4. dbx reserves the right to make changes in design or make additions to or .. Congratulations on your purchase of the dbx AFS™ The AFS Advanced . dbx AFS (AFS in line between mixer and amplifier) as shown below. . A little practice and experimentation will make you an AFS expert in no time. Get the guaranteed best price on Feedback Suppression like the dbx AFS Stereo/Dual Mono Feedback Suppression Processor at Musician’s Friend.

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dbx AFS-224 Stereo/Dual Mono Feedback Suppression Processor ?

I’m thinking of small rooms with bad acoustics. Any input would be great, thanks in advance. The one application I can see for them is a performer who wanders the stage or a convention event where a sound tech may not be present at all times. We had a nice discussion about this awhile back and although I like the dbx unit the best, IIRC most agreed that the newer Sabines were the best of the breed I am an avid reader here and have seen likes and dislikes.

I used to use another dbx unit on the horns and drums monitor sends but since all of the horns went to bell mics and the drummer was replaced with a more dynamic player less of a gorilla I no longer needed the additional two channels of protection.

I have both the dbx and the Sabine GRQ. I like the GUI on the driverack though, because it shows you where the notches are and how wide, then you can adjust. Our last gig, we had to wait for a party of 8 eating pizza with their kids to finish up so we could move tables to set up.


The ‘ringer units were justly dumped in the “not with my money” category. Login or Sign Up. MUEvan wrote on Wed, 07 July Xbx never had a problem with feedback from the mains, so only use the on the monitors. Ideally, you’d have an AFS on every monitor send. Or just EQ to taste?

dbx Pro AFS 224 User Manual

So you dont think it would work well for use between an aux send and my mons power amps? I’d say better used inserted before the fader. That could be pretty loud unless you turned down the amps.

I have one and just started playing with it in the living room last night. The control of the device is not hard to figure out, but it is not intuitive. Mike Pyle Audiopyle Sound Dealer: Can anyone give some input on this unit? To achieve these staggering numbers dbx utilised their patent-pending AFS technology that had previously only been available in the upper echelon line of products and made it available in this stand-alone processor, which takes all of the guesswork out of feedback removal.

The feedback had to reach very high levels before the unit could find it. Ten and twelve filter feedback elimination processors have become the de facto standard, but the engineering staff at dbx have never been quite content residing in the neighbourhood of the status quo. I recall him making some positive statements about them. Worst offender 22 the singer with a spot monitor, but the helped.

The AFS Advanced Feedback Suppression processor was designed to provide state-of-the art feedback elimination processing, while maintaining a simple and intuitive control interface.

Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. Small rooms bars with hard walls, paneling or even sfs freakin mirror right behind the band bouncing the monitors right back into the mics For my application, which is handling feedback from wireless mics which are mobile in front of the PA, it xbx work fine.


Thanks and Regards, Dave C. For that reason it must be used as an insert, or in line with a submixer, as I am doing. Trying to watch the color of a pushbutton is tough when you have your finger on it.

DBX AFS Dual Channel Advanced Feedback Supression Review – video dailymotion

Wouldn’t that destroy all tonal integrity? No amount of magic feedback suppression or equalization will fix these problems. Not as well as turning down, but quite well. Has anyone had the chance to mess with this thing? From the powerful DSP module to the no-nonsense user interface, the AFS provides all the processing and control necessary for both installation and live use.

I haven’t used Sabine, so cannot offer an opinion there. The DBX was a pain in the kundingi to figure out, but it’s good 24 now.

I use mine between the send and the amp for monitors. I use one and for our purposes, it works great. I would imagine that the thing uses only enough filters to solve the problem, probably no more than four or five.

Go to Quote List. DBX Advanced feedback suppression. If you need more filters, then you have a serious problem. One of the claimed advantages of these units is that the Q is much more narrow than a typical 31 band EQ.