Onicomicosis: resultados preliminares del tratamiento clinicoquirúrgico en un e testes preliminares em olho artificial, calibrado com diferentes ametropias, i. e. . o sensor de Castro (SC e o sensor HS na sua forma cilíndrica e cartesiana. Hubo complicaciones en dos de los casos, uno de ellos una ptosis leve ametropización cilíndrica en comparación con la población control. Le acaban de hacer el examen de la vista y el optometrista o el oftalmólogo le ha dado una receta o prescripción para las gafas. Probablemente le dijo que era.

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Cuestionario de rasgos de personalidad obsesiva CRPO: Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Abstract The perceived self-efficacy is considered as an important concept in many areas of the behavior, especially in teaching performance and stress. The results concerning item analysis, reliability and internal structure support the psychometric integrity of this instrument in both samples.

These results also suggest cross-cultural comparability cilijdricas the constructs assessed. Given the importance of perceived self-efficacy and stress intervention amongst teachers, this instrument provides a reliable and structurally valid system for measuring these factors. Full Text Available Objetivos: We collected 35 samples of hair following the recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

For dosing mercury contents in these samples we used the method of atomic absorption through the technique of cold steam.

In the group of prospectors of Cachoeiro the mercury contents found varied with an amplitude of 1.

fecal resultados preliminares: Topics by

These results show the high risk of exposition to which the population of prospectors in subjected. We hipothezed that other social groups in this area, e. Full Text Available El objeto de este trabajo fue determinar los requerimientos de agua por el cacaotero. Perfil cognitivo de pacientes con trastorno obsesivo compulsivo: The article presents preliminary findings from a doctoral thesis framework ametroias the cognitive profile of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD patients.

The comparisons showed that CC group cilindficas signifi- cantly lower scores than both AC and CC groups in all variables evaluated. The OCD group had significantly higher scores than AC in importance and control of intrusive thoughts, responsibility for harm, overestimation of threat, and in moral and likelihood for events happening to other people components of thought-action fusion TAF beliefs.

There were not statistically differences between OCD and AC groups in perfectionism and need for certainty, and in likelihood for events happening to oneself component of TAF beliefs.

Therefore, these later beliefs could. Estudio descriptivo de una serie de casos. Parejas con tratamiento de infertilidad. Resultados preliminares Alcoholism in women: To present preliminary results of a qualitative study carried out with women with alcohol use disorders, to assess the peculiarities of alcoholism in women, and to point out its meanings in specialized services.

Semi-structured interviews were carried out with nine women at an alcohol abuse disorders clinic in a public psychiatric center. Some peculiar behaviors were observed such as domestic violence and a better adherence to treatment during their participation in a supportive group with other women. The study pointed out the relevance of trying to understand alcoholism in women with all its peculiarities and the possible impact of this understanding in future interventions.

Os pacientes foram avaliados de forma prospectiva quanto aos seguintes aspectos: To describe a new orbital implant, with an original shape, the surgical technique adapted for its implantation cilindrlcas preliminary results. The authors describe the surgical technique performed lax 22 patients, either as primary or secondary implants. The patients were evaluated in a prospective way to cosmesis degree of upper lid sulcus and enophthalmos, implant mobility, volume and centralization.

Follow-up ranged from 3 to 15 months average 1 year. A good cosmetic result without cases of severe upper lid sulcus or enophthalmos and a good prosthesis mobility were observed. There was no implant infection, migration or extrusion.


We conclude that the clinical results with the new implant can be compared to the usual coupled ones, but a multicentric study, with longer follow-up is necessary, for a better evaluation of its potential complications. Para ello, se analizan los mecanismos de lectura desarrollados por dos grupos de alumnos sordos, con y sin implante coclear, a lo largo de la escolaridad obligatoria; tomando como referencia un grupo de alumnos oyentes de la misma edad. The first aim of the present paper is to show a preliminary findings about the repercussion of cochlear implant in reading acquisition in deaf children.

For this, reading strategies were analyzed in two groups of deaf children, with and without cochlear implants, during compulsory schooling. Their performance was compared with that hearing children of the same chronological age. The findings suggest that there are differences in reading strategies in funtion of the use of cochlear implants. The children who had received a cochlear implantation can use semantic and sintactic strategies in reading sentences, and they can use orthografical and phonological codes; whereas deaf children without cochlear implant use more semantic strategies in reading sentences and orthografical codes.

Implications of these results for educational practice are being discussed. Full Text Available Objetivo. Foram encontrados ossos humanos esparsos, alguns queimados, nas primeiras camadas. Attention is drawn to the economic importance of triploidy in Citrus. Preliminary results are then presented of an experiment to produce polyploids through the treatment of seeds with colchicine.

Germination was not influenced by these treatments. Chromosome counts in root tips and the mensurement of stomata area gave the following results: Preliminary results of the evaluation of the Wind power resource in several sites of the state of Zacatecas; Resultados preliminares de la evaluacion del recurso eolico en varios sitios del estado de Zacatecas. The present article shows the preliminary results of the analysis of wind power monitoring of fifteen agro-climatic stations 3 m high, of Instituto Nacional de Investigationes Forestales, Agricolas y Pecuarias of Zacatecas state.

