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Only in this way does it continue to be a truly human hope.

This perspective is illuminated in a striking way by the relationship between the Persons of the Trinity within the one divine Substance.

Integral human development presupposes the responsible freedom of the individual and of peoples: Who would not feel the need to convey to their departed loved ones a sign of kindness, a gesture of gratitude or even a request for pardon? The great challenge before us, accentuated by the problems of development in this global era and made even more urgent by the economic and financial crisis, is to demonstrate, in thinking and behaviour, not only that traditional principles of social ethics like transparency, honesty and responsibility cannot be ignored or attenuated, but also that in commercial relationships the principle of gratuitousness and the logic of gift as an expression of fraternity can and must find their place within normal economic activity.

They are concerned only with their rights, and they often have great difficulty in taking responsibility for their own and other people’s integral development. Charity is love received and given. To continue living for ever —endlessly—appears more like a curse than a gift.

Gratuitousness is present in our lives in many different forms, which often go unrecognized because of a purely consumerist and utilitarian view of life. The technical forces in play, the global interrelations, the damaging effects on the real economy of badly managed and largely speculative financial dealing, large-scale migration of peoples, often provoked by some particular circumstance and then given insufficient attention, the unregulated exploitation of the earth’s resources: A world which has to create its own justice is a world without hope.

Spe salvi (November 30, ) | BENEDICT XVI

What makes it good? Once the role of public authorities has been more clearly defined, one could foresee an increase in the new forms of political participation, nationally and internationally, that have come about through the activity of organizations operating in civil society; in this way it is to be hoped that the citizens’ interest and participation in the res publica will become more deeply rooted.


Freedom presupposes that in fundamental decisions, every person and every generation is a new beginning. The Church has a responsibility towards creation and she must assert this responsibility in the public sphere.

The global market has stimulated first and foremost, on the part of rich countries, a search for areas in which to outsource production at low cost with a view to reducing the prices of many goods, increasing purchasing power and thus accelerating the rate of development in terms of greater availability of consumer goods for the domestic market. This early Jewish idea of an intermediate state includes the view that these souls are not simply in a sort of temporary custody but, as the parable of the rich man illustrates, are already being punished or are experiencing a provisional form of bliss.

Moreover, inafter the events ofhe asked that, in view of the ending of the blocs, there should be a comprehensive new plan for development, not only in those countries, but also in the West and in those parts of the world encyolika were in the process of evolving [58]. Even if external structures remained unaltered, this changed society from within.

Without the perspective of eternal life, human progress in this world is denied breathing-space. Nevertheless, without the guidance of charity in truth, this global force could cause unprecedented damage and create new divisions within the human family.

Above all it has become apparent that this may be a hope for a future generation, but not for me.

ecyklika Perhaps at one time it was conceivable that first the creation of wealth could be entrusted to the economy, and then the task of distributing it could be assigned to politics. This is a emcyklika that cannot be undertaken by the social sciences alone, insofar as the contribution of disciplines such as metaphysics and theology is needed if man’s transcendent dignity is to be properly understood.

Maybe we should consider whether it might be judicious to revive this practice ourselves.



Nature, especially in our time, is so integrated into the dynamics of society and culture that by spee it hardly constitutes an independent variable. Likewise the truth of ourselves, of our personal conscience, is first of all given to us. Such a way of thinking and acting compromises the authority of international bodies, especially in the eyes of those countries most in need of development.

Both concepts therefore contain a revolutionary potential of enormous explosive force. The different aspects of the crisis, its solutions, and any new development that the future may bring, are increasingly interconnected, they imply one another, they require new efforts of holistic understanding and a new humanistic synthesis.

There the shepherd was generally an expression of the dream of a tranquil and simple life, for which the people, amid the confusion of the big cities, felt a certain longing. The prison here is encykliika true image of everlasting Hell: Man can never be redeemed simply from outside.

Her er pave Frans’ første encyklika — Den katolske kirke

It is not science that redeems man: For this too we need witnesses—martyrs—who have given themselves totally, so as to show us the way—day after day. The sharing of goods and resources, from which authentic development proceeds, is pse guaranteed by merely technical progress and relationships of utility, but by the potential of love that overcomes evil with good cf.

Both these things—justice and grace—must be seen in their correct inner relationship. Through the systemic increase of social inequality, both within a single country and between the populations of different countries i. Nature expresses a design of love and truth. Otherwise, if the only basis of human rights is to be found in the deliberations of an assembly of citizens, those rights can be changed at any time, and savi the duty to respect and pursue them fades from the common salci.

Indeed, we must do all we can to overcome suffering, but to banish it from the world altogether is not in our power.