We tested this hypothesis using the Alternaria dauci – carrot pathosystem. Alternaria dauci, causing carrot leaf blight, is a necrotrophic fungus. Carrot is among the most important vegetable crops because of its composition and vitamin content. The fungi belonging to genus Alternaria, especially A. dauci . A. dauci is a fungal species with an ability to cause symptoms on a large range of dicotyledonous plants. This fungal species harbors a strong.

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leaf blight of carrot (Alternaria dauci)

Fruits mericarpswhich in practice are called seeds, were infected and colonized from very early developmental stages to maturity. Petiole lesions are common, elongate, and can quickly kill entire leaves. Close Find out altrrnaria. Cookies on Plantwise Knowledge Bank Like most websites we use cookies.

Chemical Control Due to the variable regulations around de- registration of pesticides, we are for the moment not including any specific chemical control recommendations.

In the absence of treated seed, there are multiple chemical sprays available to treat Alternaria dauci. Bolle, Alternaria brassicae var.

Alternaria dauci is included in the porri species group of Alternariawhich is classified for having large conidium and a long, slender filiform beak. It was experimentally demonstrated by Maude that dense sowing resulted in intensified foliage blight.


It can persist in soil for up to 8 years. Attack of roots by A. Azoxystrobin, chlorothalonil, iprodione, pyraclostrobin and bacillus are a few common fungicides to consider for foliar application.

Alternaria dauci can spread rapidly if not controlled. The possibility of using phytoalexin production in carrot cell cultures to evaluate leaf blight susceptibility alternzria investigated by Bruemmer and White Moreover, spatial isolation of seed fields required for hybrid seed production is ascertained by seed producers who are growing hybrid crops in the area.

Carrot resistance to Alternaria dauci leaf blight

Retrieved Daucii 11, Regulatory Control In order to avoid introducing A. Alternaria Fungal plant pathogens and diseases. Also present in all parts of alteernaria world where carrot are grown, A. Sexual reproduction of Alternaria dauci is not known to occur, [1] and the disease is most duci during spring, summer, and autumn cropping cycles.

Production and transmission of Alternaria dauci is heightened during moderate to warm temperatures and extended periods of leaf wetness due to rainfall, dew, or sprinkler irrigation. The fungus was normally confined to the pericarp tissues of viable seeds. Carrot leaf blight diseases and their management in New York.

Recommendations vary depending on location, but 2 years is the minimum allowance for rotation. Uses authors parameter Articles with ‘species’ microformats. North American Aquatic Connectivity Collaborative.

There are reports of fields which were completely destroyed by the fungus Neergaard, University of Illinois Integrated Pest Management. For further information, we recommend you visit the following resources: Initially, infection may occur on the petioles as shallow, black lesions which later spread into the crown and down the root.


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The Center for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment. Lesions produced on leaf and petiole tissues are generally dark-brown to black, and chlorosis of surrounding tissues is observed. From Wikipedia, atlernaria free encyclopedia.

EPPO Global Database

Leaf blight of carrot. Crops that are affected by this disease: Retrieved from ” apternaria A heritability estimate for resistance to A. Effective management for Alternaria dauci involves preventing the introduction and development of the disease. Alternaria Leaf Blight is a foliar disease of carrots caused by the fungus Alternaria dauci. Continuing to use www. Contrary to these reports, Soteros b did not detect any effect of the pathogen slternaria carrot roots in the field.

Lesions are not noticeable on seeds, but infected seeds are smaller and their quality is affected Neergaard, Carrot resistance to Alternaria dauci leaf blight A.