These results will allow selecting the best sites for the collection of wind power generators of medium and low scale for the possible development of wind farms in rural zones not connected to the national power network. Estos resultados permitiran seleccionar los mejores sitios para la coleccion de aerogeneradores de mediana y baja escala para el posible desarrollo de granjas eolicas en zonas rurales desconectadas de la red electrica nacional.

We developed a digital system with accommodation capacities for measurement of the diameter and shape of the in vivo pupil for 10 different levels of illumination intensity, varying from mesopic to photopic. An optical system for conjugating images from an infrared and white light illuminated pupil was designed and mounted using an. Estos resultados sugieren que ambos cultivos se diferenciaron a CMM.

To analyze the early response of uveal melanomas in patients treated with ruthenium brachytherapy. In the period between April and July20 patients diagnosed with uveal melanoma were submitted to ruthenium brachytherapy. The calculated dose delivered at the apex of the tumor ranged between 55 Gy and Gy. Patients with lesions greater than 5 mm were submitted to transpupillary thermotherapy concomitantly with ophthalmic plaque insertion.

Los indicadores de consistencia interna y repetibilidad fueron excelentes. Se encontraron buenos resultados en 82 pacientes, regulares en 10, y malos en 8. Foram observados dois casos de A.

Nenhuma amostra foi positiva para T. Full Text Available Fundamento: Participaron 18 hospitales con un total de 1. Stapedotomies are perfomed with the aid of surgical microscopes.

¿Cómo leer la prescripción (o receta) de sus gafas?

However, the microscope has some limitations and may cause complications such as damage to the chorda tympani nerve. There are just a few cases and no series published on the use of sino-nasal endoscopes in stapedotomies.


Seizures happen for brief periods of time, but the feelings of anxiety and helplessness, adaptation to the restrictions impose by the life-style and variety of other problems affect more the quality of life in epilepsy. This study proposes a protocol that regards the objectives of a quality of life assessment in health and is applied to a population that attends a university hospital.

It contains 65 items and assesses the psychosocial performance, physical limitation, cognitive aspects, perception of control, self-concept, as well as perception of health and quality of life.

The results of reliability and validity are discussed. Data crossing was carried out including sub-tests of comprehension related to: Resultados preliminares do uso de anti-hiperglicemiantes orais no diabete melito gestacional Preliminary results of the use of oral hypoglycemic drugs on gestational diabetes mellitus. The effects of nitrogen and potash when applied once or in several parcels to potatoes was compared in a series of experiments carried out in a soil of the glacial type.

Nitrogen was applied as Chilean nitrate and potash, as potassium chloride. One, 2, 3, and 4 applications of the two fertilizers were compared in 3 separate experiments each. Results of the tests indicated that there was a small gain in yield when nitrogen was applied 3 or.

The increase in yield was substantially greater in one experiment that received heavy rains. Parcelling out the potash did not induce any increase in yield when compared with a single application. No definite difference in the size or type of tubers was noticed between the lots that received the various fertilizer treatments.

BiobadaBrasil implementation process and preliminary results. Durante dez meses, dados de 1. The present study aimed at describing the implementation process of a national registry in a developing country Brazil and at reporting the main preliminary results of the BiobadaBrasil registry. During the first two years of this. To evaluate the preliminary results of a technique using temporary epiphysiodesis plates using a Sherman plate in the treatment of disorders and deformities of the lower limbs.

We retrospectively reviewed 27 patients who underwent temporary epiphysiodesis of the distal femur or proximal tibia with Sherman plates, comprising 28 procedures. The mean age at surgery was Nuestra experiencia a corto plazo ha sido satisfactoria. Circumferencial mucosectomy with autosuture stapler described by Longo as a technique for treating grade III and IV hemorrhoids have extended in the last years.

The objective of the present study was to analyze the preliminary results obtained with this technique. Full Text Available Tentou-se acompanhar a morbi-mortalidade e o crescimento de uma coorte de 6. A cohort of 6, urban children born in in the hospitals of Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, was followed up so that their morbidity, mortality and growth could be assessed. The methodology and main difficulties encountered are discussed, and the characteristics at birth of children who were located at the first follow-up visit was compared to those of children lost to.

Sugere-se que novos estudos sejam conduzidos com base no instrumento desenvolvido, tendo em vista contribuir para o seu refinamento.

El instrumento es compuesto por una entrevista con 24 cuestiones relativas a cuatro emociones: La concordancia entre ellos fue buena. Comparison between digital subtraction angiography and magnetic resonance angiography in investigation of nonlacunar ischemic stroke in young patients: We preliminarily investigated the relevance of performing digital subtraction angiography DSA in addition to magnetic resonance angiography MRA in definition of ischemic stroke etiology in young patients.

DSAs and MRAs from 17 young patients with nonlacunar ischemic stroke were blindly analyzed and their impact on stroke etillogia was evaluated.