PDF | Agave cupreata Trel. & Berger is an endemic plant naturally distributed in the Balsas Depression, a semiarid region in the states of Guerrero and. Agave Species, Dwarf Cowhorn, Century Plant, Maguey. Agave cupreata. Agave cupreata by palmbob · Thumbnail #2 of Agave cupreata by palmbob. Agave cupreata Trel. & Berger is an endemic plant naturally distributed in the Balsas Depression, a semiarid region in the states of Guerrero and Michoacán in .

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Union Uno 15 reviews. Sections of fresh, young leaves were crushed into 0. Tehuana Con Chile Not yet reviewed.

Franklin I R Evolutionary change in small populations. First International Conference on Sustainable Cities. Genetic variation, differentiation and inbreeding estimates.

The extracts were adsorbed in Whatman No. Studied populations and material collection. Genetic variation patterns in coastal populations. Floral characteristics, visitors and fecundity.

Agave cupreata at San Marcos Growers

Habit and Cultural Information. This value is very large, as a result of the very large average heterozygosity value. Minimum viable effective population size N e was estimated based on the average H e using the linear model fitted by regressing N e values against H e values, as used by Millar and Libby in several conifer species.


Haldane J B S An exact test for randomness of mating.

Thus, this outcrossing system apparently plays a relevant role to prevent the accumulation of inbreeding, even when the population sizes are reduced. Plant in full sun in a well-drained soil. Although such actions are an encouraging start, a more sophisticated management program is required which should combine a sustainable harvesting with a biological conservation program to protect the genetic variation of A.

This can be related to the mating system of A. Computer software distributed by author.

Depending on the region, some communities that make mezcal with agave Cupreata refer to the plant as Papalote. Allelic variants were numbered sequentially from anode to cathode. Something missing or just want to say hello?

Agave Species, Dwarf Cowhorn, Century Plant, Maguey

Such differentiation is lower than the values reported for other Agave species: On this regard, although the recent establishment of commercial plantations of A. El Jolgorio Arroqueno 9 reviews. The groups of individual plants represented by the samples are termed populations while the location where a population was collected is called provenance.


System C Stuber et al. Research on Forest Climate Change: Commercial plantations and ex situ FGRCUs need to be established to gradually develop a sustainable management, cupreataa at higher altitudes than current locations, as a management measure for adaptation to the climatic change.

Chalk River, Ontario, Canada.

Genetics and Conservation of Rare Plants. Search by size, origins, color, cultural needs, etc. Provided that the estimated minimum viable effective population size N e for such FGRCUs is larger than the actual largest natural populations, it would be required to establish plantations between large natural populations, to serve as corridors for pollinators, in order to maintain the genetic flow among populations and also for increasing N ecounterbalancing in that way the loss of individuals that could have occurred due to past harvesting.

Pacific Southwest Forest and Range xperiment Station.

Ilegal Joven 13 reviews. Refine by Agave Select category filter: There is not significant isolation by distance.