A relatively small book, both in page count and literal size, Camo Specs (subtitle: units during the late Succession Wars era, for painting BattleTech miniatures. BattleTech CamoSpecs Online, No Central Location. likes ยท 98 talking about this. Camo Specs Online is the official source for the camo specs of the. BATTLLETECI-. CAMO. SPECS. A GUIDE TO REGIMENTAL PAINT SCHEMES BATTLETECH and MECHWARRIOR are trademarks of FASA. Corporation.

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Game:Battletech Camo Specs A Guide to Regimental Paint Schemes

The battletevh site sucks. This is my tutorial on jeweling. I did like way the News said what date it was posted, knowing people are posting new things. This one is GW’s Blazing Orange for it’s bright, fiery appearance. A Painting Tutorial for Operation Klondike The colors of the Nation of Hastur are yellow ochre and black, the latter usually being added as wavy lines.

How-To: Cockpit Jeweling – Camospecs

Add another part of color to your mix. Complementary Colors go together and look appealing to your eyes.

It might well be random.

Shoot the damn thing. This technique is also much much better for larger cockpits where you can create a nice illusion of light. You’ll notice the black reflects some of the parent color which is used to tie the whole thing together. I’ve graduated twice from two different colleges, gotten married, gotten into two new games, painted a bunch of miniatures, and generally done everything you do in three plus years of time since then.


My subject today is applying dry pigments. Hammer on 25 January Shin Yodama Master Sergeant Posts: Alright, here is our ‘Mech. And I double checked by using terms like: Because the order of them does not seem to follow any pattern. Here are the basics:.

I did read the occasional ‘How to’ article about doing something with a mini in set up or paint. I don’t really use the Unit’s page at all. Steel Viper Gamma Galaxy Crossbow: I find the scroll window constantly filling and refreshing as you scroll down which really sucks if I am looking for Zephyrs or Zeus, or Xanthos’s is hard.

I pretty much start at ‘factions’ and work my way down caom whatever I’m looking for there.

Camo Specs – BattleTechWiki

So, bravo to the Camospecs team for the progress! Wrangler on 25 January Maybe hate is too strong a word, but you get the idea. Jihad [ – ].

They are neutral colors generally and as such take on anything. The Factions page lets you get to the same data in a much better format at least to my mind. Full black or grey schemes are really up to you what you put in there.


CungrVanck Warrant Officer Posts: Hey, even with Jamie Wolf as the pilot the paint scheme will suffer scratches and wear around the feet just moving out of the factory.

Might take a few times to get the hang of it, but it’s worth it. This intense color helps bring the cockpit out and help bridge the gap between the darker and lighter layers. Many warriors place their interpretation of the Yellow Sign in a prominent place on their machines.

Civil War [ – ]. Burrs Black Cobra’s Catapult: In fact, it seemed like there were way more pieces than should reasonably fit on an aerospace fighter. Sports teams use the combinations because of the mass effect they can have. Watching TrueToaster create evil genius, damo White goes a long way when mixing with colors.