700 HN100 PDF

700 HN100 PDF

Allen-Bradley HN Allen-Bradley HN 8-Pin Screw Terminal Tube Base Socket For Use With Bulletin HR and HX Timing Relays. MPN: HN ✓. Screw Terminal Tube Base Sockets ± Panel or DIN Rail Mounting . Open Style construction. 8 pin for use with DPDT BuIIetin HA reIays, HT. SOCKET Bases-Sockets: Type – General Purpose Relay Socket; Socket Configuration – 8-Pin Octal; Poles – 2; Mounting – DIN Rail or Panel; Construction .

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After the first timing cycle is complete, timing is initiated by the trailing edge of the start signal. Timers have internal suppression Haz.

This can also hm100 the scale of the inrush current protection circuit.


Activities including installation, adjustments, putting into service, use, assembly, disassembly, and maintenance are required to hnn100 carried out by suitably trained personnel in accordance with applicable code of practice. If B1 is pulsed, a one full time cycle consisting of t1 and t2 is completed. Other Consumer Electronics Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Permissible off-state leakage current from sensor: Start, gate, and reset Input method No-voltage input contact short-circuit and open input Short-circuit ON impedance: This cycle repeats itself until input power is removed or reset signal is applied.


Item Location see all Item Location. A B C D Approx.

HN Datasheet(PDF) – Allen-Bradley

hn1000 At our option we will either complete the transaction under wrong terms, or cancel the sale. At the end of the 1 sec period the contacts return to the shelf state. When the signal S is closed, the relay contacts R energize immediately and the time delay t begins.

Buyers will get feedback after product is paid for and they have left feedback for us. B, R, Hp kW: The reset signal will override both the start signal and gate signal.

Dimensions are not intended for manufacturing purposes.

The SSR casing serves to dissipate heat. All returned product must be returned in the same condition as we sent it to you with all of the components IE: Available in any combination of N. To reset the timer without removing power, a signal must be applied which resets the timing cycle and returns the output contacts to their shelf state.

Energizing Time [ms] 10 8 6 4 0 20 30 50 2 10 Inrush Current [A. The display is held nh100 timing is continued if the reset or gate input is received during timing operation. If you would like a firm quote please contact us.


Contacts change state after timing is complete. After the time delay begins, opening or closing the signal will not reset the time delay.

If poor ventilation is unavoidable, reduce the load current by half. Need continuous input power applied. The status of the control output is reversed when time is up OFF at the start.

First, we should point out that bn100 only sell quality product and our return rate is less than 0. However, you should verify this information prior to using any product.

Shipments outside of the U. Select a varistor that meets the conditions of the load voltage outlined in the table below. Continuous input power is NOT required. When the cycle time is 0, the output will always be OFF. Down Keys 1 to 4 11 9 Switches 5.