The Navy Personnel Command can only issue the Honorable Discharge (DD Form N) certificate. The certificate may be issued in. DD-2, Us Uniformed Services Identification Card. DD, Report of DDN, Honorable Discharge Certificate. DDA, General. A DD Form or DD Form must indicate a period of active duty service dates to be a valid document for eligibility determination purposes.

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I hope this points you in ed right direction. I believe you should be eligible for a DD if your unit was officially activated. Check with your old duty station and ask the S1.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Please no one post bull crap replies, I know what I talking about. I helped aid the orphaned children that were hurt. Military and veterans benefits often vary from person to person. Best of luck, and thank you for your service!

Dd Form 256n

I received a commendation medal later at my home, so there was no misunderstanding where I went. That is why with the squad and myself getting shelled it was a shock to us all, because we were like the clean up crew. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Both myself and my husband were civilian workers, at different times.

Here is his question: No you do not. I need it to file for a VA claim. I want it on my drivers license. I am now 77 years old. All I have is my discharge notice which states honorable discharge for reserve component and my honorable certificate.


I was a reservist only so once completed I went back to my reserve unit and served 12 years, ultimately receiving an Honorable Discharge Certificate. If you believe you should have received a DD Formthen you will need to contact your unit, your branch of service, or the National Archives to obtain a copy of your DD Form After reviewing the info, I do not find all my information concerning my reserve time.

No VA or burial benefits? There are many factors that determine which benefits you may be eligible for, including when and where you served, how long you were in the service, and whether your were on active duty or in the Guard or Reserves.

We were to get our affairs in order and at a given date we were going to be sent to another base for additional training. We are told that because of his dates and type of service he is eligible. I then went on active duty from Sept. Military discounts are up to individual stores — and they vary widely in terms of who is eligible.

If you were activated while part of the Reserves, then you should have a DD Form You will need to contact your branch of service about this. However, desert storm had ended rather fast and we never even made it for the additional training. I myself served during the years with the AF.


The best way is with a military ID card not applicable for you, but it would be for othersa VA Issued ID cardor a drivers license or other state ID card with a veterans designation. Alot of VA HR Benefits Personnel think that Reservist guidance is the same as all others but it is not for the simple reason that the reserves is different.

We have researched and nobody can find dr as being in the military. You will need to substantiate any request for change of military records with evidence, such as a copy of your orders, travel vouchers, signed statements from your commanding officer or someone you served with, or other evidence.

I was discharged without having to go back. Now, 24 years later, my employer is providing credit for ALL active duty service including training.

AFISeparation Documents. If he also served on active duty, then he would have a DD Then they also say that civilian workers never go into war zones, because I have PTSD as well as the squad I was with got shelled and I hurt my back due to being knocked backwards. I have had problems with my neck ever since.