release driver numbers or personal details via email replies. The D2 application form only relates to driving lorries, buses and minibuses. Find out about DVLA’s. Send your driving licence to us at DVLA, Swansea,. SA99 1BN. If your name has changed you will need to fill in forms D1 or D2, see note under section ‘Your. Hello again is there anyone familier with filling in the D2 form to obtain a upgraded licence to ton from the standard ton, I am over

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If you aren’t bothered about a trailer just ask for C1.

Order DVLA forms

Before you start You can order the following forms to be posted to a UK address. The DVLA has confirmed that the normal renewal procedure D2 and D4 forms would apply irrespective of the length of time I had not held the C1 entitlement.

I had to surrender my licence for three d22 after they drilled a hole in my head. Edited by Billggski 4: If Fesspark has held his licence for over 60 years, is now 75, and is considering applying for a C1 licence, I think he will have had, and then lost presumably when he turned 70 his C1 grandfather rights entitlement. You automatically lose your lorry or bus licence if you lose your car licence.

After all, what seems logical at first sight is no guide dvlz what government ends up authorising! Like Brian says, I understood that once you lost gave up fotm right to drive overyou could not get it back.


Get a provisional licence. I am presently changing vehicle, and suspect that I may need to increase the MAM of the replacement to 3,kg. Once it was returned, they have shown no further interest, apart from the normal renewal every three years, cos I’m now rising Is this the same situation? Was told via email that I only needed the medical with no need for a driving test.

Become a qualified lorry or bus driver

Become a qualified lorry or bus driver. When I reached 75 I realised that I was unlikely to be able to complete the test so I retired.

Robbo – Company Registered in England no. What were you doing?

There are threads about that and how to get a cheap and easy medical examination on this Forum. To help us improve GOV. Is this page useful?

Order DVLA forms –

Check you’re allowed to drive. Register on the Forums. W Sussex Hymer Exsis T I trust this information will be of assistance to you. I do this every year for my D licence. And do not forget if your car insurance policy is still effective. In which case, having a 3, kg motorhome that he suddenly can’t drive, may be problematic. I corm much of the confusion is that the official websites mention only lorry and bus drivers under C1 and that leads to us to think that there are different requirements for motorhomes.

You only need to include a passport-style colour photo dva original identity documents if you have a paper driving licence. Yes, the timings for a C1 licence renewal are different for drivers who passed their tests before or after 1 January Her UK licence entitlement had expired many years previously, and at that time, a South African licence could not be exchanged for a UK licence. Thanks for the advice, fesspark. I seem to recall some time ago when renewing my standard licence that it was well over the allotted time but I was not queried.


Applying for a provisional lorry or bus licence The category of provisional licence you need depends on the type of vehicle you want to for. Search the full list of DVLA forms you can download and print. My earlier response would suggest that even if you didn’t keep fomr C1 entitlement at 70 you only need to have a medical and complete the forms BUT your earlier advice to contact DVLA is the answer for anyone not sure.

Before I retired I was a chauffeur, and had to have a medical every 3 years to get my private hire licence. Those who do need only to renew at 70 and for 3 years at a time whereas those who don’t need to for, at 45, 50, 55 and 60 and then annually from GB