Editorial Reviews. Review. “One of the scariest books I’ve read this year. The picture that Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis by [Rickards, James]. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading Loading . James Rickards Currency Wars made this reader remember what Secretary of the Navy John Lehman so vividly told Tom Clancy after reading. My thesis is that currency wars are followed by trade wars and then finally shooting James G. Rickards is the editor of Strategic Intelligence.

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Rickards untangles the web of failed paradigms, wishful thinking, and arrogance driving current public policy and points the way toward a more informed and effective course of action. The problem is that this makes his pro-gold argument seem better sourced rickaards it actually is. Currency Wars discusses the emergence of a new frontier in the theatre of modern warfare that is often underestimated by the world governments.

Several Chinese-American scholars also gave the first book negative reviews. Yet Rickards thinks this is a great first step for the Pentagon in understanding the financial jlm of the modern world. I’ve never thought much about our financial system. I found it mildly entertaining, but only because I have a predilection for the subject. Regardless, the general conce It currench unfortunate that I am unable to fully comprehend the idea as Rickardds am not all too familiar with the gold standard.

No highly-educated electorate will vote for subservience to the principles of the price-specie flow mechanism when times are tough. Currdncy you’re looking for an informative read on a topic that doesn’t get a lot of daily press – i recommend this The war game, like the book as a whole, disintegrates from promising to insubstantial.

Rickards makes the case that there is much more going on at the Fed and in the White House than simply printing money. It advises the Chinese government to keep a vigilant eye on China’s currency and instate a representative currency.

Currency War, Then Trade War — Is Shooting War Next? – The Daily Reckoning

Rickards starts with a historical tour, highlighting the near-catastrophic results of two previous currency wars — the first of which led to the Great Depression and World War II, and the second of which led the wara and stagflation of the s. I learned from it the relatively immaturity of our particular form of currency, for example. By Robert Kiyosaki Posted December 26, After all, how difficult is it to get the major industrial nations together to cut carbon emissions?


I believe it will get much worse before it is rickaards. Does this book would be helpful for me?

Therefore, no government could expand the money supply without a corresponding increase in the stock dars gold except in exceptional circumstances. On June 4,President Kennedy signed an executive order, which, as an amendment to Executive Orderdelegated the authority to issue silver certificates notes convertible to silver on demand to the Secretary of the Treasury.

Minor complaints for such a compelling book. In MayCurrency Wars 3: Although he rails against debt and profligacy, he seems to be really on board with this weekend pentagon circle-jerk which the author can’t seem to describe any concrete benefit to. Rickards frames his book with an anecdote about his participation in a pentagon war game designed to simulate financial markets.

Currency War, Then Trade War — Is Shooting War Next?

However, when Rickards broadens his scope to other policy issues, things fall apart. I want to develop the conceptual thinking about the currency. We’re shackling our “The path currenxy the dollar is unsustainable and therefore the dollar will not be sustained. Regardless, the general concept is good enough to really make you see with your own eyes or mind what to expect for the future of fiat money.

Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis

Why the GOV is intentionally trying to devalue the dollar with QE Why the elite laugh at those who speak of the need for a gold standard Why the last two global currency wars hurt even the winners Its something else how entangled our world is toget This book was quite interesting, helping me understand a little more: In the author’s own words, Currency Wars is a good guide to the past but a better guide to the future.

Rickards’ hard right libertarian worldview interferes with his reasoning, providing currncy talking points unsupported by the examples provided. It is most remarkable to read such a prescient book in the midst of what Rickards’ calls the third currency war. Feb 20, Zoubir rated it really liked it.


Also, I am growing skeptical of his bearish claims. Nov 20, Jeffrey rated it it was ok Shelves: The worst is as an individual there isn’t much one can do. The logic is simple and the battle lines are drawn when you consider the effect and purpose of QE: Next time, however, it really will be different … [and] will not be stopped by governments, because it will be larger than governments.

Open Preview See a Problem? The problem with currency wars is that all advantage is temporary and is quickly erased by retaliation. Oct 21, John rated it it was amazing Shelves: Return to Book Page. It discusses more specifically the modern Chinese History from Chiang Kai-shek to the depreciation in the long term trend of U. Take with an enormous grain of salt. No trivia or quizzes yet. Policy on the Economy”. It lacks the focus to give you a good grip on any of the related topics covered, but it does have a certain appeal as a survey.

Countries steal growth from their trading partners by cheapening their currencies to promote exports and import inflation. It is a store of economic value in a nation whose moral values are historically exceptional and therefore a light to the world.

The book itself ” Alas the current international system of free-floating currencies came into being, propped up by a Dollar now issued in fiat by the Treasury and backed by the printing press at the Federal Reserve.

I do have more understanding of monetary issues, global conflicts, and our current state of indebtedness thanks to this book, so I would recommend it, despite my lack of ability to complete grasp all aspects covered.