Many people follow investment and risk management strategies similar to those advocated by Bob Brinker. I do not. However, to enlighten. Robert John Brinker (born ) is an American financial advisor and radio host. Since Brinker began publishing the Marketimer newsletter in If you’ve subscribed to Marketimer, please click the stars below to indicate your . I subscribed to Marketimer and listened to Bob Brinker’s Moneytalk radio.

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I noticed his market timer didn’t sell in which is concerning. Quite simple, Bob missed the call on the biggest bear market since the depression. I believe he does well consistently in the Hulbert rankings of stock newsletters. Mr Brinker, who also hosts a radio show of the same name, has a Wall Street background and the newletter has been around many years. The show was heard on over radio stations nationwide and was also streamed worldwide on the internet. What have you learned about bad advice?

I can also credit him for avoiding any shark attacks. I read “Common Sense on Mutual Funds” on his recommendation and never looked back. Our life is frittered away by detail Then from toBrinker was U.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Heard of him but never listened.

Do any of you follow Bob Brinker? That is my fault.

EVentually, we will hit the bottom. Boglehead since day 1 under diff names.


Bob Brinker – Wikipedia

Moneytalk aired on Sundays from 4 to 7 p. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Learned a lot but sort of outgrew him. Therefore, the experts who are more likely to steer us in the right direction are the ones who acknowledge that. Board index All times are UTC. Vanguard was a big sponsor of the program, which is how I found Vanguard.

No one takes a bite out of my wallet. I thought a lot of his advice was very good at the time but recognized that market timing and market calls are a fools errand. Brinker was a vice president and investment counselor with the Bank of New York from to By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I find his advice to be very much inline with Bogles.

The “market timer newsletter” seemed a bit of a scam even back then. Wasn’t brrinker the guy who encouraged people to load up on a tech index fund of some kind which subsequently incurred a big loss, and then he kind of backed away from it and did not own up to it.

To others, the glass is half empty. Granted some are knowledgeable and make a sound point at times.


I was the only person there, so I got to talk to him a bit. Unfortunately the market decline of and the crash in October were completely missed and he had his model portfolios fully invested during this period. I always thought the personal finance questions from callers were entertaining. From our experience, he has been consistently right in both direction and timing. And that folks is allegedly the best of the market timers.


He got that call right. Bresnan eventually came under fire, possibly sued, for some questionable financial advice he was giving out. February 23, He’s by no means the same Bob Brinker today he was then. Description Monthly newsletter with model portfolios, primarily mutual funds. Markeyimer November 18, He carried the correct call around like a shiny trophy, but he missed the meltdown completely.

Bob Brinker

I thought he got rude and confrontational at times. Will usually last through a few commercial breaks. I never forgot it. So essentially he sold low and bought in high with several adjustments up and down in terms of percentages to ring the tax man’s bell.

I dropped subscription after and have been doing my own DD. I believe the individual fund picks are generally pretty good Will not be renewing. Doesn’t help much if you’re only batting. I lighted up on my stocks in earlyin part because of his influence. To an engineer, it’s twice the size it needs to be. I subscribed to magketimer newsletter for a while and enjoyed it.