Former antiques dealer Pobi boldly announces his arrival as a cunning novelist with this grim and gory debut thriller. FBI contractor Jake Cole. Bloodman by Robert Pobi book review. Click to read the full review of Bloodman in New York Journal of Books. Review written by Renee C. Official website for novelist Robert Pobi. Worldwide – August 6, His novel, Bloodman, was called ” a remarkable debut ” by Booklist, and ” a relentless.

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Hard enough to bust blood vessels in her eyes. Not great, but enjoyable enough. At some point, I’m not exactly sure where, in the thirty pages that follow that, Bloodman turns into a very good thriller indeed, the kind of book that has you sacrificing all of your available free time to read.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. I love when that happens! I don’t really know what it was, really, just that I didn’t like it for this book. He wasn’t in town long before the local Sheriff called him in for some help on a case, the okay given by his handler with the Bureau. Overall, this novel is a dark, chilling, and extremely unforgettable read. Want to Read saving…. In warm weather he spends much of his time at a cabin on a secluded lake in the mountains and when the mercury falls he heads to the Florida Keys.

His father – brilliant artist and alcoholic, now succumbed to the horror that is Alzheimer’s.

This book came very highly recommended from a number of friends as well as recommendations from this website. It wasn’t that I figured it out before the big reveal – I did, but that doesn’t really bother me. This is a fast paced, edgy t A massive storm is brewing off the Eastern Seaboard, heading straight for Montauk, Long Island where Jake Cole has reluctantly returned to care for his estranged father who has slipped into dementia.


This is a fast paced, edgy thriller that delivers with well wrought characters and a clever, keep you guessing plot that effectively infuses the reader with its chilling, anxious atmosphere. And, when he writes pobii next book, I will be in line ready to buy it.

Bloodman by Robert Pobi

Pobi has crafted an unbelievably brutal and heart-pounding story that never lets up until the shocking and unsettling end. First and foremost a warning; Bloodman is not a book for those who are disturbed by detailed descriptions of murder, including that of a child. Don’t worry, no spoilers! The night Cole arrives at his childhood home, now full of garbage and scotch bottles, he receives a call from the local sheriff.

Jul 26, Elizabeth A.

Jun bloodmman, jo rated it liked it. Mar 24, Pamela rated it it was ok Shelves: You could doll that up in Sherlock Holmes-speak: He has fished for everything that swims — from great white sharks off Montauk to the monstrous pike of northern Finland. Fortunately, there’s plenty of time to recover from the vivid imagery. Slated for publication in nine countries, Bloodman is poised to take the world by storm.

His father, a talented painter now tortured by dementia, horribly maimed himself in a mysterious fire. I want to go down to working 5 days a week. Well, all of that never happened. Once home, Jake is pulled into a gruesome local homicide investigation that echoes his mother’s murder three decades earlier. I love the way Pobi treats the hurricane as a character of its own, it certainly builds suspense quite well as it nears shore.

Jake Rpbert is an FBI consultant with an eidetic memory which allows him to memorize crime scenes. Spannend van begin tot einde It’s the same one as that in his own mother’s still unsolved homicide 33 years ago. Pobi, on the other hand, manages it with some panache, though if you’re not paying close enough attention, you may find yourself asking a few questions at the end I was paying close enough attention, and there were a couple of things that seemed roberrt bit out of place.


That’ll come in handy, given there’s a time limit on solving the case: As a massive hurricane approaches the Eastern Seaboard, FBI robrt Jake Cole must return to Montauk to care for his father, formerly a brilliant painter, now in the grip of madness. He was able to walk through a crime scene, remember it all, and virtually put himself in the mind of the perpetrator.

Jake only ordered one pizza for dinner. But… for me and this is coming from a lifelong robsrt fan some of the violence crossed the line. As the action escalates, Montauk is battered by a Category 5 hurricane. She lives with her husband and two cats on four acres in south central Pennsylvania. Lists with This Book. Then the local sheriff asks for his help: From my blog This is categorized as a thriller but I think it should be categorized for the horror genre fans with a psychological thriller feel.

I can only describe this book as tedious – Pobo just kept wishing it to be over.

Bloodman by Robert Pobi | | THE BIG THRILL

If you’re a fan of the genre, this is a must-read. Hard shit to read. You MUST read it. I enjoyed going back to the commercial thr This will probably go on and do very well, because it will fulfill people’s expectations of a thriller.