Geomatrix technology (Jago Pharma, Muttenz, Switzerland) can control release of one or more drugs from a tablet containing different drugs in different layers. Download/Embed scientific diagram | Geomatrix Technology: two-and three-layer systems. from publication: Development of Controlled Release Three-layered. Geomatrix is the smartest solution to grow your retail sales, available in 67 countries. We integrate best official data and technologies in a single platform.

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The swollen barrier layers gomatrix erosion as time goes on, thus increasing the surface area which ultimately allows more drug to be released. Iā€”A study of the swelling properties of coated tablet. The technology designs tablets with the ability to co-release multiple drugs with different release rates. Results also showed that the location of the polymers in the triple-layered tablets had a substantial effect on the release kinetics [ 91 ].

Danckwerts also studied the effectiveness of cup tablets of different depths for use in core-in-cup tablets and the optimal formulation in terms of drug release behavior. Recent pharmaceutical research has focused on controlled drug delivery having an advantage over conventional methods.

Geomatrix Technology – Oral Drug Delivery – Doctor Steve Abel

According to geometry of core, zero-order kinetics. Our competence lies in the experience and expertise of our highly empowered and motivated people, our proven competence in the state-of-the-art technologies and our satisfied customers. This type of delivery may be beneficial for preventing tolerance arising from the drug as well as in reducing the side-effects. A modified tablet punch was used to prepare the tablets whereby the punch formed an indentation in the centre of the drug surface layer.

Various Drug Release Profiles Achievable by Triple-Layered Tablets It has been shown that both immediate and sustained drug delivery can be obtained through a single triple-layered tablet [ 4 ].

Conclusions It has been elucidated that geometrically altered drug delivery systems, especially multilayered tablets, have provided various advantages to drug delivery technology. Zero-order release of micro and macromolecules from polymeric devices: Retention and distribution in human head and neck squamous cell carcinoma xenograft model.

Bimodal drug release may be advantageous in that the initial rapid release phase which is followed by a slow release phase is able to compensate for the slow absorption of drug from the stomach and small intestine. This research further confirms the useful flexibility of triple-layered tablets although the application is often limited to the release of one drug. Studies of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose donut-shaped tablets.

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The barrier layer modifies the swelling rate of the active core and reduces the surface area available for diffusion of drug [ 69 ā€” 70 ]. These geometric manipulations may also be employed to develop drug delivery systems for the treatment of specialized biological conditions where zero-order drug release is not optimal, for example chronotherapy for heart conditions [ 46 ] or the scheduled treatment of asthma and inflammation [ 47 ].

Press coating is a good technique for producing this type of time-dependent release.

Table 1 Tecynology of multi-layered tablets over conventional tablets Adapted from Namdeo [ 64 ]. Effect of drug solubility on polymer hydration and drug dissolution from polyethylene oxide PEO matrix tablets.

It is observed that there are great variations technolohy multilayered tablet technology proving flexibility which affords possibilities for positive research development. It was discovered that by increasing the weight of the barrier layers from 50 mg to mg it resulted in a more effective retardation of drug release, thus it was concluded that by manipulating the weight and thickness of the outer layers as shown in Table 2 a desirable drug release profile of individual drugs may be achieved, thus complementing their pharmacokinetic behavior [ 69 ].

It was concluded that the donut-shaped PEO tablets with an aperture were capable of providing zero-order drug release as the effect of surface area on tecgnology kinetics is reduced.

ChoonaraLisa C. Importance of drug type, tablet shape and added diluents on drug release kinetics from hydroxypropylmethylcellulose matrix tablets.

Oral Drug Delivery Systems Comprising Altered Geometric Configurations for Controlled Drug Delivery

It was also found that the drug release characteristics depended on the stirring rate and hole size [ 45 ]. Kinetic modeling on drug release from controlled drug delivery systems. Various according to arrangement of modules e. Figure 6 illustrates the dome matrix modules and examples of the possible assemblages that may be achieved.

A simple equation for the description of solute release: Preparation of monolithic osmotic pump system by coating the indented core tablet. Shape of core layer. Hydrophilic and hydrophobic polymers were employed and evaluated as the coating layers.

The model drug used in the study was nifedipine. Thus, various studies have been undertaken attempting to develop systems that tecjnology easily able to provide zero-order or near zero-order drug release [ tecynology ā€” 31 ].

The triple-layered tablet which is exemplified in Figure 3 consists of an active core which is a hydrophilic matrix layer and two polymeric barrier layers on either side technoloyy are hydrophobic or semi permeable [ 6667 ]. Donut-Shaped Devices for Technolgy Drug Delivery There are various publications dating rather far back that established that zero-order release kinetics could be achieved from a hemispherical device containing a hole [ 4245ā€” ].


The system was comprised of a swellable, asymmetric triple-layered tablet that was also floatable so as to increase the gastric retention time of the system.

Article | Geomatrix Technology: A Short Review | Inventi Journals

The technology proved to tedhnology potential benefits in terms of providing flexible drug release by increasing the amount of modules in an arrangement. Drug release behavior is not restricted to one type, this system may offer varied drug release kinetics of the same or different drugs such as extended and immediate release.

One of the principles involved in altering the geometry of tablets is to create a constant surface area for drug release to enable the achievement of zero-order kinetics [ 4243 ]. The results showed that the solubility of the drugs had an effect on release kinetics.

The triple layer provides an immediate release dose fraction, and a middle layer to regulate drug release from an extended release layer to prolong drug release and effect. Beomatrix J Mol Sci. The guar gum acted as a release retardant. The tablet was compressed by a punch using a needle.

A bilayered tablet for the delivery of propranolol hydrochloride was developed by Patra and co-workers. A novel approach for rate-controlled oral drug delivery. Controlled release offers prolonged delivery of drugs and maintenance of plasma levels within a therapeutic range [ 1011 ]. In the first type, the two barrier tevhnology were hydrophilic, in the second type, one of the barriers was hydrophobic while the other was hydrophilic and in the third type, the two barrier layers were both hydrophobic [ 65 ].

The use of polymers that possess mechanical or chemical characteristics to intrinsically alter the geometry, via modification of the diffusion path length, of matrices for controlled release may be an interesting perspective to study for future drug delivery research.

Royal Bank of Canada.