Dust Rob Bell [Video Download] by Rob Bell. This file contains NOOMA , Dust in MP4 format. The MP4 video file format is meant for playback on a. I’ve watched a number of the NOOMA videos, but I’m not sure if I’ve seen Dust. I have heard the sermon that it’s based on however, and therein. Directed by Santino Stoner. With Rob Bell. NOOMA Dust (). 12min | Short | Video 1 August · Add a Plot» Credited cast: Rob Bell Himself.

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Do you remember the name? I have been using the nooma messages in prison ministry with men, women’s ministry, small group studies and worhip services.

People make mistakes, not God. Could you give a date or link? As a side note, I guess I wasn’t asking so much about Bell’s connection with Eastern Christianity but what was, in your opinion, the prevailing culture of Eastern Christianity during Jesus’ ministry and how is Bell diverging from that [in laymen’s terms if at all possible]? Peter asks Jesus if he can join him walking on the water. But he leaves out the fact that Peter had become oblivious fust whether Udst was sinking or not, because he had taken his eyes off of Him.

Reject this and you have a merit-theology.

NOOMA Dust Rob Bell – Trailer – Vídeo Dailymotion

Rob brings a lot of noma context to this request in the full sermon, and in other teachings. Nooma the music in the background sounds like Alanis Morrisette, only less whiny, or maybe Jennifer Knapp with the noomq stuff. But it looks like Holly’s husband Brad is asking the same kind of questions. Here is that video I mentioned… http: They contain interesting things. Rob tells the story about finding him there some two hours later, and reassuring his son he is still loved.


But the subject of this video is revenge. Not quite winter in Narnia, but the Shadowlands for sure. If God knows you can then you really have no reason to doubt yourself, do you?

Try as he might, no matter how much faith Peter had in himself, he dusy have never walked on water. Rob draws an analogy with his own parental situation. Comment by Jamie — February 18, 4: Peter needed to transfer his intellectual faith in Jesus from his head to his heart.

Rob Bell never came close to saying that Peter began to sink because he lost faith in his own power, personality, actions or potential. Looking Back, Looking Forward Thunder! Its an important, indeed crucial point.

But at the same time Rob talks about the need in due course to make amends to those he hurt, or hit, vust stole from, or lied to. Do you get it now? Feel free to come back with some links where this discussion is still continuing; I might like to revisit this in a future post.


It seems to me that this discussion continues as a result of poor communication. I will not duat a thing. I remember confronting Pro I said I would definitely not stock the latter, anymore than I would stock books by Marcus Borg or Shelby Spong which seek to suggest that nothing we read in scripture is historically reliable.

Dush by Stephen — February 24, 8: I just commented on your review of Nooma Vids before reading this one. Ben, It is great that you are reviewing the nooma series since I feel they are tremendous teaching tools that have not been seriously reviewed.

Bell does let scripture speak for itself.

NOOMA Dust 008 Rob Bell – Trailer

Rob Bell in his pre-minstry days, at 18 months. But there is no mistaking he has interacted deeply with the first principles of the Gospel, like forgiveness.

In a recent poll, Christian bookstores were asked to differentiate between udst which a ask significant questions, versus those which b plant seeds of doubt and undermine belief.