Another method of studying Price and Volume by Bill Williams Profitunity The Bill Williams Profitunity provides a unique way of quantifying. Is Profitunity the real deal? Has Bill Williams or Justine Williams ever traded? Read our review of the Profitunity home study course to discover. Bill M. Williams, PhD, CTA is the founder and visionary of the Profitunity Trading Group, which he established in Bill Williams is considered to be the.

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Regardless whether this person is a felon, he makes a remarkably true statement in stating the obvious, any system claiming This is my innovation in working with fractal levels. He believes that Chaos is constantly inserting itself into financial markets. Your system is just the best ; Thank you very much! But…their financial success, although started from trading are mostly from other business ventures related to the industry. Which uses fractal geometry.

There are very few individuals who have become successful enough traders to support themselves fully from trading. And their money management had smaller winners and bigger losers. I enjoy it because of the comments and Emmets humorous writing style. Rob B July 6, Learn iwlliams your comment data is processed. Admittedly, I have a soft spot for Bill.

Instead of criticizing the work, you should develop it yourself. Kris75 Hi Gabri I launched a very simple strategy based on the 3 bars trailing stop that you cre Often, the breakout of such a bar will indicate whether this squat is a trend reversal hill or a trend continuation squat. Can some body, who use this system write to me in Skype: I wish you successful trading!


Easy ways to trade with Profitunity

You are an idiot. I am not a coder, I put this together from 3 different versions.

Only these three filters generate the Autoactivation signal in trading panel. GraHal Please forgive the daft question, but why is 3-bars-trailing-stop-williams About trades per day covering all those instruments.

But what I am trying to convey is that Chaos Theory, at least in the context in which Bill Williams is applying, is of little value.

Your response now makes me curious. Josh July 5, The difference between the two appears to be only additional personal guidance directly from Justine.

I took a personal mentorship from Williiams in at his home in Carlsbad, California. You keep posting in RL thread how it is a scam and he just loses money.

Bill Williams (trader) – Wikipedia

Bill has published several books regarding the application of Chaos Theory towards financial markets. Always kind words and attention from you! Our Books Trading Chaos: The Bill Williams Profitunity can be used on any period from daily bars to monthly bars.

Bill Williams is now 84 years old and retired. The topic that shoud interest us the most is the moment when the trend starts to change, not when it ends.

Volume increased, the trend has stalled and the price movement has stopped.

A holistic approach to trading | Profitunity

Therefore, I would like to focus on this trading approach, using an upgraded complex of indicators and trading panel – Trading Chaos Expert.

The business is now being actively managed by his daughter Justine, and since she has no track record, billl is not willing to publish a track record then much of this review is based upon my personal opinion of chaos theory.


Bill Williams is considered to be the forefather of modern trading psychology combined with applied technical analysis and chaos theory in trading the stock and commodity markets. At this point the market appears to be suffering from a certain amount of boredom. Nicolas Please open a new topic on forums for coding requests, I’ll help you there.

The indicators are reviewed and validated by their authors or active representative.

Bill Williams Profitunity

How is that working out for you? He has educated thousand of traders in over 60 countries on every continent, as well as thousands of other traders who have read his three best-selling books, Trading Chaos, New Trading Dimensions, and Trading Chaos: No information on this site is investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any financial instrument. He is also well known from his many years on the speaker circuit in the 80’s and 90’s at trading conferences around the world with a solid group of high-level traders and colleagues such as Larry Williams and Jake Bernstein.

Tamiaya, please, write to me too. Nicolas Alerts wil,iams be programmed, you have to set them yourself with the Alert tool of the platfor Testimonials appearing on this website may not be representative of other clients or customers and bjll not a guarantee of future performance or success.

Counter-trend trading is usually best for short and ultra-short timeframes, thus, you can build the “pyramid” using Wise Man signals.