Stream Nox Aurumque by ericwhitacre from desktop or your mobile device. Lyrics to ‘Nox Aurumque’ by Eric Whitacre: Gold, Tarnished and dark, Singing of night, Singing of death, Singing itself to sleep. And an angel dreams of. Lyrics for Nox Aurumque (Night and Gold) by Eric Whitacre. Aurum, (Gold) Infuscatum noctis, (Tarnished and dark) Canens noctis, (Singing of.

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The cello plays the theme as underscore: It was published by Walton Music in Some years later, he decided to write a companion piece and apparently went even further into sonic determinism. Nox Aurumque Night and Gold is the piece that just received its premiere in Minneapolis last month. The cello plays the theme as underscore:. Though both pieces begin with a meditation on the first Latin word, Nox aurumque begins on the earthly word “gold,” and its chords are more tinged with dissonance.

Whitacre had taken a tiny fragment of Christmas poetry that spoke of the quality of light that accompanied the angels as they sang to the newborn Christ child. Archived from the original on 12 May The composer writes in the printed score: Gold, Tarnished and weary, Awaken!

Nox Aurumque, for chorus

And the Latin had to be correct—it had to conform to the rules of Latin grammar—to satisfy my need as a scholar. Aurum, Canens alarum, Canens umbrarum.


Aurum, Infuscatum et obscurum, Canens noctis, Canens mortis, Acquiescens canendo…. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Gold, Singing of wings, Singing of shadows.

Eric Whitacre – Nox Aurumque Lyrics

This page was last edited on 17 Novemberat A second section begins with the same word “aurum” goldwith the change from “tarnished and dark” for the dream to “tarnished and weary” for after the war; Whitacre sets the prayers for the golden weapons to melt into wings again with characteristically fluid harmonies and textures ruled by the upper sopranos as had been many moments in Lux aurumque. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The version for mixed choir is part of Whitacre’s project Virtual Choir.

The choral version became known through Whitacre’s project Virtual Choir in He asked his poet friend Anthony Silvestri, however, first to translate the English poetic text into sounds of Latin and wrote music for that Latin version and its “purer” vowels.

Lux Aurumque by Eric Whitacre The composer conducting, in Sexy Trippy All Moods. Tears of the ages.

Nox Aurumque – Blog – Eric Whitacre

Latin affected the English, and English affected Latin, in a tug of war between meaning and grammar. Gold, Tarnished and dark, Singing of night, Singing of death, Singing itself to sleep.

whitacrre The Text Aurum, Infuscatum et obscurum, Canens noctis, Canens mortis, Acquiescens canendo… Et angelum somnit aurorarum et bellorum, Saeculorum aurorum fundit lacrimas, Lacrimas rerum bellorum. You are too heavy to carry, Too heavy for flight. Any text I composed had to fit within the parameters of that structure.


Views Read Edit View history. Whitacre came to his poet this time with not just an English text to render in Latin, but with an aesthetic and emotional concept — complete erlc musical phrases already written — and asked Silvestri to write an original Latin poem to embody them.

Nox Aurumque, Eric Whitacre Choral – Hal Leonard Online

Gold, Singing whitacrf wings, Singing of shadows. Gestu graves nimium, Graves nimium volatu. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Silvestri took on the challenge with all good graces, though in his own words he begs forgiveness for the number of times he deviates from solid Ciceronian grammar into quasi-medieval usage in order to follow the dictates of Whitacre ‘s most-favored vowels and already-composed melodies and syllabic counts.

Choral Music by Eric Whitacre. Zurumque ex armis in alam! Retrieved 24 November Introspection Late Night Partying. A performance takes about four minutes. Gold, Tarnished and dark, Singing of night, Singing of death, Singing itself to sleep.