Reception history, tradition and biblical interpretation: Gadamer and Jauss in current Estetica ed ermeneutica dell’alterità in Hans Robert Jauss by Antonio De. Reception theory is a version of reader response literary theory that emphasizes each In literary studies, reception theory originated from the work of Hans- Robert Jauss in the late s, and the most influential work was produced during the. View Jauss Hans Robert Research Papers on for free. Il contributo dell’estetica della ricezione di H.R. Jauss a una teoria interdisciplinare del.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Studi di letteratura, linguistica e traduttologia. Jauss annuncia una nuova prospettiva, che si ottiene spostando l’attenzione dalla sintesi di tipo sincronico ad un approccio analitico e comparativo di tipo diacronico. In jjauss mia trattazione propongo un approccio teorico che va dalla visione di H.

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The preliminary materials – table of contents and introductory materials – for the festschrift I received in A special issue entitled “Formations of the Semitic: Il contributo dell’estetica della ricezione di Recwpcion. Jauss a una teoria interdisciplinare del comprendere. This book attempts to reconsider fundamental narrative theoretical and hermeneutical correspondances by drawing conclusions from the difficulty of capturing the event concept.


This attempt finally leads to such a concept which interprets the event as episode fluctuation.

Jauss Hans Robert

This could pave the way for further basic correspondences, especially for the reinterpretation of the correlation of the time and the sign. Namely, during the course of the theoretical definability of the event concept the reinterpretation chance of the correlation of the signified and the signifier rises.

As a result of this the peculiar dual character of the sign as such reveals itself. Erich Auerbach und Ernst Robert Curtius: Pickerodt, Analecta Romanica, 58, Frankfurt, Klostermann,pp.

estetiac The publisher, Klostermann, requested that I delete the pdf-file of the original published version, but permitted me to post the manuscript of the article, for which, I hasten to add, I have never received the least financial remuneration from the publisher, though they forbid the reproduction of the published version in electronic form German law is stuck in the 19th century in this regard. The pagination of the published article has been included in brackets, but this estefica has corrected typos and added a few additional bibliographical references, particularly with reference to the latest discussion of Hans-Robert Jauss.

Edited by Katharine J. Eine Positionierung zwischen Jauss und Kant. This article seeks to formulate a theory of aesthetic experience, which includes a historical dimension.


Reception theory – Wikipedia

It first takes some historical examples of aesthetic experience and looks for similarities amongst them. It then presents a personal It then presents a personal reading of Jauss’s theory of aesthetic experience, which, though historicist, presents a general or universal structure.

The article aims to demonstrate that Jauss’s theory is highly productive for the purpose of the current argument, but offers no satisfying solution to the problem of intersubjectivity. To solve ds problem, the author turns to a recent reading of Kantian aesthetics, providing a complement to a general theory of aesthetic experience, which includes a non-relativistic factor of historicity. Actes du colloque de Mulhouse et Thann des 29, 30 et 31 janvier Las representaciones de la Berma: Ads help cover our server costs.

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