Accurate Blind Willie Mctell guitar, bass, drum, piano, guitar pro and power tabs at – tabs search engine. Blind Willie Mctell by Bob Dylan tab with free online tab player. One accurate version. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal. Statesboro Blues by Blind Willie Mctell tab. One accurate version. No abusive ads. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal.

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Willie adds bars when ever he wants to, which adds to the atmosphere created by the non-chronological narrative of the lyrics.

He left behind a massive influence on Piedmont players, folk musicians and the blues as a whole. I believe it is supposed to be in Open D? Minnie was a competent guitar player, and started to teach William on a six string in Statesboro.

Finger picked acoustic blues tabs. He took to it like a duck to water, and by his early teens was good enough to play for money on the street. The song is played in drop D tuning, but the entire guitar is lower than standard — C or there abouts. Blind Willie McTell is an absolute legend of the blues. Despite his blindness, he took to the road as a teen, following travelling medicine shows.

He would return to Statesboro often, but the town was in decline. The guitar is a prefect example of Piedmont playing, the singing is mournful and lonesome, and the songwriting is absolutely first class.

What tuning is this tab in? Atlanta had a bustling music scene ta around bind infamous Decatur Street in the segregated part of town. The bo weevil is a major pest of cotton crops and in the early 20s it had hit the primary industry of rural Georgia hard.

Willie sometimes strums chords with his thumb on the 2nd and 4th beats. The entire time the melody lines are played with an almost restrained feel to them. Mary Willis and Alfoncy and Bethenea Harris.

The intro gets straight into the alternating bass with melodic riffs over the top that is a constant all throughout the song. Notify me of new posts by email.

Blind Willie McTell

In Atlanta Willie switched from the six string to the louder twelve string guitar and performed on street corners, fish fries, blacks-only clubs and at his local church every Sunday. Most headed to Atlanta and Augusta and Willie followed them in The other sections are fairly consistent — G section, back to D, then the turnaround of 5th fret D voicing and a descending on the beat bass run in G.


Here are the first two verses: In John Lomax recorded him in a hotel room for the Library of Congress. The records were all successful, and were the start of a 30 year recording career.

No worries, and tqb for having a look at the site! The song starts of nice and gentle and is hammering along by the end.

Blind Willie McTell

Your email address will not be published. Minnie worked in the cotton fields, the primary industry in Georgia, and the only work available for share croppers after the end of slavery. William was born blind in one eye, and soon lost his sight in the other. This song is quite difficult, so take your time, get it working at a slow speed then work up to Willies pace.

His mother remarried and had another son, but she died in bringing William back to Statesboro. It features an alternating bass line all throughout, with melodies improvised over the top. It has become one of the most influential blues songs ever recorded, nearly every line has been popularised by other artists either singularly, or as the inspiration for entire songs: When William was 9, they moved to the nearby large town of Statesboro which was rapidly growing due to the cotton trade.

Blind Willie was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame as a foundation member in D D7 Wake up mama, turn your lamp down low G D Wake up mama, turn your lamp down low D G D Have you got the nerve to drive Papa McTell from your door My mother died and left me reckless My daddy died and left me wild, wild, wild Mother died and left me reckless Daddy died and left me wild, wild, wild No, I’m not good lookin’ I’m some sweet woman’s Angel child You’re a mighty mean woman, to do me this a way You’re a mighty mean woman, to do me this a way When I leave this town, pretty mama, I’m going away to stay While I loved a woman, better than even I’d ever seen I once loved a woman, better than even I’d ever seen Treat me like I was a king and she was a doggone queen Sister, tell your brother, brother tell your auntie now Auntie tell your uncle, uncle tell my cousin now, cousin tell my friend Goin’ up the country, mama, don’t you want to go?


Between schoolings he stayed on the road working for minstrel and medicine shows, and playing on the street in the towns he visited. May take me a fair brown, may take me one or two more Big Eighty left Savannah, Lord, and did not stop You ought to saw that coloured fireman when he got that boiler hot You can reach over in the corner mama and hand me my travellin’ shoes You know by that, I’ve got them Statesboro blues Mama, sister got ’em, auntie got ’em Brother got ’em, friend got ’em, I got ’em Woke up this morning, we had them Statesboro blues I looked over in the corner, grandpa and grandma had ’em too.

The progression is a 12 bar, but Willie adds bars here and there and improvises around similar themes. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Due to the generosity of neighbours and local businesses, William attended schools for the blind in Macon, Georgia, Michigan and New York where he learnt to read and write braille.

The alternating bass line played n the beat by the thumb makes this song, so concentrate on absolutely nailing it. Willie was a master of Piedmont playing, so the song requires a strong right mctell technique.

Statesboro Blues is a masterpiece in every aspect. One of the most accomplished of the Piedmont guitarists, his recorded works cover a wide range of styles and his 12 string playing has a delicacy that is unique among the early blues players. Minnie took the McTier name for her blind son and for herself, and moved to the tiny village of Stapleton, a few miles to the south. Taj Mahall covered Statesboro Blues inas did the Allman Brothers in — a version which is generally regarded as one of the best slide blues songs of all time.

His unwed mother was 14 year old Minnie Watkins and his father, Eddie McTier was a moonshiner and gambler and left the family after a few months.