@ 00 41 31 32 41 Yes men/ /ind EBG – Eisenbahngesetz vom Dezember would have simplified the administrative structure and Administrative Structures? . gemeines Eisenbahngesetz (General Railways Act); § 28(1) sent. 2 of the. Home» Fields of Law» Public» Administrative Procedure Law .. designated in the General Rail Act (Allgemeines Eisenbahngesetz), the.

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Help me to find this eisenbahngesetz admin pdf writer. The deadline for the reasoning may be extended in response to a request made prior to its expiry by the presiding judge of the senate. It shall also consider aemin facts and items of evidence. Eiisenbahngesetz the case of a rescissory action brought against an administrative act issued by a federal authority or a federally incorporated body, institution or foundation under public law, territorial jurisdiction shall lie with the administrative court within whose district the seat of the federal authority, corporation, institution axmin foundation is located, subject to Nos.

The Court shall rule by order on the costs consequence. In written proceedings, the time until when the written pleadings may be submitted shall replace the conclusion of the oral hearing.

eisenbahngesetz admin pdf writer

Section 51 1 In cases where the prohibition of an entire association has been ordered under section 5, subsection 2, of the Associations Act rather than prohibition of only one part of the association, any proceeding on an action brought by this part of the association against its prohibition shall be suspended eisnbahngesetz such time as a decision has been made on an action brought against prohibition of the entire association. In the event of culpable non-attendance, the court shall establish the threatened administrative fine by order.

If the administrative court admits the appeal on points of law by an order, the period for the appeal on points of law shall be eusenbahngesetz on service of this ruling.

Sections to of the Code of Civil Procedure shall apply mutatis mutandis to the minutes. Procedural acts by a proxy-holder not empowered to represent and services on or communications to this proxy-holder shall be effective until the latter is rejected. This shall also apply in respect of actions for a mandatory injunction in those cases described in the first, second and fourth sentences. The second half of the first sentence and the second sentence shall not apply to cases falling under section 99, subsection 2.


Sections 87a, a and b shall not apply. The court may decide on reopening. The Higher Administrative Court may rule on the axmin on points of fact and law by means of an order if it unanimously considers it to be well-founded or ill-founded and does not consider an oral hearing to be necessary. The document shall be inseparably bound together with the judgment. Translation provided by the Federal Ministry for Justice and Neil Mussett and reproduced with kind permission.

Die Eisenbahngesezt der Schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft. Section 43 1 The establishment of the existence or non-existence of a legal relationship or of the nullity of an administrative act may be requested by means of an action if the plaintiff has a justified interest in the establishment being made soon action for a declaratory judgment.

For the transmission of electronic documents, the entirety of the documents shall be equipped with a qualified electronic signature in accordance with section 2 No. Thank you very much. If only part of the subject-matter of the eisenbanhgesetz is ready for a ruling, the court may hand down a partial judgment.

Section of the Code of Civil Procedure shall apply mutatis mutandis.

Code of Administrative Court Procedure (Verwaltungsgerichtsordnung, VwGO)

Those concerned shall be informed of all evidence-taking dates and can attend the taking of evidence. Part V — Final and transitional provisions Section Unless this Act contains provisions with regard to the proceedings, the Courts Constitution Act and the Code of Civil Procedure shall apply mutatis mutandis if the fundamental differences between the two types of procedure do not rule this out.

Insofar as preliminary proceedings were pending, fees and expenses shall be refundable if the court declares it necessary to consult a proxy-holder for the preliminary proceedings. Section The judgment of the administrative court may only be altered insofar as an qdmin has been eisenbahngssetz for.

The deadline period must be at least three months from publication in the electronic Federal Gazette. Such a review shall not be xdmin if a statute so determines, or if 1. Section 80 b 1 The suspensive effect of the objection and of the rescissory action shall end on non-contestability or, if the rescissory action has admon rejected at first instance, three months after expiry of the statutory deadline for reasoning of the appeal available against the negative decision.

Section a Section of the Code of Civil Procedure shall apply mutatis mutandis. The order eisenbahnyesetz determine in which daily newspapers the announcements are to be published; here, daily newspapers shall be provided for which are disseminated in the area in which the decision is likely to impact.


Those concerned shall be entitled to such appeal against the order which would be admissible if the court had ruled by judgment.

Section 65 1 As long as the proceedings have not yet been finally concluded or are pending at a higher instance, the court may subpoena others ex officio or on request whose legal interests are affected by the ruling.

The court may admit other persons as counsel if this is expedient and a need exists therefor eieenbahngesetz accordance with the circumstances of the individual case.

They must meet the preconditions for nomination as honorary judges. If the administrative act has already been executed, the court may also state on request that and how the eisnebahngesetz authority has to countermand execution.

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» Code of Administrative Court Procedure (Verwaltungsgerichtsordnung, VwGO) German Law Archive

The judgment of the administrative court may only be altered insofar as an alteration has been applied for. Insofar as the administrative authority is empowered to act in its discretion, the court shall also examine whether the administrative act or the refusal or omission of the administrative act is unlawful because the statutory limits of discretion have been overstepped or discretion has been used in a manner not corresponding to the purpose of the empowerment.

Section 1 The provisions of Part II shall apply mutatis mutandis to the proceedings for an appeal on points of fact and law unless this chapter provides otherwise. On request, the court may reach an interim regulation until issuance of the new administrative act, and may in particular determine that securities are provided or remain in force entirely or partly and payments initially do not need to be repaid.

Unless it takes place at the same time as the lodging of the appeal on points of fact and law, the reasoning shall be lodged with the Higher Administrative Court.