Anthony L. Peratt is a world leading research scientist on high energy Plasma Discharges. Perhaps the leading authority and some Plasma characteristics have . Anthony Peratt of University of New Mexico, NM (UNM) with expertise in: Archaeology, Historical Anthropology and Geophysics. Read 85 publications, and. Authors: Peratt, Anthony L. Compares 20 year-old assumptions from the first edition, which were based on laboratory data, with recent satellite observations to .

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Living people 21st-century American physicists Plasma physicists. What does it all mean? It is found that a great many archaic petroglyphs can be classified according to plasma stability and instability data. In the meeting, the late astronomer Halton Arp, the leading authority on peculiar galaxies, stated his impressions to me in no uncertain terms: Extremely high energy — the type that would have caused the Moon glass and zapped the Earth — creates an elaborate discharge.

Over a lifetime exploring challenges to orthodoxies in the sciences, I have never seen anything like it.

Plasma Scientist Anthony Peratt Meets the Electric Universe

The presence of a pefatt number of charge carriers makes the plasma electrically conductive so that it responds strongly to electromagnetic fields. Remembering the End of the World. Plasma Cosmology by Anthony L Peratt Tony Peratt is a free PDF that explains plasma cosmology basics and sciences poor understanding of a plasma universe, which is why the old version of Plasma Cosmology may be considered a pseudoscience or just wrong. Visit the NEW off-site store www. This paper directly compares anthong graphIcal and radiation data from high-current Z-pinches to these patterns.

His book The Saturn Myth helped to inspire the work of several others now joined in this collaborative project. The details of this story include a relentless personal campaign by one individual in particular to shut Tony down.

And I noted that the toruses themselves appear to have formed out of twisting filaments reaching upward along an axis before dividing into a toroidal stack. He has worked on high-energy-density plasmas and related phenomena, intense particle beams and intense microwave sources, explosively-driven pulsed-power generators, the z-pinch effect, and nuclear fusion target designs.


I called Tom whom, by good fortune, I had gotten to know at our earlier conference in Oddly, repeated experiments show a preference for 56 “rays” or distinct bands of energy. That’s what some scientists believe happened to Earth about the same time as the Clovis civilization was flourishing.

Plasma physics researcher Anthony Peratt

The bulk of the filaments are optically invisible from a distance, much like the related Birkeland currents that reach from the Sun and cause auroras on Earth. Anthony PerattFree research papersPeer review based. His conclusion is that the Squatter Man Squatting Man was the event that inspired all the images and it was a Petatt Discharge witnessed by humans on earth.

It has surprised many archaeologists who believed them to be thousands of years younger.

Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity

The plasma universe may be eternal and infinite, directly contradicting the Big bang model. What exactly is plasma? Click Here to see larger picture of the Paraguay petroglyphs. SeptemberPortland Oregon.

Did the ancients perhaps know something about the “event”? For me the most stunning discovery was that the precise form depicted in the Kayenta rock carving belonged to a range of intense perat discharge configurations well documented in laboratory experiments at Los Alamos National Laboratory LANLand named by his colleagues after Tony himself. The z-pinch has been extensively researched by a group headed by Anthony L. Backbone of the Sky sschirott April 10, April 16, thunderblogs.

Below are links to articles on the Squatter Man.

He has carried out field research on Petroglyphs rock art carved into rocks after noticing the similarity between high energy plasma discharges and the images recorded in rock art and cave drawings by nations all over the world.

Free download links will expire after 24 hours. His inspiration was infectious, and no one meeting him had any doubt that his work would challenge fundamental assumptions in the sciences. As the same morphological types are found worldwide, the comparisons suggest the occurrence of an intense aurora, as might be produced if the solar wind had increased between one and two orders of magnitude, millennia ago.

Viewed from certain locations on earth, this shape would have resembled exactly what is depicted in the ancient petroglyphs. We highly recommend reading the complete article. From the America’s, to Australia to Europe everyone saw the same thing in the skies. By convention, the Birkeland currents and ion flow is upwards toward the Arctic.


Devoid of leaves, the shape is believed to be a representation of a phase in the plasma discharge where several seven is the preferred number plasma toroids arrange themselves around a central shaft. Plasma columns and Z-pinches in the sky! Peratt is an American physicist whose most notable achievements and work have been in plasma physicsnuclear fusion and the monitoring of nuclear weapons.

These and other added speakers will give this event a much broader impact than we originally envisioned. And so Tony began an intensive investigation of global rock art spanning several years. Three episodes of his full-length documentary series Symbols of an Alien Sky have been among the most popular video presentations on the Thunderbolts Project YouTube Channel.

Thunderbolts of the Gods. One day the ancients were painting colour rock art and then, nearly literally, they were painting strange white shapes and figures. How to download Follow these very easy and quick steps to download the free PDF file. I – Double radio galaxies, quasars, and extragalactic jets” PDF. He is currently posting the Discourses on an Alien Sky series. Evidence for Large Scale Changes in the Past. If, however, the Kayenta pictograph was indeed carved on stone in Arizona and it wasTony understood the implications quite well.

Three episodes of his full-length documentary series Symbols of an Alien Sky have been among the most popular video presentations on the Thunderbolts Project YouTube Channel. A few glimpses of the implied peratr sequence can be seen in the forms carved on rock below, from the American southwest: When asked how many people have successfully applied, paid fees perat have been allowed to examine the site since these strict regulations were imposed, a representative of the tribe stated, “Just one.

Here are the Nevada petroglyphs again for comparison.