A dhampir is a mortal, born from the union of a vampire and a human. Dhampirs have pale skin and dark hair, with blood red highlights. Around vampires. Series 1 See all the pages for the Noble Dead Wiki. Magiere acts as the hunter and Leesil appears as the vampire and fakes being killed. After one such “game”, Magiere and their canine companion Chap.

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Brenden is found dead and Leesil is atta Foreign cover cked by Ratboy again. Though there were a lot of internalized struggles and whatnot going on for both Maggie and Leesil, I don’t feel like they developed. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this series. Explore the Home Gift Guide.

Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: May 26, Matt Garcia rated it it was amazing. And he is willing to do whatever it takes—even if he must reveal his own dreaded secrets, which may cost the entire party their lives…and their very souls.

Saga of the Noble Dead

Teesha’s plan fails and Magiere kills her. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

Young journeyer Wynn Hygeorht sets out with her companions, the vampire Chane Andraso and Shade, an elven wolf, in search of a dwarven stronghold that may well be the last resting place of a mythical orb- one of five such mysterious devices from the war of Forgotten History. I’m in a surly mood this morning and that explains my complaining. Now fighting her natural calling, Magiere arrives with Leesil in the town of Miiska, where they intend to make an honest living as tavern owners.

What I enjoyed more than anything is that vampires were the villains. The only reason I’m giving this book two stars is that the action scenes were well done. After four years of playing this game, Magiere decides she had enough and wants to retire. Villagers far and wide welcome her with both awe and disdain — grateful to her for ridding their towns of the undead menace, but finding themselves made poorer for their salvation.


The main character, wasn’t all that intriguing, despite her job title. She has already saved alot of money up and intends on opening up a tavern and retiring for good.

The Hendees husband and wife team pair up to write this “Buffy meets Lord of the Rings” series that is very addictive!! End of aside, these characters are very real, despite having many supernatural qualities, and despite these superpowers, so to speak, they can still kick ass and get their asses kicked. Confession time, while I haven’t used the word dhampir in my writing, I have used a version of the idea, not handled this way, or a “dhampir” in this book’s sense”, but a version of it.

If you noblw afraid of getting a Dungeons and Dragons copycats, no worries.

I’m curious to see what’s in store for our redeemed heroes. I wish they would have reigned in the cultural color they provided, and the world ended up being a mix of Russian elements and Standard Fantasy Medieval Nobe, complete with people running taverns and making stew. Avec une superbe trame sous jacente. From Booklist Magiere and her half-elf partner, Leesil, have the cleverest con in the land. There are a number of skirmishes and knock-down-drag-out-cut-off-the-head fights in nob,e pages, each of them described in vivid detail.

I love the Northwest, and it’s a great place to write. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. What follows is a tale full of action, suspense, intrigue and some behind the scenes machinations.

Well, as it turns out it was pretty decent. Don’t expect some awesome character development or world-building though I have yet to read them Other books in the series. All of that was pretty interesting, and that was the front part of th I enjoyed the set up of this book. While I wouldn’t go so far as to equate it with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it is exciting both viscerally and intellectually.

Sep 15, Jim rated it liked it Shelves: Magiere which I couldn’t figure out how to pronounce, so I Before I launch into my review, I just gotta ask, why do people always have to make stew in fantasy novels? You definitely learn the most about Leesil, and he was my favorite character out of the book.


The Noble Dead series are fantasy books with vampires, vampire hunters and elves. For fantasy fans, for horror fans even for vampire fans, this will probably be a good read.

That makes the fight scenes all the more thrilling, and the Hendees know how to make vampire action exciting, I can assure you. And they will stop at nothing to keep Magiere from fulfilling her destiny.

A Wind in the Night. Before I spout another blood analogy, I think I’d better stop here and sink my teeth into the sequel! It did that throughout the whole entire book.

Noble Dead Series

In fact i think that was the best part of the book. So much so that I read it in less than 24 hours and promptly returned to the store to pick up the next three books in the series. The writing is a noboe awkward, but detailed and I didn’t have a lot of problems with it. Dhampir 11 npble May 12, I recommend this book, and the three-star rating I’m giving it feels a little harsh. I know which one I’m rooting for.

Dhampir | Noble Dead Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The small family of antagonists were more compelling, loving, original and memorable than they had seemed when I first read this book through the eyes of someone who wanted them to lose. Then, rumors reach them that a horde of undead creatures, slaughtering everything in their wake, are gathering in the far east regions of the Suman desert.

Buy the selected items together This item: At nkble point during my reading am I putting on my critical theory glasses; I’m simply enjoying the plot nkble a purely surface level.

Through Stone and Sea: