by Ammon Hennacy. CATHOLIC WORKER BOOKS1. Chrystie Street, New York 2, N.Y.. 1This publication is a transcription of the printing. Please . Ammon Hennacy was inviting as many as 40 transients a night to sleep there, offering his house as the only homeless shelter in Salt Lake City. Author:Ammon Hennacy ←Author Index: He, Ammon Hennacy The Autobiography of a Catholic Anarchist (); Book of Ammon (

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Love without courage and wisdom is sentimentality, as with the ordinary church member.

Courage without love and wisdom is foolhardiness, as with the ordinary soldier. Wisdom without love and courage is cowardice, as with the ordinary intellectual. Therefore one who has love, courage and wisdom is one in a million who moves the world, as with Jesus, Buddha and Gandhi.

A Tax Resistance Reader. Hennacy aspired to be this one-in-a-million. He ended up taking the Sermon on the Mount much more seriously than Christians typically recommend, and he decided to make that creed the North Star of his life. Despite the popular idea of anarchists as violent men, Anarchism is the one non-violent social philosophy. By daily courage in non-cooperation with the tyrannical forces of the State and the Church, he helps to tear down present society; the Anarchist by daily cooperation with his fellows in overcoming evil with good-will and solidarity builds toward the anarchistic commonwealth which is formed by voluntary action with the right of secession.

A Christian Anarchist does not depend on bullets or ballots to achieve his ideal; he achieves that ideal daily by the One Man Revolution with which he faces a decadent, confused and dying world.

The “One-Man Revolution” of Ammon Hennacy

To not pay taxes is not my whole message but it is a part of the life of a rebel which I chose to act upon. The tax resistance bit is how I came to learn about Ammon Hennacy. He practiced voluntary poverty as his tax resistance method for the most part, although he did earn enough to owe money, which he then refused to pay.


When the government instituted paycheck withholding, Hennacy quit his job and began working as a farm worker, being paid daily and usually in cash, in order to stay out of the grip of the tax collector:.

I told him that I refused jennacy pay taxes. He was a returned soldier and said that he did not like war either, but what could a fellow do about it?

I replied that we each did what we really wanted to. Hennacy relates an amusing story of how the tax collector did catch up with him once. Hennacy was picketing the revenue office, and…. Schumacher, my tax man, came up and handed me a card which read:. Seized for the account of the United States on by virtue of warrant amkon distraint issued by the collector of internal revenue, district of Arizona, Deputy Collector… One poster for picket line.

The farm work was hard, paid poorly, and workers were often cheated.

Ammon Hennacy – Wikisource, the free online library

There are many aspects to his philosophy, and not all seem either Christian or Anarchist. But he had no love for socialists, one-world global federalists, or any of that nonsense.

He opposed the payment or earning of interest. He was a partisan for the traditionalist Hopi and derided those who compromised with the U.

Hennaccy disapproved of cities and felt that decentralization and family farms were part of the solution to what ails the world. Orthodox anarchists who like to hide in alleys, whisper in saloons about the great damage they will do to the capitalist, or get social security checks which are not due them and think they have done something, do not like my Gandhian frankness in dealing with officialdom.

Each one could make this by himself and not need to wait on a majority. The best we can do is to start a few thinking here and there. The best way to do this, if we are sincere, is to change ourselves! A reporter once asked him: Like Kierkegaard and Tolstoy, Nietzsche neither expects nor wants to find disciples.


To change the world by bullets or ballots was a useless procedure. Hennacy never aimed for mass appeal, and he specifically criticized radicals who would try to water down or frame their messages to appeal to a wider audience.

But he wrote a lot, and he lectured and debated a lot, and he picketed a lot, and this all was for some audience. Do the A-Bomb and the H-Bomb make you sleep any better at night? Do you trust our politicians to protect us from destruction in an atomic war? Does it make good sense to foot the bill by paying income taxes? Or that any good can come from returning evil for hdnnacy

Ammon Hennacy – Wikiquote

Do you pay your income tax because you are afraid of the sacrifice that trust in God and opposition to the state may involve? I decided long ago that, while all of us must die, I could choose something worthwhile to live and die for. If you want a better world you will not get it by trying to make men out of Congressmen through writing them letters, by voting for any politician since they all believe in war, or by expecting very much of a World Government composed of these same ignoble politicians.

Neither will the mocking of God by saying prayers for peace while making munitions and paying taxes for war be of much avail.

Ammon Hennacy

That kind of prayer bounces back! If you want to think a little further about this, here are the first steps you will know in your heart what is right for you ; Study the Sermon on the Mountand the lives of such dedicated men as St.

FrancisGeorge FoxTolstoy and Gandhi. Ask yourself whether returning evil for evil in courts, legislatures, prisons and war is not denying Christ. If your answer is yes, then stop doing it.