This will be a tutorial on using CEGUI in SFML. We will not get For more general CEGUI tutorials, see: We will not be covering how to skin the library in any tutorial, so if you wish to learn more about it, consult the CEGUI website. Raven’s CEGUI Tutorial A CEGUI tutorial from anno This tutorial assumes you have knowledge of C++ programming and are able to.

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Obviously these articles are tutorials for rather specific scenarios, so some information will not apply to the generic case: Time to do some simple demonstrations. CEGUI tutrial a “unified dimension” system for its sizes and positions.

Note that we do not need to inject a character up event, only the key up event is required. The above code will tell CEGUI where the configuration file can be found, and will create a new system object notice there isn’t anything at the left side of ‘new’.

CEGUI uses events as well. Throw the object you want to ‘convert’ to a different type in the function, and the function returns the new object. Remember me for 1 year. We are creating an instance of the LuaScriptingMod. Next to this there will be more in-depth information regarding CEGUI’s background, license information and informative links.

This sets the sheet currently being displayed. But I’m trying to find a more elegant way of achieving it, and I would like to create a button, that could have something like: CEGUI is up and running! In the “relative” positioning mode, the properties that specify the ceyui of the control are offsets added to the parent element. The first parameter specifies the Imageset and the second one specifies the name tuotrial the Image to use from that Imageset.


It is an interface between human and computer. Which will turn off a separate XML library which is another separate dependency. First, we need to consider what we want to do in this Lua script. Now that all the necessary objects are setup, the only thing that needs to be done is a location to the “startup config”.

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Although in the earlier chapters this was addressed before, I do want to say again that the options are tutoril Ogre Wiki Support and community documentation for Ogre3D. When you return ‘true’ the event won’t bubble up. This argument does not contain anything about the mouse, so we can cast it to the MouseEventArgs using the above code. The interface needs a ‘root’ element. When the player presses this button the function that was specified during the registration will be called, and the necessary arguments will be passed along.

The objects take care of fonts, images and windows. The singleton manager that keeps track of all the imagesets you have loaded.

The example code contains all the files that are needed to run in the same directory. The event will simply stop now from bubbling up although the window was already the end of the hierarchy. As you go through the tutorial you should be slowly adding code to your own project and watching the results as we build it.

Whether it’s a button or a slider, they all inherit the members of a window object. If not, the AddObject function can be removed. Since we have all files ready, we will need to add various references in our Visual Studio project. This also means that moving the parents will move the child objects! Why reinvent the wheel when there are decent libraries available?


CEGUI works with image sets instead of individual images. The same applies to all other events.

CEGUI tutorial videos by MakingGamesWithBen | CEGUI

The event “bubbles” up one level and arrives at the imagebox. This will allow Lua to communicate directly with your game code. There are four settings: It has several resource managers like Ogre which need to find their respective resource locations, gutorial you need to define the necessary resource groups cegi their locations within resources.

Simply add a few lines of code in the polling functions or event handlers and CEGUI uses the inputs that you acquire by other methods, seamless. Or add some extra information somewhere in the tutorial. Add the following to resources.

The next thing we will need to do is to handle the key events. Here is where you can set up any Ogre scene you like, using the methods you learnt in the previous tutorials.

CEGUI (Crazy Eddie’s GUI) Forums

Haven’t had any problems with it yet. Retrieved from ” http: CEGUI comes packed with default controls. The general approach to ceguu ImagerySection might be similar to what follows here untested.

No registered users and tutorizl guests. This object tells you either what the source was of the event, or the destination the object that received the event. Before we proceed, first something about the arguments:.