View Notes – Asa Di Var – Eng-Rom-Gurm from MATH at Johns Creek High School. Asa Dee Vaar (From SGGS Page line 17 to page line 10). Stream Bhagatjot Singh – Asa Dee Vaar by Camp Chardi Kala from desktop or your mobile device. Asa Dee Vaar. (From SGGS Page line 17 to page line 10). ik-oNkaar sat naam kartaa purakh nirbha-o nirvair akaal moorat ajoonee saibhaN gur.

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If a fool does a job, he cannot do it right.

If a servant, performing service, obeys the Will of his Master, hurma t t is no aglee oh vajahu bh e d oo n aa kh aa-ay. Friendship with a fool never works ded right. When the Lord is thoroughly pleased, the nine treasures are obtained.

Search Gurbani SearchGurbani brings to you a unique and comprehensive approach to explore and experience the word of God. If people really observe God’s creation, they will be filled with wonder.

October 28, at 2: Nanak is a slave to anyone who understands this mystery of the all-pervading Lord; he himself is the Immaculate Divine Lord. In the world hereafter, this is recognized, and his ancestors are considered thieves as well.

From woman, woman is born; without woman, there would be no one at all. They wear their loin cloths, apply ritual frontal marks to their foreheads, and carry their rosaries, but they eat food with the Muslims. Says Nanak, meditate on the True Lord.


O Nanak, speaking insipid words, the body and mind become insipid. Whatever is in the mind, comes forth; spoken words by themselves are just wind. They are der called pure, who sit down after merely washing their bodies. Men, trees, sacred shrines of pilgrimage, banks of sacred rivers, clouds, fields, d eepaa Aea lo-aa N mandlaa N kh andaa N var bh andaa N h. O Nanak, those who understand this are blessed with perfect destiny. One who does not wear any clothes, ahinis kahrai.

Whatever He has done, or will do, is all by His Own Will. In the Fear of God, the warriors and the most powerful heroes exist.

> Asa di Var English Translation

Wonderful is closeness, wonderful is distance. From her, kings are born.

To explain it is as hard as iron. Sexual desire, the chief advisor, is summoned and consulted; they all sit together and contemplate their plans. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: July 7, at 9: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Eee Nanak, the One who created the creation — He Himself takes care of it. Let there be fee rudeness or discourtesy between one person and another.

Wonderful is the earth, wonderful the sources of creation. All people are equal and human. September 22, at 9: All call You their own, Lord; one who does not vaaar You, is picked up and thrown away. How can it be protected from impurity? So throw the dice in such a way, that you shall not lose with your Lord and Master.


Asa Di Vaar | Asa di WAR

No one remains here when the count of the breaths is full. You Yourself created the creation; You Yourself infused Your power into it.

True is Your almighty creative power, True King.

Some lie down and sleep on soft beds, while others remain watchful. Reading and studying them, four doctrines are found. Gobind Singh Mansukhani He may issue whatever commands he wishes, but he shall have to take to the narrow path hereafter. One who stubbornly follows his own mind shall suffer in the world hereafter. All of the earth, property, wealth and articles are all entanglements.

He Himself acts, and He Himself causes us to act. When the Lord bestows His Grace, then alone it is received; other tricks and orders are useless.