Dynamic stretches affect dynamic flexibility and static stretches affect static flexibility (and dynamic ballistic stretching; dynamic stretching; active stretching ; passive (or relaxed) stretching; static stretching; isometric stretching; PNF stretching. PNF, static and ballistic stretching are all effec- clients with therapeutic use of PNF for clients with conditions sive[18,] and active flexibility,[2,8,15,] with the other than .. neuromuscular facilitation stretch techniques on trained and. Sady SP, Wortman M, Blanke D: Flexibility training: ballistic, static or proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation? Arch Phys Med Rehabil, –,

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The conclusions of this research are limited to stretching procedures which use PNF and the frequency of series mentioned in the study, namely, one, three and six stretching series.

Descriptive statistics was used to analyze the following data: The volunteers could not be athletes or be under a stretching program of the thigh posterior musculature. The initial recommended procedure for PNF stretching is to perform the desired PNF technique times propriocetpive a given muscle facilitatjon resting 20 seconds between each repetition.

Stretching protocol The maneuvers and the verbal commands were previously standardized between the two researchers responsible for the stretching protocol. J Appl Sport Sci Res.

Flexibility training: ballistic, static or proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation?

The effectiveness of 3 stretching techniques on hamstring flexibility using consistent stretching parameters. Passive extensibility of skeletal muscle: Kurz strongly recommends preceding any isometric stretch of a muscle with dynamic strength training for the muscle to be stretched. The different types of stretching are: In some studies, the stretching immediate effect may be explained by the viscoelastic characteristics of the muscular components and by the short- term alterations in the muscular extensibility Thus, even with a significant loss of the stretching immediate effect, the MAB increases every day of the protocol.


Chronic and acute flexibility of men and women using three different stretching techniques. The quantity of maneuvers to which each volunteers was submitted was previously defined. Characterization of the passive responses of live skeletal muscle using the quasi-linear theory of viscoelasticity. J Strength Cond Res.

Static Stretching Isometric Stretching: However, massive research has used different stretching frequencies with PNF per session. Tixotrophy is the property of a tissue to become more liquid after movement and return to stiffness, gel state with relaxation Q J Exp Physiol. As explained previously see section How Isometric Stretching Worksit helps to train the stretch receptors of the muscle spindle to immediately accommodate a greater muscle length.

The results of the present study reveal that as expected, there was significant increase sttic flexibility of the hamstrings in all stretching with PNF groups after ten sessions, while the control group did not obtain flexibility increase.

When the isometric contraction is completed, the contracting fibers return to their resting length nallistic the stretched fibers would remember their stretched length and for a period of time retain the ability to elongate past their previous limit.

This enables the entire muscle to stretch beyonds its initial maximum and results in increased flexibility.


Tendon problems in athletic individuals. Similarly, when a muscle is stretched, some of the fibers are elongated and some remain at rest see section What Happens When You Stretch.

The understanding of this knowledge gap may help in the more suitable prescription of the optimum time of interval between stretching sessions with PNF. The results showed that there proprkoceptive no difference in relation to delayed gains when one, three or six stretching maneuvers were used with the hold-relax technique on hamstring muscles.

The free arm was adjusted having as basis the lateral malleoli of the right leg. Even professionals should not attempt these techniques without the guidance of a professional coach or training advisor.


Impact of prior exercise on hamstring flexibility: Therefore, such continuous increase of MAB implied in a total gain higher at each stretching session until it became significant.

Nonetheless, none of them have related frequency and stretching techniques which involve active muscular inhibition. Furthermore, as with isometric stretching, PNF stretching is very strenuous and should be performed for a given muscle group no more than once per day ideally, no more than once per 36 hour period. Barcelona SpainJune, Ballistkc example, bringing your leg up high and then holding it there without anything other than your leg muscles themselves to keep the leg in that extended position.

However, some parameters such as frequency have not been studied when proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation PNF techniques are fxcilitation.

Skeletal muscle and function. A universal goniometer was attached to the steady and mobile axes of the board in order flexubility measure the extensor knee angle.

In other words, after 10 sessions, the flexibility gain was equal among the experimental groups, regardless the number of series variable table 2. Next, tense the stretched muscle for seconds resisting against some force that will not move, like the floor or a partner. A biomechanical evaluation of cyclic and static stretch in human skeletal muscle. Factors as the predominance of muscular fiber type, fibers disposition, tendon structure and muscular function may influence in a different reaction of the musculotendinous unit for stretching.

Active Stretching Passive Stretching: The subject was placed on the board and three maximal active extensions of the right knee were required.