Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Bronislaw Malinowski’s pathbreaking Argonauts of the Western Pacific is at once a detailed account of exchange in the Melanesian islands and a manifesto of a. Argonauts of the Western Pacific has ratings and 23 reviews. Jenny ( Reading Envy) said: This was a cornerstone of my Readings in Ethnography course.

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In calm weather a few canoes are probably not far oft, fishing. Returning to the two main divisions into the Southern and Northern portion, this latter is occupied paific a very homogeneous population, homogeneous both in language and culture, and in the clear recognition of their own ethnic unity.

Argonauts Of The Western Pacific

The best ethnographical writers — here again the Cambridge school with Haddon, Rivers, and Seligman rank first among English Ethnographers — have always tried to quote verbatim [13] statements of crucial importance. VI — Exchange of gifts and barter.

Last, not least, I wish to mention Professor C. II — Sub-divisions of the Kula district. An expedition travelling in a counterclockwise circuit would necklasses as yagas and receives armbands as yotiles in return. I — The halt on the Beach. III — The magic of sailing. No doubt in science a certain abstractness of treatment is not merely legitimate, but necessary, since science is nothing but knowledge raised to the highest power, pacifjc all knowledge implies a process of abstraction and generalisation: So far, it has been done only by amateurs, and therefore done, on the whole, indifferently.

And incidentally we learn that magical ceremonies and spells are deemed argnoauts less necessary for the cultivation of gardens and for success in fishing, the two forms of industrial enterprise which furnish the islanders with their principal means of support; hence the garden magician, whose business it is to promote the growth of the garden produce by his hocus-pocus, is one of the most important men in the village, ranking next after the chief and the sorcerer.


He remembers that man is a creature of emotion at least as much as of reason, and he is constantly at pains to discover the emootional as well as the rational basis of human action.

Feb 10, Theresa Malloy rated it liked it Shelves: The summits of the hills are often shrouded in paciifc mist, whilst white clouds brood or race over the sea, breaking up the monotony of saturated, stiff blue and green. This conspicuous predominance of magic over religion, at least over the worship of the dead, is a very notable feature in the culture of a people so comparatively high in the scale of savagery as the Trobriand Islanders.

In working out the rules and regularities of native custom, and in obtaining a precise formula for them from the collection of data and native statements, we find that this very precision is foreign to real life, which never adheres rigidly to any rules. Auerbach, and the late Mr.

II — Myths and reality: As we approach the land, we can see distinctly the steep, folded slopes, covered with dense, rank jungle, brightened here and there by bold patches of lalang grass. Later on in the year, when the plantation sprouts, they form a bright spot, with the light green of their fresh leaves. Yet as a rule in ethnographic accounts we have not both but either the one or the other and, so far, the intimate one has hardly ever been properly treated. This corpus inscriptionum Kiriwiniensium can be wfstern, not only by myself, but by all those who, through their better penetration and ability bronisla interpreting them, may find points which escape my attention, very bronixlaw as the other corpora form the basis for the various interpretations of ancient and prehistoric cultures; only, these ethnographic inscriptions are all decipherable and clear, have been almost all translated fully and unambiguously, and have been provided with native cross-commentaries or scholia [16] obtained from living sources.

They have allowed us to penetrate into his mind far more deeply than we have ever done before. With regard to these Eastern Papuasians, Dr. Bronislaw Malinowski, one of the all-time great anthropologists of the world, had argonzuts talent for bringing together in single comprehension the warm reality of human living with the cool abstractions of science.


The mythological associations of their country. There is all the difference between a sporadic plunging into the company of natives, and being really in contact with them. Finally, let us pass to the third and last aim of scientific field-work, to the last type of phenomenon which ought to be recorded in order to give a full and adequate picture of native culture.

Jeremy Bentham and Mr. Analysis of the tapwana main part and dogina final part.

Argonauts of the Western Pacific – Wikipedia

IV — Vocal technique of reciting a spell. How could I therefore in a few months or a year, hope to overtake and go beyond them? Seligman’s terminology, we shall call the Western Papuo-Melanesians and the Massim respectively. A cross country walk.

Argonauts of the Western Pacific by Bronisław Malinowski

The first distinctly visible signs of human existence in this neighbourhood are the patches of garden land. All types of economic transactions may be studied by following up connected, actual cases, and putting them into a synoptic chart; again, a table ought to be drawn up of all the gifts and presents customary in a given society, a table including the sociological, ceremonial, and economic definition of every item. The student who is interested, not only in the narrative, but in the ethnographic background for it, and a clear definition of the institution, will find the first in Chapters I and II, and the latter in Chapter III.

First of all, it has to be malinlwski down that we have to study here stereotyped manners of thinking and feeling.