DATA SHEET. Product specification. Supersedes data of Aug Dec INTEGRATED CIRCUITS. 74HC32; 74HCT 74HC32N 74HC32; 74HCT32; Quad 2-input OR GATE;; Package: SOT ( SO14), SOT (DIP14), Details, datasheet, quote on part number: 74HC32N . The 74HC32 provides provides four independent 2-input OR gates . Please see AP at for latest version.

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In no event shall NXP Semiconductors be liable for any indirect, incidental, punitive, special or consequential damages including – without limitation – lost profits, lost savings, business interruption, costs related to the removal or replacement of any products or rework charges whether or not such damages are based on tort including negligencewarranty, breach of contract or any other legal theory.

Sometimes there are small differences in the details. File; File history; File usage. I’m still just beginning my adventure into electronics and IC chips and datasheets have me confused so I’m going to ask a series of beginner questions will help me and hopefully others as well.


C MOS Quad 2? It has 14 wire pins coming out the sides with the connections from the pins to the logic gates shown in Figure 2. Right to make changes — NXP Semiconductors reserves the right to make changes to information published in this document, including without limitation specifications and product descriptions, at catasheet time and without notice. I remember a Schmitt-Trigger inverter I once use for an oscillator, which generated a complete different frequency when using make Y dztasheet of X.

Pin and Function Compatible with 74HC The mapper chips 74HC32 and 74HC are.

Non-automotive qualified products — Unless this data sheet expressly states that this specific NXP Semiconductors product is automotive qualified, the product is not suitable for automotive use.


You cannot quote because this article is private. I never realized this before, but you’re right: All referenced brands, product names, service names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. NXP Semiconductors makes no representation or warranty that such applications will be suitable for the specified use without further testing or modification.

The 74HC32 provides provides four independent 2-input OR gates.

Pinning information 1A terminal 1 index area 14 VCC 5. In case of any inconsistency or conflict 74hc322n the short data sheet, the full data sheet shall prevail.

Subscribed unsubscribe Subscribe Subscribe. NXP Semiconductors does not give any representations or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of information included herein and shall have no liability for the consequences of use of such information.

74HC32N Datasheet

For detailed and full information see the relevant full data sheet, which is available on request via the local NXP Semiconductors sales office. You have downloaded 5 files from archive. Limiting values Table 4. IEC logic symbol All information provided in this document is subject to legal disclaimers.

74HC32 Quad 2-Input OR Gate

Applications — Applications that are described herein for any of these products are for illustrative purposes only. Ptot derates linearly with 5. Funcionalidad de puertas logicas mediante cronogramas.

Functional description Table 3. Documento Adobe Acrobat The “OE” appears as abbreviation in truth tables, but for what it stands for you’ll have to read the ICs description. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. A short data sheet is intended for quick reference datadheet and should not be relied upon to contain detailed and full information. Post as a guest Name. That way they avoid datasheets becoming twice as long because they contain all this information time and again.

Ordering dtaasheet Table 1. Sign up using Email and Password.


74HC32N Datasheet PDF – NXP Semiconductors.

See also this answer about datasheets. Constant or repeated exposure to limiting values will permanently and irreversibly affect the quality datassheet reliability of the device. Contents 1 2 3 4 5 5.

As stevenvh pointed out, there’s usually a “family guide”. For a discrete component whose value can change, such as a resistor, the value would be entered. In most cases, the secondary producers will use similar technologies to achieve similar performance specs.

Login to quote this blog Login Close. Datasheets, for some reason these tend to be horribly thought out and rather difficult for a beginner like me 74yc32n decipher I’ve noticed TI is notorious for this, giving abbreviations to all their pins without any explanation.

Will it matter if I mix and match different ICs from different manufactures? This enables the use of current limiting resistors to interface inputs to voltages in excess of VCC.

Sign up using Facebook. Are you sure the datasheet doesn’t explain what “OE” means? Email Required, but never shown.

No offer to sell or license — Nothing in this document may be interpreted or construed as an offer to sell products that is open for acceptance or the grant, conveyance or implication of any license under any copyrights, patents or other industrial or intellectual property rights. It is neither qualified nor tested in accordance with automotive testing or application requirements.

Export might require a prior authorization from competent authorities. Contact information For more information, please visit: Ptot derates linearly with 4. So you know that a 74 foo 00 is a quad-NAND, 74 foo is an octal transparent latch, and so on.