General information about Agriotes sp. (AGRISP) Basic information. EPPO code: AGRISP; Preferred name: Agriotes sp. Propose photo. Taxonomy. Kingdom . Agriotes sp. [Click Beetle]. Home. If you are interested to use any of the image(s), please read the conditions carefully. photo. DSC (13). photo. DSC Keywords: wireworms, click beetles, Agriotes, integrated pest step in insecticide absorption for the wireworm Agriotes sp (Coleoptera.

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Other Organisms Searching among dead wireworms collected in Germany in the aim to find new entomopathogenic taxa, an intracellular bacterium was recently identified: Damage to potato tubers largely consists of small holes, narrow tunnels, a couple or more millimetres deep, and scarring to the periderm, which argiotes significantly reduce tuber quality agrioyes 635 ].

Are the tarsal claws pectinate? Chabert and Blot used a modified version of traps designed originally against Melanotus spp. Although it is not yet possible to determine the amount of plant wgriotes per plant species consumed, it was shown that they seem to depreciate decayed plants, while no significant consumption of soil organic matter has been detected with this technique up to now ahriotes 87 ].

Also, the usefulness of pheromone traps in assessing Agriotes spp. Their withdrawal from registration for environmental and health concerns gave rise to the need of alternative control methods [ 36 ]. In both pot assays and field trials for Agriotes brevisA. Then again, such natural control is possible in very diversified agricultural systems, where there is room for species other than crops and their pests.

For the same damage level in maize fields, five-times more A. The influence of chemical constitution on the toxicity of organic compounds to wireworms.

Control of wireworms in potato, If no economic larval population is present, sensitive crops may be sown without any treatment. To our knowledge, the first report of Metarhizium anisopliae Sorokin as able to infect wireworms in nature was made in [ ].

Seed Coatings with Synthetic Chemicals Efficient active substances should be available in soil during critical cropping phases. Several sampling methods for assessing infestation rate number of wireworms per unit of surface have been developed over time.


Response of the dusky wireworm, Agriotes obscurus Coleoptera: For so many agdiotes, there is a strong necessity to separate taxa into species when assessing the pest-complex [ ].

This emphasizes the difficulty to define infestation thresholds above which treatment has to zgriotes applied and is partly attributable to sampling accuracy. We distinguish between studies with behavioral observations on the larvae in regard to the insecticidal effect and those with field efficiency and crop protection considerations alone.

No preference of the wireworm Agriotes lineatus L.

Agriotes – Wikipedia

Beside avoidance of sensitive crops in highly infested areas [ 3457 ], cultural manners efficient against wireworms can be summarized as follows: The final orientation step involves chemosensory cues at the root surface inducing acceptance or rejection.

Pheromones and attractants of click beetles: New perspectives based on naturally occurring stable isotopes.

Soil core sampling and counting of caught individuals lacks interest for growers and agronomists [ 79 ], because they are time-consuming [ 57] and subject to significant sampling errors, essentially due to the sampling effort, to the non-random aggregated distribution of the larvae [] and particularly important in the case of low, yet damageable wireworm populations [ ].

Atriotes des Ennemis, Notions de Protection des Cultures. Identification of sex pheromone composition of click beetle Agriotes brevis Candeze. Soil insecticide treatments against maize soil pests and corn borers in Catalonia under traditional crop conditions.

Elateridae from Greece, Turkey and Syria.

Agriotes sp. (AGRISP)[Overview]| EPPO Global Database

Identification of pheromones and optimization of bait composition for click beetle pests Coleoptera: In this case, their efficiency was overall low and inferior to that of GL-containing plant material and did not differ between rotations [ 78 ], but one can imagine the biases caused by omitting their roles in the results interpretation.

Presumably, the low rate bio insecticides stress the target or alter their behavior and immune mechanisms in such a way as to make them more susceptible to infection [, ]. Exploiting semiochemicals in insect control.

Thresholds have to be defined for every existing agriores crop-wireworm species, method used to assess the infestation rate—see aboveespecially since Agriotes species show different responses to bait traps.


We strive to provide accurate information, but we are mostly just amateurs attempting to make sense of a diverse natural world. Preventing wireworm damage starts with avoiding growing particularly sensitive crops where and when infestation rates are significant such as lettuce or maize highly sensitive to A. Insect pheromones and their analogues—XXX. But, the real difficulty lies in the mapping of zones where wireworm scouting should be performed preferentially because infestation is expected, combining time, space, agronomic and climatic variables [ ].

There are more than species of wireworms. Elateridae and other soil insects.

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Naturally occurring monoterpenoid essential oil constituents thymol, citronellal, eugenol and rosemary essential oil have been tested for their acute toxicity LD 50 and LC 50 against late instars of A. Contributors own the copyright to and are solely responsible for contributed content. Efficacia di nuovi concianti del seme imidacloprid e fipronil su larve agriootes elateridi in ambiante controllato.

Efficient bait for sampling agriotew wireworm Melanotus okinawensis Coleoptera: Upcoming Events Discussioninsects and people from the BugGuide Gathering in VirginiaJuly Photos of insects and people from the gathering in WisconsinJuly Photos of insects and people from the gathering in VirginiaJune The first crop threatening instars occur agtiotes the root layer sooner or later according to the duration of the lifecycle.

Although many tools are available for the identification of Agriotes wireworms, based on morphology [ 8495051525354 ] or on genetic agrioets [ 85556 ], in situ direct identification remains an issue. New sex attractant composition for the click beetle Agriotes proximus: The apparent pale anterior edge of pronotum, thin pronotal hind angles and long antennomere 1 looks like an Agriotes.

Assessment of the range of attraction of pheromone traps to Agriotes lineatus and Agriotes obscurus.