: Evelina Or The History Of A Young Lady’s Entrance Into The World Fanny Burney’s debut novel, it was a best-selling book and quickly gained. Evelina: Or The History of A Young Lady’s Entrance into the World By Fanny Burney, London: T. Lowndes, Reprinted New York: W. W. Norton. Jul 1, Evelina, Or, the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World by Fanny Burney. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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Overpowered by all that had passed, I had not strength to make my mortifying explanation; — my spirits quite failed me, and I burst into tears.

In all the Arts, the value of copies can only be proportioned to the scarcity of originals: He told me he was happy in being honoured with my commands, and would joyfully execute them; but insisted upon first conducting me to a warm room, as I had not wholly escaped being wet.

Though this is supposed to make her character…genteel? We begged her to inform us how this accident happened. There’s not a whole lot of unity to the tale, and there are plenty of scenes that Burney includes for no reason other than that they’re funny and or mortifying e. The two lovers—the naive Evelina and the elegant Lord Orville—exhibit sentiment and good sense even in the midst of misunderstandings in a way that looks forward to Austen, and the misunderstandings themselves are both credible an This is a very good 18th century epistolary novel.

Evelina, Or, the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World by Fanny Burney – Free Ebook

Frog, you’d best hold your tongue; for I must make bold to tell you, if you don’t, that I shall make no ceremony of tripping you out of the window, and there you may lie in the mud till some of your Monseers come to help you out of it. Burney published Evelina anonymously at the age of twenty-six, inalthough she was rapidly identified as the author.

When we stopt at her lodgings, she desired me to accompany her into the house, and said she could easily procure a room for me to sleep in. We passed a most extraordinary evening. I can’t think what they wear them for.

I fancy they were originally worn by some young and whimsical coquette. Burmey know the difference between a barouche, a phaeton, and a curricle, and that a lady would never stand up and leave a conversation, and that men knew classical languages and women, only modern.


I am, with all love and duty, your.

Evelina, Or, the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World by Fanny Burney

Mirvan pointed out the Palace to me — I think I was never much more surprised. Indeed, we did not go — you will be frightened to hear it — till past eleven o’clock: However, pray don’t suppose that I make any point of going, for I shall hardly sigh, to see them depart without me, though I shall probably never meet with such another opportunity.

Indeed, the rest of his speech convinces me that such was his intention; with what view I know not, except to make a merit of his defending me. The restrained satirical mood, the equally restrained romance, the intense social critique, the essential dialogues, the beautiful and intelligent female look are the main elements that characterize it and gave rise to its adoption and further development.

Return to Book Page. He deserves not that you should wait for him. And, at the auction in Pall-mall, who should they meet but Lord Orville. Monsieur Du Bois made a profound bow. He did not regard my objections; but made me follow him to an apartment, where we found an excellent fire, and some company waiting for carriages. Polly has been passing her own daughter off as that of Sir John and Caroline for the past 18 years, hoping to secure a better future for her.

There’s not a whole lot of unity to the tale, and there are plenty of scenes that Bu I’ll admit that reading 18th century fiction is sometimes harder than I’d like it to be. Even the well-intended in this story fall short of offering the assistance Evelina needs to navigate this world of pot-holes.

The origin of the novel makes a good story. Mirvan with a good humoured smile”I will even treat you with your own plainness, and try what effect that will have on you: The “infinitely lovely” Evelina spends most of her time getting into awkward social situations she lacks the strength to disengage from, and then fainting about it; especially in the first half, it’s little more than one excruciatingly uncomfortable, lengthy interaction after another. Branghton, who is her nephew, and three of his children, the eldest of which is a son, and the two younger are daughters.


I wish the Captain would come. Sir Clement Willoughby doesn’t know the meaning of no, always trying to make Evelina do things not in her nature Jan 29, Shala Howell rated it liked it. Grandmother and the captain spark hurney, more like a forest fire, when they meet in the city.

I expected it not from him; — but gallantry, Bunrey believe, is common to all men, whatever other qualities they may have in particular. This, she said, was a plan she had formed from the instant she had heard of my birth; which, she protested, did not reach her ears till I must have evelinx twelve years of age; but Monsieur Duval, who she declared was the worst husband in the world, would not permit her to do any thing she wished: A longer version of this review is available on my book blog, Bostonwriters.

This ceremony over, the young ladies begun, very freely, to examine my dress, and to evelinx me concerning it. Mirvan, and begged of her to make my apologies; for what, thought I, can I possibly say to him in excuse for running away?

I almost wished to have jumped on the stage and joined them. Mirvan astonished, — he suddenly seized my hand, saying, “Think, my Lord, what must be my reluctance to resign this fair hand to your Lordship! Here, I found it constricting in many ways I have just had my hair dressed. I appreciated the story.

Mirvan’s carriage, though not before Madame Duval evflina insisted upon our making room for Monsieur Du Bois, to which the Captain only consented in preference to being incommoded by him in Sir Clement’s chariot. But these dear ladies are so pressing — I cannot, for my life, resist wishing for the pleasures they offer me, egelina provided you do not disapprove them.

Refresh and try again. Aug 05, Issicratea rated it really liked it Shelves: The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. Our party drove off first. Sono troppo, troppo perfetti, anche per un romanzo: Once Evelina found her footing a little more, another source of embarrassment was added by the addition of her grandmother Madam Duval and her very vulgar cousins.