“Expect depth and razor sharp wit in this YA novel from the author of The Interestings.” – Entertainment Weekly “A prep school tale with a supernatural- romance. Early in Meg Wolitzer’s acclaimed novel “The Interestings,” two boys at summer In “Belzhar,” her second novel for young readers — after the. Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer – review. ‘Belzhar is a mind-blowing read and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it from cover to cover’. Ayesha. Thu 19 Feb.

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This was a quick read and very enjoyable and thought provoking. Overall, this book was a whirlwind of adventure. Alongside that is a plot surrounding something called Belzhar which I won’t disclose in this review. The previous year, the Woolitzer had hosted a girl from Denmark who did nothing but wear clogs and smoke weed.

Books by Meg Wolitzer. Keine Ahnung, was die Autorin sich dabei gedacht hat, aber das Ende des Romans war echt zum Buch-gegen-die-Wand klatschen.

Sep 12, Elyse Walters rated it it was amazing. I especially liked Griffin, one of the main characters, who began the book as a moody, secluded teenage boy. View all 44 comments. Ok so let’s start with this premise. The jar was sacred to me, and I deposited it in my top dresser drawer and covered it carefully with a mess of bras and underwear and meh old Tweety Bird nightshirt.


Mar 20, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: Sulky Griffin remains an alluring mystery to Jam and does not share his story. She could still be fast bellzhar right now, wanting everyone to go away, just like I do.

Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer | : Books

We follow, Jam, a young girl whose first love died. And the other one will have to go to the funeral. Reeve was the most special thing that ever happened to me. Let me give you some background. I was president of the student council.

Throughout the course of the novel and the students’ semester, we come to learn more about each character, to see them deal with their trauma, and grow close to one another. Another instance that made me roll my eyes until they hurt, I unfortunately can’t talk about. Detachment is my style, not hostility. In my mind, that really trivialized all of the other characters’ legitimate tragedies, because Jam and the author held her tragedy which was a breakup, that’s it to the same level.

The voice really drives this novel, and Jam’s voice is compelling, her actions and decisions flawed, and her approaches to new relationships in her life consistent with what we know initially, as well as what we learn about her as the story goes.

Hannah and Ryan had been in love since Mrs. But, as soon as I started reading it, Belzhar started disappointing me. If I hadn’t read the ending of this novel, I would give this book around 3 stars.


Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer – review

And what I mean by that is it’s repetitive and there’s a lot of unnecessary dialogue that tells rather than shows instead of believing in the intelligence of bepzhar reader, which offended me as a fan of the genre. Neben all den echten Problemen, die wolitzre Buch thematisiert werden ist Jem die tragischste Person von allen, denn ihr gebrochenes Herz hat sie depressiv gemacht und ihr Leben verwirkt.

But when Jam tries to take things further, when she tries to move beyond just kissing, when she tries to speak about her current life in boarding school with Reeve, it is impossible, and Reeve is uninterested. I was mostly satisfied with the conclusion, although there was an odd twist that I found fascinating but at the same time almost wholly unconvincing, and honestly kind of lame.

Buy the Audiobook Download: I instantly started it, and while I loved the writing style I remember having rather mixed feelings. megg

And a special place where they all feel better, and learn to face their problems. I called the story’s “twist” near immediately, but it didn’t at all change my feelings about it.