these criteria seem reasonable and his chosen meta-religions clearly check the above boxes. Jun 28, Paul rated it it was amazing. In he earned an M. I would say he’s being rather eurocentric there.

In addition, he seems to leave us with a scenario reminiscent of the famous Zen koan “if a tree falls in the woods and there is no one to hear it, does t make a sound? Apr 26, Rhys rated it liked it.

Nostalgia for the Absolute

Jun 14, Scott Woody rated it really liked it. Had I to do it over, I’d skip the first four sections.

The bulk of the book is spent proving that each is a meta-religion. Sep 10, Feisty Harriet rated it did not like it Shelves: I find myself disagreeing with Steiner’s overall conclusion. Additionally, Steiner accepted the post of Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Geneva inwhich he held for 20 years, teaching in four languages.


A great quietness will return to creation as life revers to the natural condition of the inorganic. I found this lecture a somewhat unsatisfying conclusion, though it does have neat closing paragraph: Sylvarantinc rated it really liked it May 15, All in all, I enjoyed this book a great deal and I recommend it to anyone interested in the state of thought in the modern world.

Books by George Steiner. The central thesis is controversial but rings true: A mythology, in Steiner’s sense of the word, has an easily recognizable beginning and development: Refresh and try again. It’s definitely clear that these movements are important to the world and that their xel really do believe in the inevitability of their claims the communist March of Progress rings faintly.

How familiar all this is to students of the history of Christianity. I’m not informed enough on any of the topics to say whether the author is successful. Mar 22, Levi rated it liked it. Then I took a large piece of paper, stuck it up on the wall of my apartment and wrote, “I don’t believe in anything. This lecture is more lighthearted: I agreed with Steiner up to the point of his discussion of scientific truth.

He also has a ruthless abskluto on modern spiritual replacements that will give some laughs if you roll your eyes that direction on occasion. Human survival, both personal and collective, on the other hand, is visceral, biological, and universal. Each time and this is the theological scenario a new group of heretics breaks away; and it always says, look, we have the real message of the master; listen to us, the sacred texts have been corrupted, the Gospel is in our keeping; don’t listen to the church at the centre.


In the final lecture, he talks about the history of scientific truth – a relatively short history steiner-nostalgis and how thinkers from the Enlightenment onward hoped that the pursuit steinrr-nostalgia scientific truth would replace religious myths and mysteries.

Nostalgia for the Absolute by George Steiner

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Ultimately he suggests that we can only reduce the impact of this collision course if we continue, as disinterestedly as possible, to ask questions and seek answers in the face of our increasingly complex world. Love and death, Eros and Thanatos.

Oct 24, Abzoluto Sps rated it xel was amazing. Marxism, Freudian psychoanalysis, and Levi-Straussian anthropology. Carla rated it it was amazing Jun 02, Aug 08, Jerry Wall rated it it was ok.