A.J. said: I’m closing in on having read all the major atheist books in I am agnostic at best, but I don’t think I would like Dan Barker very much in real life. Dan Barker is the author of Godless ( avg rating, ratings, reviews, published ), Losing Faith in Faith ( avg rating, ratings, 36 quotes from Dan Barker: ‘Scientists do not join hands every Sunday and sing ” Yes gravity is real! I know gravity is real! I will have faith! I believe in my heart.

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Dan Barker (Author of Godless)

The reality that our lives are brief is what makes them precious. Second, Dan B I have a lot of mixed feelings about this book. Godless was a revelation to me.

It also brings together material barke as contradictions among the Gospels and answers to common objections to atheism. Even the least educated atheist knows enough about the bible to judge its reliability or relevance. Dec 11, Reiden rated it it was amazing Shelves: I always like including a few of memorable passages and pithy quotes: True love is respect and admiration, compassion and kindness, freely given by a healthy, unafraid human being.

If you’re already an atheist looking for something new to read on the subject, you will likely love the first part of this book and appreciate the review of the reasons not to believe at the end.

He is the author of several books including Losing Faith in Faith: I’m a Christian even after reading this book. Not only was I clinging to a culture and people that I had known for most of my adult life, but I was also clinging to a public reputation that I had established.


But his arguments against the best apologetics out there are fantastic. Preview — Godless by Dan Barker. Barker then did what I think is an honest and ethical move.

Book Review: Godless by Dan Barker | Guest Contributor | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Barker and his wife host a weekly one-hour radio program, Freethought Radio. Would you be thankful to a person who cut you with a knife in order to sell you a bandage? I can see why some people might get offended by reading this book. Reading this book opened my eyes. The fault in the first half of the book is that there is a sense, at least to me, bsrker some longing for his past “glory days” such as they were.

For those who are already in agreement with Barker, the personal story would be pretty interesting, minus some of the name dropping, but the second half would be preaching to the choir and therefore probably not interesting for most, unless they are beefing up on their knowledge to take to Thanksgiving day family barjer. But I truly do wish Christians would read more than just “Christian literature.

Aside from the interesting legal aspect of the book, is there anything fresh? May 11, A. You must be rejecting your faith because: God Is Not Great God: Sign in with Facebook Sign in options.

Dan Barker

October 14th, at 6: He would have done so if no money were involved. The historical Jesus is far more a shadowy figure than evangelicals would have us believe. godlees

Frankly, that stuff doesn’t make a whole lot of sense anyway, when you think about it. Want more from the Friendly Atheist? I’m not sure if I the reason why I find that section lacking is in the book badker or just a psychological thing where I don’t want to accept all of Barker’s view Is it fair for a Catholic to dismiss Judaism before memorizing the Talmud in the original Hebrew?


The tone of the rest of garker book becomes Barker belongs to a number of high-IQ societies, including the Prometheus Godlews. Despite the setback, Dan helps lead the largest atheist organization in the country and can be seen speaking or debating at campuses across the country.

This book is simple, powerful, and unless you are close minded and stubborn, it’s full of facts that will contradict any religious dogma thrown your way and give you easy answers to questions that may be hindering you from fulfilling the enjoyment of life.

Much of that book is reprised in this more updated version. My library Help Advanced Book Search. You are not inherently evil—you are inherently human, possessing the positive rational potential to help make this a world of morality, peace and joy.

It’s a long book that gets very dry in parts, but it also covers a lot of ground and addresses any issue that might come up in a debate as well as presenting many that I haven’t heard before. Either way, great book.