Book Reviews: America, Russia and the Cold War (), Walter LaFeber. John Wiley, 61 /- cloth, 27/- paper-back. Abuse of Power, Theodore Draper. Get this from a library! America, Russia, and the Cold War, [Walter LaFeber]. America, Russia, and the Cold War, – by Walter. LaFeber (review). R. D. Accinelli. The Canadian Historical Review, Volume 49, Number 4, December.

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Table of Contents for: America, Russia, and the Cold War, 1945-

Williams’ ownwritings drawfroman intellectual tradition running fromMarxthrough Charles Beard. FurthermorewithDeweyin theWhiteHouse, theRepublicans wouldnothaveneeded General DwightEisenhower in ,thereby preventing the drift to the right which characterized Republican presidential politicsafter Race and America’s Long War.

Herring; America, Russia, and the Cold War, — Two halves of the same walnut — 4. Please use this display as a guideline and modify as needed. The World turned upside down — Index. From Cold War to Old War: View freely available titles: To whatextent wastheUnitedStates responsible forbeginning theColdWarpWhat kinds of goals andpressures haveshaped American policy?

Table of contents only Opens in a new window. In it he argued thatthe predominant motive forexpansionism wasthedesire onthepartofbusinessmen and politicians formarkets fortradeandinvestment. It wason thisbasisthat America’s “new empire” as opposed to its alreadyestablished continental empire wasbuilt. LaFeber’s latestbookcouldverywell havebeensubtitled The New Empire Revisited, foronefinds in it some ofthesame lineofanalysis ofhisearlier volume aswellasthe continuing influence laffeber Williams andhissympathizers.

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Southest Asia–and elsewhere — New issues, new faces — 7. American policy, as heinterprets it,has athrust and direction otitsown, springing largely from forces generated within American societ lfaeber, rather than from the presence of an externalthreat. In hisfirst chapter appropriately titled “OpenDoors,Iron Curtains” he states that the Cold War “developed on a foundation of half a centuryof Russian-American distrust andapprehension.

New frontiers and old dilemmas — Publisher description Opens in a new window. The War for both Asia and Europe — 6.

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LaFeber isoneof themost prominent andtalented members ofthisgroup. Clinton, Yeltsin, and back to a Bush — Soviet Union – Foreign relations – United States. Don’t already have an Oxford Lafebre account? Sign In Forgot password? Contributor biographical information Opens in a new window. Trumanandhisadvisers did not shrinkfromthisconfrontation, believing thattheyheldthe upperhand because ofAmerica’s economic mightanditsmonopoly oftheA-bomb.

The burden of history To — 1.

In theyears since America hasfought two’qimited” wars LaFeber rightlyquestions theimplications ofthisconceptpractised interventionism ona global scale, andbuilta mfiitaryindustrial complex athome-allin anattempt to contain communism andrevolutionaryinstability. ButStalin refused tobudge andby Marchof theColdWarwason. He captures Trumancarrying theattack to Deweyin a tenacious and sometimes disingenuous manner. In a russka final chapter,Rosssuggests that ff Deweyhad won in the Republican partyandtheUnitedStates wouldprobably havebeenbetterserved.


TheonepointwhichRoss failsto makeabouta Deweyvictory hasto dowith foreign affairs. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

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Library Resource Finder: Table of Contents for: America, Russia, and the Cold War,

Use quotes for multi-word tags. The post-Cold War Era: Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Rossalso contends thatDewey’s executive leadership wouldhaveguaranteed thepassage russja reform legislation, since congressional Republicans wouldnothavedeliberately sabotaged thelegislative programme oftheirfirstpresident in twentyyears.

The rise and fall of detente — Expansionism wasthusa conscious andrealistic attemptto cometo termswith industrial capitalism. Put multi-word tags in quotation marks.