In group A, catgut embedding will be applied to six acupuncture points on the abdomen including Qihai (Ren-6), Shuifen (REN-9), bilateral. Embedding is a method of acupuncture in which catgut is embedded in acupuncture points instead of needles. The current case report. 1School of Acupuncture-Moxibustion and Tuina and Rehabilitation, Acupoint catgut embedding (ACE) was applied widely to antiweight in.

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Effects of catgut-embedding at acupoints on contents of leptin and blood fat in obese rats article in Chinese J Trad Chin Med. Acupuncture specialists and surgeons in Russia and then in other countries created a valuable and new style in acupuncture.

A total of women that complied with all the eligibility criteria described above were enrolled into the study, but 62 were excluded.

Forest figure of improvement rate in the comparison of ACE versus cupping therapy. For CGM group, catgut was implanted each 3-week, for a total of 6-week, whereas moxibustion was applied twice a week. Nie [ 62 ] reported headache, dry mouth, anorexia, insomnia, constipation, rapid acupunctkre, and mild high blood pressure in sibutramine drug group.

The articles were filtrated as shown in Figure 1. Catgut or Embedding Acupuncture — Tebsoozani.

Catgut embedding acupuncture.

Future high quality trials with rigorous design and positive FDA approved drug as control are urgent to assess the acupunctre of ACE for obesity. As shown in Figure 2the methodological quality of all the 43 articles was poor and probably in high risk with almost no reports of both allocation concealment and blinding of participants, acupuncturists, or statisticians except 1 reported, respectively [ 3870 ].

All authors have read and approved the content of the final version. The decision of risk was made by two reviewers.

Acupoint catgut embedding therapy with moxibustion reduces the risk of diabetes in obese women

Effect of different intensities of electroacupuncture on expression of monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 and TNF-alpha in adipose tissue in obesity rats.


Acupunccture studies including larger sample sizes, the stimulation of acupoints according to TCM syndromes of each patients, and a longer protocol are needed to demonstrate that acupoint catgut embedding therapy with moxibustion is embeeding to control body weight and insulin resistance in obese women.

Types of Study To evaluate the curative effects of ACE on obesity and weight loss, this review was confined to RCTs comparing ACE with a control group, which contained drug, no treatment, placebo, diet and exercise therapy, and other types of acupuncture like MA, EA, ear auricular pressure treatment, acupoint pressure, and so forth.

A review [ 31 ] of RCTs indicated acupuncture seemed more effective comparing to western antiobesity drugs; the mean of weight reduction acuphncture 0. Although in contrast with drugs or EA, the improvement rate was 3. Prevalence and trends in obesity among US adults, They also highlighted the more favorable effects of embedded catgut-moxibustion combination that may be due to the extended and consistent stimulation of acupoints.

Open in a separate window. Secondary outcomes included the side effects, such as bleeding, serious discomfort, subcutaneous nodules, and infection.

Meanwhile, the changes of HC were 0. The operative treatment of obesity was intended for obese adult with serious complication specifically caused by the excess of adipose cell like metabolic syndrome, and the surgical sites were mostly restricted at stomach, duodenum, pancreas, and gallbladder to decrease or constrain the function of digestive system [ 21 ].

So, health problem is superior to aesthetics in obesity, and it urges finding a nice treatment. The catgut thread was later completely absorbed by the body about days.

The mean reductions of body weight by ACE also might be more effective which were 1. Obviously, the therapies of obesity are much similar in all the guidelines, consisting of acupunture lifestyle modification of diet and exercise, drug, surgery, and complication therapy.


Acupoint catgut embedding therapy with moxibustion reduces the risk of diabetes in obese women

View at Google Scholar W. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. View at Google Scholar M. This thread will absorbed in the body after two to three months but until this time has been able to stimulate weave of collagen and Fibroblast in a way that we need. Treatment suggestions including frequency of acupoint acupyncture, frequency of treatment time, and course were also shown adupuncture all the included RCTs.

LAM carried out the design of the study, coordinated the study and wrote the manuscript.

Catgut Embedding method in acupuncture | Tebsoozani

This method often is effective and impressive. There was no publication bias as a symmetric inverted funnel while the publication bias or a systematic difference of small or big sample size effects existed as an asymmetric funnel. A double-blind placebo needle for acupuncture research. However, this review was the first of quantitative analysis of ACE, and the treatment advice was given.

There were 30 trials with patients [ 32 — 61 ] in the comparison of ACE versus MA and all of them evaluated the frequency of improvement. However, our results evidence that their combination could be an interesting complementary strategy to control body weight. View at Google Scholar F. It was the traditional, hang up all the lingerie and make the bride guess who gave what.

Each literature of title and abstract was scanned by two reviewers Taipin Guo and Sun Tianxiao who have been trained and gained certifications in Chinese Cochrane Centre.