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As a resut, most of the bood ows through the ower resistance pathway, the ductus arteriosus into the aorta.


Behaviora risk factors Low materna prepregnancy weight, smoking, substance abuse, and short interpregnancy interva. Fauty diet rich in carbohydrates, increased phosphates and phytates make iron insoube absorption antacids, H2 bockers and proton pump inhibitors Disturbed metaboism Prepregnancy heath status starts pregnancy with anemia Excessive demand mutipe pregnancy Recurrent pregnancy 10 Eat right importance of correcting nutritiona deiciencies iron and vitamin D Tabe 4 – Food factors inuencing absorption Enhancers Inhibitors Ascorbic acid Oxaate in vegetabes Organic acids citrus Tannin in tea Sprouted and fermented food Phosphates in egg yok Meats and ishes Proteins.

Chest compressions are performed to suppement the mechanica abiity of the heart to maintain circuation ti the time myocardium is oxygenated to provide adequate function and deiver oxygen to the brain. After deivery, most hypothyroid women need the L-T4 dosage they received during pregnancy to be decreased to the preconception dosage.

Behaviora and cognitive defects. The focus of these meets and this Fogsi Focus is to deiver a heathy baby. Foysi of gastric reease system that improves iron absorption by proonging the period of iron prescription to the fohsi and reduce side effects. Vidya Fogzi Effect of endocrine disorders on the neonate Dr. Diabetic mothers are aso at an increased risk of hypertension in ate pregnancy. Am J ObstetGyneco ; There is itte information on vitamin D intake in pregnancy and actation.

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A neonatoogist s presence at the time of deivery is idea, more so if signiicant neonata morbidity is suspected. P reterm births are the most important singe determinant of adverse infant outcome, in terms of both surviva and quaity of ife.

Materna post prandia gucose eves and infant birth weight. Aso earn to express and store breast mik. The initiation of breastfeeding depends primariy on the attitudes and organisation of the Maternity Service but duration of breastfeeding depends on the attitudes of the mother, support from the famiy members and of course timey hep from the Mother Support Group. Pease ook at the images of NT in the report it shoud ook ike this. Methods of Chest Compressions Thumb method Sternum is depressed by 2 thumbs whie the chest is encirced by hands, and spine is supported by ingers Finger method In this method the tips of 2 ingers midde inger and index or ring inger are used to depress the sternum.

Ensure a warm deivery room which is draught free and has a room temperature of 25 degree Cesius or more.

Severe anemia As the materna Hb drops, feta hypoxia deveops, which eads to stimuation of feta erythropoiesis. A serum integrated test when NT measurement is unavaiabe.

More studies are required before routiney recommending ora anti-diabetic drugs during pregnancy. What is gestationa diabetes? Immediatey after deivery, they shoud return to prepregnancy dose. Increased demand for iodine 3.

Lack of information regarding the baanced diet. Invovement of the mother-inaw and the husband in this discussion heps. In the event baby does not show signs of improvement, check if PPV is effective; if the baby is not intubated then perform endotrachea intubation. However, treatments for any of these have not been deinitivey demonstrated to resut in a decreased risk of preterm birth.

Efforts to increase awareness of a heathy diet shoud be strengthened not ony throughout pregnancy but aso before. But imaging sciences may not aways pick up a chromosoma defect particuary T Excusive breastfeeding for at east 6 months of age.


This condition is suspected in women who present in weeks of gestation with sudden onset of severe nausea and vomiting and the thyroid tests are in the hyperthyroid range. Have a written breastfeeding poicy that is routiney communicated to a heath care staff and dispayed prominenty in a strategic positions.

Laboratory medicine practice guideines: Ensure efective ventiation, and reassess respiratory efort, heart rate every 30 secs oxygen saturations may be monitored continuousy if avaiabe. They may have a persistenty ow heart rate, and circuatory status often does not improve in response to effective ventiation, chest compressions, and epinephrine. Pregnancy and diabetes meitus. Current evidence suggests that cord camping shoud be deayed for at east seconds for most vigorous term and preterm newborns.

WHO fact sheet No. NIPS abs report a sensitivity rate of Evidence of mutisystem organ damage e. Through consistent mutisensory experiences, research shows that babies gain heathy deveopmenta beneit such as reduced stress in heathy and preterm infants2, 3 and better quaity and quantity of seep in heathy babies4, discharge in preterm infants.


Trace eements zinc, chromium, seenium The modern diet is deicient in foic acid because it is destroyed in cooking. Best Practices in High Risk Pregnancy.

Manua for Obstetrics and Gynaecoogy practitioners, edited by Dr. DNA from the fetus circuates in the mother s bood. Offer deivery at 37 weeks.

One has to decide what one wi do in one’s practice. At the end of focua norma transition, the neonate is breathing air and using his ungs for gas exchange. But this is above the cut off and an invasive test either CVS or Amniocentesis is indicated. Let us make a controversia statement here: Two chimpanzees gave birth in the zoo: