Product Specifications. • 9th edition approved UL • Capacity of up to 64 panels with zones of programming through software. • Powerful and versatile . FireNET FN/FN UL/FM approved. Expandable loop and connect to other panel. ANALOG ADDRESS FIRE CONTL PAN, Hochiki. Description: Analog Address Fire Contl Panel; Category: Addressable Panels, Fire Control Panels, Fire; UPC.

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Post Mon Feb 27, 5: Post Mon Feb 27, 6: Post Wed Mar 01, 7: Post Wed Mar 01, 1: Post Thu Mar 02, Post Thu Mar 02, 1: Post Sun Mar 05, 6: Post Sun Mar 05, 3: Post Sun Mar 19, 6: Post Sun Mar 19, 7: Post Mon Mar 20, 6: Post Mon Mar 20, Post here if you need help with something related to fire alarms. I am just stared learning the system. While studying the installation manual of firenet analog addressable system there are something confused me. What is the principle of Supervised Output Module?

Why SOM is used? Please explain your expert opinions. I know lots of experts are here. Depends on a lot of variables, including the wire gauge, wire length, and current draw of each device as well as the limitations of each NAC and combined NAC’s.

In other words, there is no hard set limit. Yes, this would be the SOM. Again, the amount of devices depends on the device’s rating, wire gauge, current draw of each device, etc Very rarely will you find configurations with more than this.

If you used a normal relay to switch power on and off to these devices, then you would have no way to monitor the circuit, which is why the SOM exists. Can you please explain why we use SOM? Only to supervise notification devices? Can i directly connect fn-227 base in a SLC loop?

I am very beginner in fire detection system. If i use a automatic Sprinklers system then the basic is if there is a fire then detectors detects and send a signal to control panel that there is a fire, then control panel send a signal to notification devices to alarm. Then there should be a module to control Sprinklers system and a signal should be sent to that module from a control panel to activate the Sprinklers.


Am i right or wrong please explain. I have some more basic questions. I am just studying the installation manual. I don’t have any practical experience. That’s why i am confused. In the control panel there is 4 NAC connection points. That means i 4 loop of NAC devices? For manual call point placement inside SLC loop what control module is used? As it says in the manual about the SOM: The SOM provides a supervised 24VDC polarity reversing output on the Yochiki loop most hochikl used for audible and visual signaling appliances or triggering a remote notification appliance circuit power expander.

They can be installed remotely in the building so wire distance and voltage drop issues are reduced. Keep in mind the power available for NACs is limited. Each panel NAC is rated for up to 2.

The current used by each NAC has to be added up and cannot exceed 4 amps total. That means 4 NACs at 1 amp each. One NAC at 1. Any power consumed by devices connected to a SOM powered by the panel is also part of that 4 amps. According to the manual I downloaded there is an addressable manual station.

I do not know if it is acceptable on your particular job site. To use a standard contact type call point there is a selection of modules shown in the manual. Which devices should connect with this module?

Suppose i am using 4 SOM in a building.


From the Firenet installation manual: These outputs may be used for a variety of purposes including door holders, elevator recall, and other fire safety functions. Sorry but I cannot give an exact answer to such a generic question. This has to be decided by knowing what is connected to each SOM, how much current is being used, and if that is in hochoki capability of the power supply.

  5WG1 567-1AB22 PDF

With 4 amp current we can only connect a few horn strobe. I know that if I use som module then I can conncet many horn within a panel. But I dont want to use som also Fn-212 want to install many horn within a panel which will work automatically.

Trung tâm hệ thống báo cháy HOCHIKI địa chỉ FN

So my above think is right or wrong? Can you give me a diagram of your suggestion? NAC only can supply 4 amp only. You cannot just throw some relays and generic power supplies in the circuit. That is not legal and could put you and your employer in jeopardy. These are a separate box with a power supply, battery charger, batteries, and NACs. They can be installed by the main panel or remotely in the building as needed. The ones made by Hochiki are controlled and supervised by a NAC from the main panel.

Because the NAC extender has its own power supply it does not draw power from the main panel. I know this is illegal. Also i know that will not supervised.


fn2-127 But what i posted will it work or not? I don’t know i am right or wrong. But As far i know that when detectors detects then it passes a signal towards the hocchiki and after a mentioned time panel pass a signal to NAC and NAC will generate power through the notification devices and alarm generate. As NAC generate hocuiki, if i use this power to operate a relay which is already connected with external power supply. Then the horns connected with the power supply get power from this external power supply when the relay gets power from NAC.

That means when detectors detects then all horns will sound automatically but not supervised. Will this connection work? Thanks for your reply. User Control Panel Profile Logout.