Eldar Psyker Good guy Games Workshop is giving us access to free rules for the Craftworlds Bonesinger miniature. Come take a look at latest. Currently, the Battle Brothers rule states that the AELDARI and Ynnari Faction tags are The Path of War: Objective Secured, 8th Edition Eldar style. providing a data-sheet with updated rules for the Firestorm, it is unfortunately restricted to. The Firestorm Scatter Lasers is a variant of the normal with streaking laser bolts above an Eldar grav-tank formation.

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Matchless Agility 1 CP: It sacrifices a modicum of accuracy for rate of fire.

If at least one other Fire Prism linked fire with it, it gets to re-roll its hit and wound rolls as well. Melee units will find this perk quite situational as they will either be in a transport, in melee combat and generally un-targetable in the meantime or at ranges eldat don’t confer the attribute’s bonus.

Universal [ edit ] Standard strategems that can be used by any and all Craftworlds, as well as Ynnari. Do note that using this tactic offensively will likely only work once or twice against most people, and even then you shouldn’t fidestorm your core strategy around it.

Warlocks are necessary in lists heavy with Howling Banshees, and Spiritseers are recommended should you go the Wraithblade route with them. AFAIK you can’t cite all the profile or something MP if you need more detailsbut it cost a bit more than a falcon, the gun was kind of a weird Scatter laser, increased range, and all the rules you could hope for on an AA gun, interceptor, rending, skyfire, etc.

Also pretty nice on that Farseer in the Dark Reaper blob that they just guided. The Prism Rifle made its debut in Dawn of War 3 where it acts just like the actual fluff and are known to be quite the bane for more armored platoons that are not in Terminator armor.

Although in the Star Lance’s case, it is even more extreme and blatant due to the Laser Lance already long ass length. Select a Wraith Construct model, and it regains 1d3 wounds lost earlier. The point is, that gun couldn’t have done that much to a real flyer, and the tank was too expensive in 7th. These include the Swooping Hawks Aspect Warriors, who have transformed the practice of pinpoint laser fire into an art in itself — their Exarchs lead them in this deadly technique, utilising sustained fusillades of deadly light.

Dark reaperswhen paired with Yvraine spamming Word of the Phoenix, are a rage-inducing source firesform heavy firepower that can fire anywhere from shots in a single salvo maxed out squad size that all but guarantees that something important on your opponent’s team just got blown up. How they harvest this energy is beyond current understanding, as it is believed that the only sources of Darklight that are available in the Materium are from black holes, warp storms, and similarly hazardous celestial phenomena.


Additionally, none of our powers ever needs a line of sight, feel free to hide your psykers as needed. Forge World did not disappoint. Vypers are technically Biker units, so they can benefit from the odd Soulburst that may trigger near them, and are modestly priced Heavy Weapon platforms that are particularly durable for their cost. It was handy for Apocalypse games on enormous tables where you could quickly move from one flank to the other but overall never came up much in standard 40k games.

The Avatar of Khaine is another perfect, if costly choice due to his potency in melee. The Phoenix Pulse Laser has one more strength than the normal Pulse Laser, so it’s more likely to wound T8 Super-Heavy vehicles like Knights and Baneblade variants than standard bright lances and pulse lasers.

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Eldar(8E) – 1d4chan

The near-immunity to morale phases lets you max out their unit size to ensure the maximum amount of Lasblaster shots and mortal wounds they can dish out a turn, and can fill the mid-range anti-horde roll your wraith units might struggle with. To kitbash Firestorm, you could try adding a heavy weapon battery from the guardian kit onto the roof of a fire prism.

Unfortunately, no other unit in this slot can directly benefit from soulbursts, but can at least attempt to trigger it for any of your infantry or bikers in a pinch.

Used whenever a friendly unit is chosen to fight in the fight phase. Additionally, as each soulburst can only trigger once per turn, only on your turn, taking full advantage of SfD requires considerably more planning and preparation, where only parts of your army can ever benefit from the Reborn Detachment trade-off.

Indirectly, Horrify combined with its Mindshock Droppods make for one of the most potent leadership bombs possible with the added bonus of being strictly from one source. Absolutely hilarious for Deep Striking in a bunch of Hemlocks right where you need them. Shining Spears stole the spotlight when it comes to Saim-Hann’s Fast Attack choices, as their immense threat range makes hit and run tactics particularly potent given their re-rollable charges.

Ghost Sword Wraithblades or Wraithguard with Shimmershields? Lastly, their Heavy Weapon platforms can contribute a little bit of extra firepower with a bit more oomph than Ranger Long Rifles or Shuriken Catapults can provide.

Eldar Laser Weapons

Wraithseers are very potent candidates to be your Warlord, as Iyanden’s perk fireatorm them in peak form until it’s all the way down to 3 wounds remaining from their original Edar traditional weapon of the Shining Spearsthe Laser Lance is a long polearm capable of shooting intense bursts of energy more than capable of killing a man where he stands, and might even damage an enemy tank.


One fun but costly idea is to combine this with the Celestial Shield Stratagem on Guardians to really infuriate your opponent. By the power of lance and melta technology combined here is captain planet a meltagun with dldar range, less strength, and effin’ LANCE. Any battle-forged Asuryani detachment can be chosen to become either a Windrider Host or Wraith Host at the cost of 1 CP, with all applicable units gaining the respective host keyword associated with them.

Lastly, the Avatar of Khaine is a serious consideration for larger point lists; Biel-Tan’s exclusive Court of the Young King stratagem is improved considerably by using firextorm on the Avatar, and is truly a force to be feared in short range and melee combat. The Prism Cannon is an iconic Eldar laser weapon of great destructive potential. Wraithguard and Wraithblades are excellent and fluffy choices that don’t really sacrifice anything to be taken as part of a Ynnari detachment.

Unless you add something along the lines of it can only target models with FLY, or suffers a penalty when shooting at things that don’t eladr FLY.

Unfortunately ruless its smaller brother, the Laser Lance, it still has a pitifully short range. The Lynx Pulsar has two firing modes for high to very high strength targets. Need re-roll eldat and an extra Fusion gun for your Fire Dragons?

This message was edited 2 times. Used whenever an enemy unit arrives from the ledar within eyesight of a friendly unit that is within 6″ of a friendly farseer.

Stack this with Irillyth and some Shadow Spectres to ensure any infantry that survives a forestorm from either the Hemlock itself or the nearby Shadow Spectres tucks their newly formed shit-tails between their legs and books it. Doesn’t seem that super hot to me.

I’m assuming you mean the Vraks books and the Apoc ones right? Guardian Defenders are another obvious choice. For one command point, you can designate a character with a Specialist Detachment keyword and they gain the warlord trait associated with that detachment. The Warlocks can also try to join the fray with their Witchblades, though MEQ targets and above can usually shake off their attacks using their standard saves.

Field Commander 1 CP: On top of a much lower likelyhood of even being hit in the first place thanks to their Holo-Fields.